Virtual Angels


vas for hire

Here are some of our new VAs who are ready to work for your business. Enquire Now.

Hi I am Trisha

Proactive VA

Hi I am Romwil

Techie Mania

Hi I am Paolo


Hi I am Nel

UI Demigod

Hi I am Mike

Chubby All Rounder

Hi I am Michael

Wordpress Creative Guru

Hi I am Marie Roxanne

Socium Virtualis

Hi I am Lysette

Virtual Super Mom

Hi I am Krysta

Virtual Lady

Hi I am Jun Ryan

WordPress Guru

Hi I am Jacquiline

Friendly VA Ninja

Hi I am Isabel

Enthusiastic Rookie

Hi I am David

Digi Wizard

Dedicated VAs

Here are some of our existing VAs who are employed by our clients. Some of them may still be available to do your Basic or Part Time shifts. Enquire Now.

Hi I am Vladimir

Design Addict

Hi I am Roland

Admin Star

Hi I am Rebecca

Pro Juggling VA

Hi I am Mitch

Customer Service

Hi I am Maydee

Content Slayer

Hi I am Macel

Digital Strategist

Hi I am Lizza

VA Diva

Hi I am Leny

Content Manager

Hi I am Juvy

Virtual Assassin

Hi I am Jheckler

Code Eating Monkey

Hi I am Jef

Digital Ninja

Hi I am Jamie

Witty Wordsmith

Hi I am Imee

Stress Reaper

Hi I am Huie

Jack Of All Trades

Hi I am Estela

Social Media Whiz

Hi I am Dylan

Web Jedi

Hi I am Desiree

Devoted Task Breaker

Hi I am Arianne

Human Troubleshooter

Hi I am Alvin

Email Marketer

Hi I am Alaila

Digital Panda Artist

Headoffice VAs

Meet our HR Manager, Client Happiness Manager and other awesome VAs who help keep our clients and VAs happy. Their job is to make OA a loving place. Enquire Now.

Hi I am Fiona

Digital Socializer

Hi I am Jenna

Task Breaker

Hi I am Wendy

Protean VA Superstar

Hi I am Kirby

Digital Ambassador

Hi I am Jonathan


Hi I am Cherry

Aspirant Deputy

Hi I am Charyl

Digital Marketer

Discover what a VA can do for your business.

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