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Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and families all over look forward to that beautiful day where they can honor their superhero moms. And what better way to show appreciation to our mothers than by treating them extra special?

There’s no denying that Mother’s Day is also a great wave for businesses to ride on. According to the National Retail Federation Survey, global Mother’s Day spending in 2018 went up to US$23 billion. In Australia alone, it was once predicted that spending on Mother’s Day would reach AUD$733 Million on that one single day.

Therefore, Mother’s Day is something that businesses should prepare for. The bad news is that thousands, if not tens of thousands, of other businesses will be competing for the attention, the hearts, the minds and the wallets of families as well.

How do you stand out amidst all the Mother’s Day noise? Here are some Mother’s Day marketing ideas that you and your virtual assistant can implement together.

1. Do a Quirky Mother’s Day Photo Contest

Gamification is one of today’s most powerful marketing ideas. Human nature draws us to contests, competitions and prizes. The key is to strategically insert your brand into the contest. You can do this by asking people to share your page as part of the mechanics, use a hashtag, include your product in a photo or other creative ideas to represent your product or service.

One of the most effective ways to use this strategy is to create a photo contest. Have mothers send in their photos connecting mothers to a theme that will bridge people to your brand. For instance, if you have an accounting firm, you can have mothers send in photos of a budget-friendly activity they do with their kids. Your virtual employee can help you organise and promote your contest across your different social media accounts to help you gain further reach.

2. Create a Campaign that Honors Mothers

At the heart of Mother’s Day is the opportunity to honor mothers. Your business can take this special opportunity to do that as well. You can create a social media campaign showing photos of famous moms or a video featuring a story or group of stories of local moms. You can also create a special board on Pinterest with various quotes on motherhood.

There are many ways to honor a mother on social media. Make sure that you create a special way of doing so. Your virtual assistant can help you design beautiful graphics that specifically celebrate the dedication of all mothers and can also help you to edit videos as part of your campaign. All the research, design and scheduling can also be done by your virtual employee, all you need to focus on is developing the campaign strategy.

3. Give Special Discounts and Bundles to Mothers

As simplistic as this idea may sound, it’s a no-brainer. People love discounts and promos. Ask any person in retail and they’ll tell you how much of a must-have this strategy is for any special occasion.

But as you create bundles and discounts, try to be as creative as possible. Don’t just give discounts for the sake of giving discounts. Have mothers do something fun and unique on that special day. A good example of this would be to have moms come in to your shop in their favorite superhero costume or to pose for a picture at a photo booth before they avail of the discount or promo.

4. Don’t Forget the Working Moms!

Working mothers are not very well represented on Mother’s Day. This Mother’s Day, you and your team can come up with a way to honor working moms as well. Have a special discount for moms who bring their work ID to your shop. Create a nice infographic on how much working moms sacrifice to do what they do. Do a special shoutout on social media and have your followers tag a working mom that they want to honor on Mother’s Day.

Get a Virtual Assistant to Help You with Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas

Getting ready for Mother’s Day can be a lot of work. You would most definitely have an edge when you have extra hands to help you prepare your marketing campaigns for that special day for mothers. To not take this opportunity would mean leaving a lot of money on the table.

If you need help getting a virtual assistants to boost your Mother’s Day campaign or any other special campaigns you want to do in the future, you can reach out to us. Outsourcing Angel’s virtual employees are more than willing to help you build your own virtual dream team! Don’t build campaigns on your own. Get the help of a virtual assistant that can bring your business up to the next level.

VA Writer: Patrick Mabilog
VA Position: Technical VA- Writer and Designer

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