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We know there are many tools for a savvy social media manager like you.

But we swear this one’s different! 😆

NotionNinja helps you plan, schedule, and auto-publish your content on multiple social media platforms—without ever leaving your Notion workspace.

In this short blog article, find out:

  • What is NotionNinja
  • 8 benefits of NotionNinja for a social media manager
  • How to use NotionNinja

What is NotionNinja?

NotionNinja lets you plan and schedule unlimited social media posts on Notion. Then, it auto-publishes everything for you on the date and time you specified. Easy as that! 💯

So if you’re:

❌ tired of planning your social media across multiple tabs
❌ manually copy-pasting your awesome posts into different platforms
❌ unable to collaborate with your teammates BEFORE posting
❌ paying too much for a complicated social media tool
❌ frustrated with the limited number of posts allowed in your current social media tool

Then, NotionNinja is definitely for you!

You can manage the following platforms straight from your Notion account:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • TikTok*
  • Pinterest

*Pending your account approval from the platform

Just imagine the clicks you’ll save (and the headaches you’ll avoid) by using just ONE platform to manage ALL your social media 🧑‍💻 You don’t even have to log in to any of your social media accounts anymore!

💡 HOT TIP: Using ClickUp for work instead? Just let us know and we’ll tweak NotionNinja for you!

And that’s not all…

8 benefits of NotionNinja for a social media manager

Benefit 1: More focus on engagement

With automated publishing and less back and forth between different platforms, you can free yourself up to focus on engagement and grow your audience, instead of just catching up to your posting schedule 🧑‍💻

Benefit 2: Unlimited posting

Post as much as you want on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Pinterest!

76% of users have purchased something they saw on social media. So the more you post, the faster you’ll find that viral, winning content that resonates with your target audience—and drives up your sales 🤑

Benefit 3: Skip the multiple log-ins

No need to log in to any of your social media accounts or pesky third-party apps. All you need is your Notion (or ClickUp, if that’s what you’re using). Talk about ninja efficiency 🥷

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Benefit 4: No ads 📵

We pinky swear this tool features NO ads. We just want more people to experience automations in their social media!

Benefit 5: Accessible to ALL your teammates:

You can get eyes on your posts before they get published, and spot typos and other errors with the help of your teammates before everyone on the Internet sees them.

In Notion (and ClickUp), you can assign posts to team members, put notes and comments, and easily create approval workflows 👌

Benefit 6: Comes with freebies!

You also get these 2 cool freebies along with NotionNinja:

📅 A completed 2024 social media calendar that covers all celebration days and marketing opportunities to promote your business throughout 2024

⚒️ An app toolkit of our tried and tested tools to ninja your way through efficient content creation (and leverage NotionNinja to its fullest potential)

Benefit 7: Set up for you (NotionNinja Pro)

No need to worry about setting it up on your Notion or ClickUp account either!

Our Systemise & Scale Up team can install NotionNinja Pro for you, so you can have a hassle-free experience 👌 We understand you might not have the time, or you might have better things to do than figure out the details of installing a new tool.

But if you’d rather do it yourself, we also have super easy PDF and video guides for you to follow!

Benefit 8: Expand your social media reach (NotionNinja Pro)

Last but not least: you can expand your social media reach with NotionNinja Pro. 📈

If your social media numbers are down and you’re not gaining any new followers, you might just be on the wrong platform.

So instead of our basic package that connects to Instagram, you can go for NotionNinja Pro. It connects your Notion or ClickUp to other big social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, TikTok, and even Pinterest.

This helps you pinpoint and expand the right audience for your particular business and content 🎯

How to use NotionNinja

First, you have to choose your package.

You have two options—but we strongly recommend you go for NotionNinja Pro because you get to expand your reach on multiple platforms.



  • Auto-publish your scheduled Notion and/or ClickUp posts on your Instagram
  • User guides: Short, simple instructions in PDF form, with video walkthroughs to help you set up your NotionNinja
  • [BONUS] Completed 2024 social media calendar: Calendar of international celebration days (Teachers’ Day, Women’s Day, etc.) to promote your business through 2024
  • [BONUS] App toolkit: A list of our tried and tested tools and apps to ninja your way through efficient content creation



NotionNinja Pro

  • Auto-publish your scheduled Notion and/or ClickUp posts on your Instagram, plus Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok* and Pinterest
    *Requires account approval from the platform
  • Set up for you: Our Systemise & Scale Up team will set up NotionNinja Pro for you, hassle-free!

    So just sit back, relax, and you’ll be auto-posting in no time.

  • [BONUS] Completed 2024 social media calendar: Calendar of international celebration days (Teachers’ Day, Women’s Day, etc.) to promote your business through 2024
  • [BONUS] App toolkit: A list of our tried and tested tools and apps to ninja your way through efficient content creation

How to use NotionNinja as a social media manager

Whether you choose the basic or the preferred NotionNinja Pro package, here’s how social media posting would work if you have NotionNinja:

  • Step 1: Open your Notion (or ClickUp) workspace
  • Step 2: Go to the Content Production page (The template for this is included in your setup guide. For NotionNinja Pro, we’ll install it on your behalf 😉)
  • Step 3: Create a post for any platform you prefer:
    • Instagram
    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn
    • TikTok
    • and/or Pinterest
  • Step 4: Select the date and time you want your post to go live
  • Step 5: And you’re done! 🤯 Your post will be automatically published on the date and time you specified.

Our clients save up to 20 hours per week with automations like NotionNinja in place.

This helps them scale business operations and have more free time to focus on what matters—whether that’s a proper social media strategy, product development, lead generation, or client relationships 🤝

Just need a free social media scheduling tool?

Our basic NotionNinja package is a great starting point for you to manage social media effortlessly 😌 It’s 100% free!

It auto-publishes your posts from Notion (or ClickUp) over to Instagram, which is one of the most used platforms by marketers worldwide. You can maximise those social media techniques up your sleeve with unlimited posting!

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But if you want to gain new followers across different platforms, multiply your social media content and expand your reach, then NotionNinja Pro is the best option for you 😉

Just book a free Discovery Call with our friendly consultants and we’ll set up NotionNinja Pro for you—pronto!

Social media management should be easier for you

Tab-hopping, manual copy and pasting, plus multiple log-ins make social media management realllllyyy tedious.

That’s why we created NotionNinja—to make the lives of social media managers easier! 👍

Streamlined social media management is now crucial for businesses looking to stay ahead. So if you’re looking to focus on what matters most (growing your business), then exploring automated solutions like NotionNinja will definitely help get you there.

With automated publishing, less back and forth on different platforms, and more opportunities for team collaboration, you can focus on audience engagement and curate your online presence down to the details.

These are much more valuable uses of your time instead of just trying to catch up on your posting schedule! 🤷

Book a free Discovery Call

Want us to install NotionNinja Pro for you? Just book a free Discovery Call with us and you’ll be auto-posting on multiple platforms in no time!

Arielle Calanas

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