Meet the Founder:

Linh Podetti’s business journey from start-up to a freedom business

With my last $5,000, I took a leap of faith in starting my first business and now I have a business that runs itself.

Hi, my name is Linh Podetti. I’m the CEO and Founder of Outsourcing Angel and this is my personal journey of growing my first venture into the 7-figure remote business that it is today.

Together, I’ll take you through the challenges and breakthrough moments that molded my path towards scaling my business.


As business owners, it’s really about how you free yourself up from your business and have a lifestyle for yourself.

Linh Podetti, CEO & Founder


Migrating to Australia in search for a better life

I was born and raised in Vietnam, but when I was 9, my family migrated to Australia for a shot at a better life.

My childhood was tough. I grew up with strict and controlling parents, which led me to rebel and become pregnant at the age of 19.

As a result, I was disowned by my family and became a broke single mom with no financial or emotional support.

My search for Freedom

Despite all the challenges thrown at me, I managed to graduate from university and secure a “safe” 9-to-5 corporate job.

However, deep down, I couldn’t shake the feeling that this repetitive work and time away from my son didn’t align with what truly mattered to me.

Above all else, I yearned for freedom.
I craved the time to pursue my passions and be there for my son. Flexibility to live life on my own terms was what I truly wanted.


From corporate life to business owner

Despite being a broke single mum in my 20s, I took a leap of faith and bid farewell to my day job, using my last $5,000 to start a nail polish business.

At first, I believed that simply having a website would attract customers, but I soon learned otherwise. I had to teach myself everything, from marketing and SEO to email marketing and more.

Recognising my lack of technical expertise, I turned to outsourcing and found skilled overseas Virtual Assistants (VAs) to implement the work for me.

Although the nail polish business wasn’t my passion, I didn’t give up on entrepreneurship. I sold the venture and moved on.

Leveraging the knowledge and experience gained from my previous business, I founded a successful marketing agency in 2011 called Red & Black Solutions. With a fully remote team of VAs, I found my true passion and made my mark in the world of outsourcing.


The birth of Outsourcing Angel

Having successfully built a team of Virtual Assistants for my own company, I decided to extend my expertise to other business owners. That’s how I transformed my marketing agency into a recruitment agency. I named it Outsourcing Angel.

My mission was clear—to save business owners’ valuable time by preventing them from making the same mistakes I did when it came to recruiting and managing VAs from overseas.

My early experiences were filled with scams, broken promises, and wasted time and money.

However, these mistakes taught me invaluable skills and insights, which enabled me to master the art of effective outsourcing and build a thriving remote team.


Business was booming but I was stuck!

Within just 3 years of establishing Outsourcing Angel, I managed to grow it into a 7-figure business. But despite having a large team of VAs, I found myself feeling trapped in the business.

Taking a relaxing holiday seemed impossible as I had to constantly check my phone to ensure everything was running smoothly. All decisions and responsibilities ultimately stopped with me.

My original desire for freedom from the business had not been realised; instead, I had a business that heavily relied on me.

The best decision I made, was hiring an Operations Manager

It wasn’t until I hired Richard Phu as the Operations Manager (now Managing Director) that I finally learned how to scale my business properly and get it to run like a well-oiled machine.

Richard’s extensive 10+ years of experience in IT, Consulting, and running his own business in the Marketing & Outsourcing niche proved invaluable.

With his guidance, I could identify blind spots and address the problems that had previously kept me stuck in the business.

Recognising my business problems

I didn’t even know my business had problems until they were pointed out to me:

  • While some SOPs were in place, they weren’t organised efficiently.
  • Many processes were manual, involving time-consuming copying and pasting of data between systems.
  • Our filing system was disorganised, with documents and spreadsheets scattered across personal drives, making it difficult to find what we needed.
  • Our CRM wasn’t integrated with our other tools, causing inefficiencies in workflow.
  • Communication was fragmented across multiple apps, leading to reduced efficiency and a feeling of being constantly “on.”

Implementing smarter workflows, tech and automations

What I needed were the right processes and technology to scale my business and accommodate more clients.

So bit by bit, we managed to:

  • Refine our SOPs and established an efficient system for storing and accessing them.
  • Set-up automations and integrated our softwares to streamline communication between tools.
  • We created a Client Resource Hub, providing 24/7 access to valuable assets to our clients, eliminating the need for repetitive enquiries.
  • Established clear communication channels, and implemented an organised filing system, fostering productivity and collaboration among teams.

By automating and systemising the business, we successfully achieved a level where it can run smoothly without constant reliance on me, the business owner.


An outsourcing business that runs itself

From having to oversee things every day and being close to burning out, I have finally reached a point where I can step back and enjoy my newfound freedom.

Thanks to the robust systems and capable team we have built, I could let go of most decision-making and remove myself from the day-to-day running of the business.

I take immense pride in having created a business that now allows me to be semi-retired. I can now work part-time and have the freedom to focus on what I truly love, such as spending time with my family and exploring the world.

And you know what? I want the same for you!

The problems and solutions I shared here are examples of the work we can do for you.

We are more than just a VA company, we help you scale your business to run without you through automation, systemisation, and delegation to a remote team you can trust!

Let us help you experience the liberation and fulfillment that comes with running a successful business while enjoying the things you love most.

Run a 7-figure business without working 24/7.

Book a Discovery Call today and scale up with the right technology, processes, and people

  • Build a business that runs without you
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