How to Set Company Goals for 2020: Outsourcing Angel’s Method and Goals

So it’s the final month of the year and now with all the data and actual company results we have from 2019, it’s time for you (the boss, CEO, entrepreneur or Head of Department) to start analysing this information to set new business goals for 2020. You might realise that although goals haven’t changed too … Continue reading How to Set Company Goals for 2020: Outsourcing Angel’s Method and Goals

How Your Virtual Assistant Can Help You With Instagram Over the Festive Period

Instagram is one of today’s most influential online platforms. During the Christmas season, shoppers flock to the social media channel hoping to finalise their shopping plans there. With the help of a virtual assistant, you can build a strong Instagram strategy that will help drive traffic and sales to your business. Here’s how you can work with a virtual assistant to create a strong Instagram strategy this Christmas season.

14 Ways To Monetize Your Podcast Show

Now this may not apply to everyone, but it’s always great to know the options. Are you ready to monetize your podcast show? Here are 14 ways to help you get started.

My advice to you is to really spend the time to assess if this is going to ADD value to your audience or not. For me, I rather focus on making sure that anything which gets added to the show must generate value, even if it means saying no to a profitable offer.

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