Case Study: Launch Lab Media


Christchurch, New Zealand


Launch Lab Media

Launch Lab Media is a boutique social media marketing agency based in Christchurch, New Zealand that works with clients on a global scale.

CEO and Founder, Simon Shearer struggled to work with unreliable freelancers from sites such as UpWork. After trying to do it all on his own, it took him away from core client tasks and which cost him even more time and money.

Simon then desperately needed to outsource to a Virtual Assistant when he reached out to Outsourcing Angel.

Our Virtual Assistant Aya now helps Simon with:

  • Social Media Marketing: Creating and managing content calendars, curating content, and liaising with his Graphic Designer and Video Editor.
  • Accounts Management: Reviewing and approving accounts, managing subscriptions, managing refunds and requests.
  • Customer Support: Managing customer enquiries.

He tried working with freelancers from websites like UpWork but after a few bad experiences, he decided to turn to Outsourcing Angel to hire a VA on a full-time basis. Since then, it’s completely revolutionised the way his business works.

Find out how VA Aya has revolutionised his business.


Favourite things about working with Outsourcing Angel?

I really enjoyed the on-boarding process.
I’ve outsourced work before but never in a full-time or part-time role. So making this sort of change was different and it was good to have Outsourcing Angel show me how systems and processes should work. That was good learning and preparation for me to be. ready.

I also loved how much preparation went into my Virtual Assistant before they got to me.
OA sets all the expectations with the Virtual Assistant of how they should complete work, interact and submit work reports to me. It really didn’t leave too much for me to actually do which is great for a business owner.

Everyone is also so friendly.
People are friendly and approachable. I just feel comfortable and secure.

How has your Virtual Assistant helped you?

Aya (Simon’s VA) has definitely been a key role in helping me grow the company, basically from nothing to multiple six figures in a space of about a year.
I slotted her into a position that is quite workload heavy that took me a lot of time to do and she’s been able to take that over.

I’ve been able to remove myself from that and not have to worry about it. Meaning I can keep my head up and serve the clients, manage the client relationships, and the clients’ overall marketing strategies to get them results rather than having my head down just doing a lot of the groundwork. So she’s been great!

What have you been able to focus on now that you've outsourced work?

I’ve been able to take on more clients in different areas and partnering with clients as well.
I’ve had good opportunities to partner on profit share arrangements with clients. So it’s freed me up to be able to do a lot of that stuff. She’s given me the ability to add about $8,000 a month to my bottom line.

I think because we took time to set everything up right, I don’t have anxiety because I know things are happening in the background. I can see in Asana, tasks are checked off every day, and just knowing that those things are being completed. And it is a good feeling.

How would you describe your relationship with your Virtual Assistant?

I think we have a great relationship.
We communicate through Slack a lot of the time and she’s a great worker and somebody that I really trust. I’m really stoked and I know that I can rely on her to get things done.

My expectations when I first came on board was based on working with freelancers from things like Upwork.
While they were more project by project basis, I could count the amount of bad experiences that I’ve had just with communication breakdowns and people saying they can do things but can’t. Now with Outsourcing Angel, I just have that feeling of knowing that someone that I trust is doing the work in the background and signing in every day.

You know, 10 o’clock my time, ‘Hi Simon, signing in.’ Six o’clock, ‘Simon, done for the day, signing off. Then the work report comes through 10 minutes later, it is just great. I think it’s been great and has exceeded any expectations that I had.

What made you choose Outsourcing Angel?

Outsourcing Angel is an honest company that cares about their clients and that comes across to me with everybody that I’ve dealt with.
The way that OA treats their VAs comes across really well in the community that they’ve built around their VAs. I’ve never seen anything like that. It just shows me that OA practices what they preach.

The preparation OA goes through with the VAs prior to actually placing them is also so, so important.
It cuts out so much of the back and forth that could happen if that wasn’t in place it just makes life really easy for the business owner.

The way that Aya communicates with me from day one has not changed. From checking-in in the morning then signing off daily. Work reports come through every single day without fail, and even if I had my own staff, I have a feeling I’d still struggled to get them to be able to do that every day.

She just gives me reassurance that she’s here to work and wants to do it so it’s great!

Simon's Message to Outsourcing Angel

Aya is great, I hope she never leaves. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with her and helping her grow to the next level.

I’ve also enjoyed working with Richard (Operations Manager), I find him really approachable and always willing to help out. That’s the type of thing that makes it feel like it’s not just a service, it’s more of a partnership between myself and Outsourcing Angel. I think it’s great.

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