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If you do not know how to use LinkedIn to grow your business, then you are missing out on endless opportunities! In today’s episode of The Kind Boss podcast, founder of Outsourcing Angel, Linh Podetti speaks to Jeff Yang, the founding director of SocialGen, the world’s leading B2B Social Sales & Marketing Enablement agency. Jeff is an expert at developing an effective LinkedIn marketing strategy for B2B and he has been using social media for marketing successfully for his clients. Today, he is here to share his personal branding tips and champion the endless opportunities available on LinkedIn

Watch this interview and learn:

  • Exclusive LinkedIn marketing tips
  • How to use LinkedIn for business
  • How to use social media to grow your business
  • How to develop a LinkedIn marketing strategy for B2B

Valuable tips that you will get from this interview:

  • Social media utilisation
  • Linkedin marketing
  • Personal branding
  • Personalising content
  • Business relationships
  • Business opportunities
  • Targeted lead generation

Jeff shares some take-aways as you listen to this episode, check below :

  • Develop deep business relationships
  • Generate new business opportunities
  • Utilising of social media
  • Growing of personal brand
  • Market digital initiatives
  • Video and personalised content
  • Delegation of social media market campaigns

Here are some valuable tips about social media and lead generation

Visual, targeted, and personalised content

Social media is constantly evolving, it follows that what the target market/audience want also evolves. Have your content target a certain industry or group/s or solution/s and have a personalised and visual content, so video content is definitely favored at the moment. This gives that connection that many are lacking due to generalised, and repetitive content, thus, increasing lead generation by attracting the right kind of market/audience. And for certain clients/businesses, usually large ones should weigh the losses and gains through the option of delegating/outsourcing of social media market campaigns to specialised marketing agencies.

About Jeff Yang

Jeff Yang / Founder and Head of B2B Social at SocialGen

Jeff is the founding director of SocialGen, the world’s leading B2B Social Sales & Marketing Enablement agency. Over the past 5 years, Jeff has worked with hundred’s of executives from globally recognised brands such as American Express, IBM, Cathay Pacific and Hewlett Packard also trains thousands of B2B professionals on how to use social media to grow their personal brands online, build stronger relationships with clients and generate new business opportunities. Jeff is passionate about using digital channels to help our business community develop deeper relationships and add more value to each other.

In today’s world, you need to know how to use LinkedIn to grow your business and personal brand as it is the best platform to network, connect with like-minded business folks and market yourself to a large audience. Don’t be afraid of using personal branding social media. Find out more about how Jeff is using LinkedIn marketing for B2B and helping his clients bring about lead generation on social media. Visit his website now

Connect with Jeff: 

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