Free ChatGPT Marketing Cheat Sheet

Get more personalised and targeted ChatGPT marketing responses using this Ultimate Marketing Cheat Sheet developed by our Marketing Manager and staff.

What’s Included

If you’re struggling to:

  • Get valuable and industry-specific advice from ChatGPT
  • Come up with your own prompts and would prefer a “fill in the gaps” solution using simple copy + paste

Then this Cheat Sheet is definitely for you!

In the Cheat Sheet, you’ll find specialised ChatGPT prompts for:

  • Creating your own Marketing Campaign (from scratch!)
  • Marketing Strategy prompts (e.g create buyer personas, identify customer pain points, and more)
  • Google Ads strategies and campaigns
  • Social media content brainstorming (ideas, captions, hashtags)
  • YouTube content (topics, scripts, tags)
  • Social media ads ideas (targeting, remarketing, and ad copy strategies)
  • Email marketing & SEO content
  • Website & blog topics and copy
  • Different tones and styles of content
  • …and more!
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Hear from Happy Clients


I have achieved so much more in my business

I have had my VA Alaila through Outsourcing Angel for around 6 months now and it has been one of the best decisions I have made. I had no idea how to go about hiring a VA so having this taken care of for me and being matched with a VA who works quickly, is enthusiastic and can take on a variety of tasks for me and is always open to feedback and ensuring she provides a service that I am happy with is an absolute god send. I highly recommend using their service. I have achieved so much more in my business having someone else do the things that previously stopped me from focusing on my zone of genius! Thank you so much Alaila and OA x

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    Toni Everard
    Founder, Toni Everard Coaching

Couldn’t be happier with the organisation, their team and especially our VA!

We needed an experienced Shopify person but had no experience with a virtual assistant. Outsourcing Angel was highly recommended and I can see why.

Their communication and management is excellent and the onboarding experience was great. Our awesome VA, Lisa, has the experience we needed and has slotted into our team very quickly. She is now a highly valued team member and OA continues to look after our experience.

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    Rob Wilson
    General Manager, Bathroom Warehouse

Outsourcing Angel goes above and beyond

I have had my Technical Virtual Assistant, Sherwin, with Outsourcing Angel for about 9 months. My VA has been diligent, trustworthy, hardworking and honest. Outsourcing Angel goes above and beyond in terms of supporting my business and making sure the process goes well. They found someone very suitable for my business which is based in New Zealand. My VA was able to fit in with my work hours. A very professional company.

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    Tarnya Burge
    Founder, Kitchen Table Web Design

Get more exact responses from ChatGPT with this Free Marketing Ultimate Cheat Sheet!