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After I’ve met the faces of SOS Cebu Foundation. SOS, a word that indicates a distress signal, has found a new meaning to me.

Abandoned, and unlucky, I would even go as far that some were abused, these are some factual words to describe the many of the children in SOS Cebu. Despite undergoing such cruel twist of fate, being in the SOS community gives these children, a little sense of hope, no matter how little that hope is, that things can be better and will be better for them, likewise to the parents still involved. This little hope coming from the camaraderie the community has built for the children and parent and the persons who support the foundation gratuitously.

Given these circumstance, what’s the best way I can describe these children’s life is still pitiful. An 18-year old girl who is still being home-schooled in a small community, a 21-year old guy who haven’t been able to try working or make a living, and the many children who are oblivious of the future and what’s life has to offer.

How amazing can it be for these children if they are able to somehow access the fruits of life? That is where we tried, lead by our director Mrs. Linh Podetti and Outsourcing Angel as a social enterprise, we aim to create a direct impact to the lives of these children, we started out by teaching them how to fish instead of feeding them a fish. We had the #OALoveProjects to help educate these children about the work possible for them online and the basics necessary to start. We even shared our own insights and experiences starting out with online works and how Outsourcing Angel has changed our lives.

I just hope that in that short time with those children that we were able to impact their lives positively. Now, it is up to them to research, explore and look for a way to find jobs online, not necessarily with Outsourcing Angel, but where they would find their place and make a living deserving of a human being.

VA Writer: Roland Bito-on Jr.

VA position: Administrative Officer

Charlotte Ramos

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