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Linh Podetti and Lily Ma had an open discussion about The One Word concept, through Facebook Live. They outlined how discovering your One Word and applying it could benefit your life and transform your business. For those of you who need extra help, they recommended the Love Your Brand Coaching Program.

About Lily Ma Lily is a One Word practitioner and business coach from Canada. She spoke about how she once wanted to become a nun just so she could spread love and kindness in everything she does. Though she didn’t end up taking that route, she is still accomplishing that goal by sharing her love and kindness through being a business coach and inspirational speaker. Lily’s One Word is Extraordinary.
About the book Your One Word This book is based on how it is so important for you to understand and find the one word that defines you. Author Evan Carmichael, an entrepreneur and social media sensation, who talks about how this one word will be your guide through your personal and business life.
Linh’s response to Your One Word Upon finishing the book Linh was already certain that she found her One Word, Love. Linh shares with us how discovering her one word really impacted her life positively and how she was able to apply the word to her business values. This ultimately gave her a sense of direction and she was able to focus on the areas that needed improving.
Now that Linh has her one word, she was able to rebrand Outsourcing Angel with a consistent theme that would represent the company. From changing the slogan to addressing clients, to completing tasks, everything was created to reflect their core values.
You may ask how can I find my One Word? The simplest way to do this is by making a list of all the things or people that make you happy, then next to each item write a couple of words to describe them. This will help you see what all these things have in common, find out what each of these things means to you and uncovers the collective theme.
Another way to do it is to go around the other way, list all the things you dislike/hate. Sometimes, it’s easier to pick out all those things you don’t stand for and are against to find out what you truly support and are passionate about.
If you’re still struggling to discover your one Word, don’t worry Lily could guide you through all the thinking processes through a coaching program.
What’s this coaching program we keep mentioning? For some of you, reading the Your One Word book might not be sufficient, so Outsourcing Angel has partnered up with Lily Ma to present to you the Love Your Brand Coaching Program. This program is personalized and created to help clients one-on-one, who need that extra support and guidance through working things out. Lily will act like your mentor, working through exercises and reflective questions together. Depending on your situation, everyone’s coaching program session will be different and Lily will coach you accordingly to your needs.
What are some of the most common issues that you encounter in your coaching sessions? Lily explains that the lack of clarity is a really common issue. She talks about how people walk around in life without any real focus, yet they are constantly attracted to the shiny things or things that make the most money. Lily says that many people are missing out on living life to the fullest because they lack clarity and focus. Another common mistake that arises is people are often overwhelmed and burnt out, they say yes to too many things because they don’t know how to say no.
However, if you have your One Word guiding you, you have a good reason to say no because those other things are going against your values.
How do I apply my #OneWord right now when I don’t have a practical plan yet? For those of you who don’t have your one word yet, don’t worry because it takes a lot of time to come to a decision. It’s just a matter of finding a word that truly represents you and everything you do. If you don’t have your one word yet, you can start with a few words and then find the overarching word that binds them together. Try to apply that word to everything you do, let the word be your guide. However, if you still need some assistant on bringing out your one word, you can always reach out and participate in Lily’s coaching session for some inspiration.
Lily, how do you work together with Evan Carmichael? Lily works as a One Word Coach within Evan’s team. Evan is Lily’s mentor; he constantly pushes her forward, telling her to be the best she can be. They meet up at least two times a week, to brainstorm, strategies and discuss any concerns that might have come up with their coaching program.
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