Marketing Ideas to Celebrate The Queen’s Birthday


Special holidays today serve as benchmarks for higher spending. Most, if not all, holidays will be attributed to a spike in consumer spending. Thus, business owners both big and small work hard on holidays to maximise these opportunities to boost their revenue. One such holiday is the celebration of the Queen’s holiday. In Australia, the celebration of the Queen’s birthday is a special holiday because Australia is a constitutional monarchy, with the English monarch as head of state. In addition, the holiday is set at every second Monday of June and that becomes a long weekend for the country to celebrate the Queen’s Birthday with abandon! This coming June, your business could take the opportunity to create a few marketing campaigns that will build your brand awareness or even convert sales. Here are some marketing ideas your business and your virtual assistants could execute to celebrate the Queen’s Birthday.

1. Design Creative Discounts

Discounts and promos remain one of the most effective marketing tools today. But simply slapping a price slash on items for the sake of having them won’t do the magic. You need to be creative in the way you execute discounts. You can do a 10% discount on everything (since the holiday falls on 10th of June) or give a buy one take one deal to people who come in with a queen’s crown or party hat. There are dozens of ways to play around with discounts. Just be sure to connect your promo to a theme related to the Queen’s birthday.

2. Launch A Social Media Awareness Campaign

Social media is a great way to build awareness for your brand. Come this 10th of June, there will be a great influx of people who will go online because of the cancellations or shortening of school and work. This is a great opportunity for you to get hits and follows on social media. Put out an infographic relating to the queen or about how Australia is connected to the monarchy. Give an interesting spin to the history of our government. Take some trivia and historical stories and make them into fun social media campaigns people can learn from and enjoy. Your virtual assistant can help you do the necessary research, organise your marketing campaign, launch and keep track of all engagements for you. This ensures that all leads are followed-up efficiently and you stand a better chance of converting your leads into sales.

3. Extend A Long Weekend Special

Since the Queen’s birthday celebration falls on a long weekend, extending a special offer or even store hours during that long break will do your business good. Draw in the crowds by providing something of value like a free sample of your products. Traffic is bound to get congested due to the holidays so provide people with convenient access to your products by getting your product or service closer to them. If you aren’t already in the mall, you might consider putting up a temporary booth and display inside as most people head to shopping centers on long weekends.

4. Create A Special Contest

There’s a chance that not a lot of people know everything about the Queen or her birthday. You can leverage this by creating informational contests and put up prizes. The gamification of the holiday is a great way to create buzz and excitement around your brand. You can choose to take your contest online or keep it offline in your store if you’re going to stay open on the holiday. With the help of your virtual assistants who can help you source out interesting and fun facts about the Queen and the royal family, you will be sure to stand out from the rest of the noise!

5. Get Help With Your Marketing

Working on marketing ideas for special occasions can take a lot of time and brain power. That’s why it’s best you don’t do it alone. If you don’t yet have a person in charge of marketing in your business, you can hire a marketing virtual assistant to help you conceptualise and even execute on your ideas. At Outsourcing Angel, our virtual employees are highly skilled and can help you in all areas of your marketing campaign! Marketing is essential to business growth. And capitalising on special occasions needs to be a staple for your business. With the right themes, strategies and execution, your business could benefit highly from creating specials and offers for the holidays. Let’s have a royal party! Let us know what marketing ideas you’ve come up with to celebrate the Queen’s birthday in the comments below!


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