How We Hire

Our unique recruitment process is based on over 10 years of experience in hiring reliable and long-term Virtual Assistants for businesses.

We’re proud of our method and endeavour to create harmonious and easy working relationships between our clients and VAs.

Our Recruitment Process

1. Strategy Map

During your Discovery Call, we’ll discuss everything you want in a VA so that our Specialist can put together a Strategy Map tailored to your needs.

2. Talent Pool Screening

Based on the Strategy Map, our HR Manager will start sourcing the best candidates from our Talent Pool for a pre-screening interview.

3. Panel Interview

Our Recruitment Team will conduct screening Panel Interviews with the shortlisted candidates.

4. Client Interview

Once the shortlisted candidates have passed the screening process, you’ll receive their CVs and our HR Manager will organise and facilitate an interview.

5. Orientation

When you’re ready to hire the VA, our General Manager will take them through orientation and set-up all relevant platforms and systems.

6. Support & Benefits

Your VA will be allocated a Team Leader to assist in the initial months and be provided with ongoing benefits such as health cards and rewards

1. Strategy Map

Our Outsourcing Specialist creates a Strategy Map for you based on your Discovery Call to outline all your VA preferences including:

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Skills and experience
  • Hours VA must be online
  • Technical requirements
  • Other (e.g personality preferences)

Within 24 hours after your call, we’ll take you through the Strategy Map including our VA recommendations and proprietary 4-Step GROW model.

Charyl Yan, Recruitment Manager
Davao City, Philippines

2. Talent Pool Screening

Once you’ve approved the Strategy Map, our HR Manager Charyl will start the recruitment process by filtering through:

  • Our talent pool: We have an existing database of trusted candidates that have been through our extensive screening process.
  • VA connections: If our talent pool has been exhausted, we will use our existing connections such as referrals and Facebook Groups to find a suitable candidate to proceed to our screening process.

We then conduct a 1:1 pre-screening interview with the shortlisted candidates to cover skill proficiencies, technology, work history and availability.

3. Panel Interview

Once the candidates pass the pre-screening, we then conduct a Panel Interview with the following interviewers:

Charyl Yan, HR Manager

Davao City, Philippines

Wendy Villar, General Manager

Manila, Philippines

Subject Matter Expert

We select an expert based on their experience with the role to join the Panel.

Panel Interview Criteria

Candidate will be screened by the panel on the following criteria:

  • Experience with what the role entails and level of understanding of how it impacts the client’s day-to-day business
  • Experience working online as a VA and online communication skills
  • Familiarity with our Company Culture (impressions, thoughts, insights) to gauge if the applicant is going to be a passive or active member of our Angel Family
  • Motivation for working online and working with our company
  • Home office set-up with emphasis on internet specifications and back-up plan
  • Assessment of home situation, familial dynamics, and other personal matters that could affect work routine and decisions about work
  • Sense of accountability at work through situational questions
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Analysing previous work highlights and how that’s helped them grow
  • Any other matters that need to be discloses with the team e.g pregnancy, salary questions, and others Feedback to the applicant

To give you an example of VAs in our talent pool, take a look at our VA Profiles. Keep in mind that the CVs you’ll be presented with will be more in-depth and include: personality test results, technical test results and work samples.

4. Client Interview

Within 2 weeks you’ll then be provided with a shortlist of CVs best suited for the role and so that you can select who you would like to have an interview with.

Our HR Manager will then organise the video meeting and sit in the call with you to ensure that all relevant interview questions are covered and expectations are properly set on both sides.

This interview usually takes around 30 mins. Download our Interview Questions below for a better understanding of what you should ask during the interview phase.

5. Orientation

When it’s orientation time, we’ll take your VA through their VA Work Agreement so that we can freely discuss:

  • Terms and conditions
  • Timeline expectations
  • Progress expectations

The VA must also agree to our Company Oath as our Guiding Principle in delivering our best work to clients.

Other topics that are discussed during orientation include:

  • Attendance to upskilling sessions
  • Hosting a skills upgrade session
  • Culture participation in games and online activities
  • Charity participation and volunteering opportunities
  • Compensation, bonuses and pay rise opportunities

6. Support & Benefits

Something we really pride ourselves on is our company culture which stems from the on-going
benefits and support that we provide for your VA.

Annual Company Trips

To bring our Aussie and Philippines Team together, we organise an annual company trip where we can get to know each other better and just relax.

Angel Academy

Our VAs and clients receive exclusive access to Angel Academy. This is our ultimate resource hub that we continually update with our recommended tools, apps, templates, guides and tutorial videos to help you succeed online.

Volunteering Opportunities

Since we donate our company profits to charity initiatives in the Philippines. Our VAs and Aussie staff have the opportunity to do rewarding and hands on volunteer work.

Monthly Meet-ups

Most of our VAs are located in the Philippines where we organise monthly meet-ups in-person and online so we can bond over things outside of work too.

Mentorship & Coaching

Each week, our VA teams implement an organised system of check-ins to discuss any professional or personal challenges

Company Chats & Groups

Our VAs communicate daily via our Slack Channels and Facebook Groups. Our active community discusses everything from work to family!

Pre-paid Healthcare Card

Our VAs receive a health voucher with $2,500 for emergency health care services. This can be used at their local hospital with no need for cash outs to cover the expenses.

VA Workshops

Our experienced and qualified VAs also hold online or in-person workshops so that we learn and grow together.

Angel Points

Every VA is assigned to a team and team members earn ‘Angel Points’ for completing activities.

What happens next?

The process doesn’t stop after you’ve hired your VA. You’ll have full support from our Outsourcing Angel team to assist you in the initial ‘nesting period’ and avoid any miscommunications and misunderstandings.

From there, we’ll handle all HR matters for you from payroll, VA attendance, performance, reporting, appraisals and anything else that may arise.
Just like your guardian angels!

Here’s a snapshot on what to expect in the First 3-6 Months with Your Angel.

Your Support Team

Richard Phu

Team & Guidance Support

Richard provides our Angel team and clients with training and guidance on how to work effectively online.

Juvy Alvarez

Virtual Office Manager

Juvy monitors the work progress of your VAs and makes the best recommendations for VA training and client coaching.

Wendy Villar

Accounts & Payments

Wendy is the reliable and efficient right arm support for Outsourcing Angel’s business development, finances and account management.


Where do you source your Virtual Assistants?

Outsourcing Angel has been recruiting Virtual Assistants for over 10 years for hundreds of clients. This means that we have an internal database of Virtual Assistants that we have thoroughly screened, worked with and trust.

If our existing talent pool is at capacity or your requirements are unique, we will list your Job Requirements in the Careers section of our website and share this link with our internal team and Private Facebook Groups that we share with potential candidates.

All new talent will have to go through the Panel Interview and pass tests such as skills, technology, personality and cultural fit tests before proceeding into the Client Interview phase.

This is why our Virtual Assistants are more dedicated and reliable that other outsourcing providers and freelancer websites.

Where are the Virtual Assistants based?

Most of our Virtual Employees are from the Philippines but some reside in countries like Indonesia and other East Asian countries.

We enjoy working with Virtual Employees in these countries because of their similar timezone to Australia which is where most of our clients are based.

Our Customer Support Team and Management Team are also based in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia.

Does the Virtual Assistant work for me or for you?

Outsourcing Angel is the employer of your Virtual Assistant but they are assigned to work on your task.

This means that we cover all things from HR, Payroll, disruption and replacement cover and more so that you don’t have to.

Do the Virtual Assistants speak English?

We only hire highly skilled and proficient English-speaking Virtual Assistants to remove the communication barriers you may encounter with freelancers and other outsourcing providers.

What kind of support do I get with my Virtual Assistant?

In the first 3 months with your Virtual Assistant, our Virtual Operations Manager (VOM) will be overseeing the relationship between you and your Virtual Assistant to provide you with on-going support.

After your initial 3 months, our Operations Manager and Customer Support Team are available to assist with any matters you may have.

What if I’m not happy with my Virtual Assistant?

If you would like to change your Virtual Assistant for any reason, please notify us immediately so we can help you find a replacement as quickly as possible. Your replacement options include:

Work with your existing Virtual Assistant until we can find you a replacement.

Stop work with your Virtual Assistant immediately and wait for your replacement (we will pause your payment and make sure you are only charged from the day the new Virtual Assistant starts work)
Stop work with your Virtual Assistant immediately and work with one of our temporary covers to complete the task while you wait for your replacement.

Is there a minimum commitment with my Virtual Assistant?

Yes, there is. Once you have selected your Virtual Assistant, there is a minimum 3 month between you and your Virtual Assistant. Just like a probation period that you may find in the workplace, from our experience it requires at least 3 months of on-boarding and training to properly integrate a Virtual Employee into your company.

If for any reason, you are not happy with your Virtual Employee, we will find you a more suitable Virtual Employee based on your feedback.

How do I monitor my Virtual Assistant's work?

All our Virtual Assistants are required to send you a daily work report where they will list all the tasks that they’ve worked on each day and any issues they’ve encountered.

We always encourage our clients to place trust in our Virtual Assistants by measuring performance rather than a time tracking tool unless otherwise specified.

What happens there is a work interruption?

In case of work interruptions such as power outages, internet issues or family emergencies, your Virtual Assistant is instructed to send immediate notice to our Management Team and to you.

If the Virtual Assistant was working on an urgent task for you, we will find you a fast replacement to get the work done.

What about confidential business information?

All Virtual Employees sign a confidentiality agreement, wherein they are not permitted to share or discuss work-related details to people other than their client and work team.

Should you decide to share log-in details, credit card information and other personal or business information, Outsourcing Angel will not be liable for any loss or issues that may arise from the misuse of such information.

VA Activities

Wendy Villar, General Manager
Manila, Philippines

Lizza Bentinganan, Social Media VA
Davao, Philippines

Estela Caluna, Marketing VA
Cebu, Philippines

How we care for our Angels

Unlike freelancers and most outsourcing providers, we take care of your Virtual Assistants by providing:

  • Emergency Health & Hospitalisation Cover
  • Performance Bonuses & Cash Rewards
  • Annual Company Trips
  • Competitions & Raffles
  • Reward Schemes and Bonuses
  • Monthly Awards and Benefits
  • Skills & Workshop Training
  • Monthly Meet-ups
  • Volunteering Opportunities
  • 1-on-1 Mentoring & Life Coaching

VA Activities

Message from our CEO

Most providers will simply connect you with Virtual Assistants and it’s up to you to do the rest.

We’re different because we’re an end-to-end service that will hold your hand every step of the way including: 

  • Recruiting & Screening
  • Background Checks & On-boarding
  • Training & Workshops
  • HR & Payroll
  • Replacement & disruption cover
  • Tailored Systems in your timezone
  • Money back guarantee

In addition to this, we have an Australian based customer support team that is available during business hours.

Tell Us Your Requirements

Message from our CEO

Most providers will simply connect you with Virtual Assistants and it’s up to you to do the rest.

We’re different because we’re an end-to-end service that will hold your hand every step of the way including: 

  • Recruiting & Screening
  • Background Checks & On-boarding
  • Training & Workshops
  • HR & Payroll
  • Replacement & disruption cover
  • Tailored Systems in your timezone
  • Money back guarantee

In addition to this, we have an Australian based customer support team that is available during business hours.


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