How to Start a Graphic Design Business Online with Marilyn Wo | The Kind Boss Episode #26

Love designing and want to find out more about how to start a graphic design business? Our latest guest on The Kind Boss podcast is well-known as the Uber for graphic design and is here to share with you how to start a graphic design business online. Meet Marilyn Wo, co-founder and CEO of MeetAnders. In this conversation with our founder of Outsourcing Angel, Linh Podetti, Marilyn shares her journey of building a remote team of designers and how she built her graphic design service while raising two kids. Her success and experience with remote work companies will surely benefit you as you explore working online.

Working with a graphic design virtual assistant can be a cost-efficient route, but leading remote teams requires a higher level of communication skills. You need to know how to manage your designers who are working remotely from home. Leading virtual teams require a special touch, and Marilyn is here to share her experience of how to productize a service business.

Watch and you will learn in this conversation:

  • Tips on how to lead a virtual team
  • How to work with virtual teams effectively and efficiently
  • The communication strategies required when building a remote team
  • The important characteristics of a virtual team leadership

Valuable tips that you will get from this interview

  • Motivation for working remotely
  • Systems and processes for your business
  • Understanding the direction you’re heading towards
  • Freedom mindset for tackling business and leveraging other’s time
  • Importance of delegation and not being able to be at two places at the same time
  • Letting go of your comfort zone and creating of documentations
  • Focus/Niche on your strengths and build on that


Marilyn shares some take-aways as you listen to this episode, check below:

  • Her story on towards working from home or anywhere else in the world
  • How to get out of your comfort zone and make the business work without you
  • Visualise the business and plan of action towards that vision
  • Have that mindset of letting go and delegate the work on your personnel
  • Be sure to take note and utilise of your processes and systems
  • Specialising on your strengths and take advantage of what you’re good at
  • Consistent branding that will represent your or your client’s business at all times
  • Here are some valuable tips about having an empowering business-mindset

Empowering designers

Working from home for designers before it became the mainstream or the pandemic. Factors to consider are: first is definitely the cost or time and second the motivation or purpose. Marilyn Wo reflected and thought about why do people need offices? Is it because people want to know they are working? Or do people want that space where they can motivate each other? If a team could do the same without having an office, then isn’t that such a win-win situation for all? Saving time, money, and costs while maintaining productivity or probably be even more productive as is the case for many due to satisfactory conditions for all.

About Marilyn Wo

Marilyn Wo is the co-founder and CEO of MeetAnders, so-called Uber for graphic design that helps marketing leaders with unlimited graphic design at an intern rate per month. Marilyn believes there’s a better way to help them communicate with designers who “get it" on an ongoing basis. And it doesn’t have to cost an arm and leg or precious time for them to do it themselves or hire in-house. Her vision is to create more jobs for talented and caring designers, help them work from anywhere and improve their lives. Building her startup while raising two kids, she’s also sharing her journey on how to productize a service business to earn recurring income.


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