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There’s one thing that anyone anywhere in the globe will hate instantly- a power outage. You’re at home watching TV or lounging in the living room and all a sudden the lights go out around you. Your blood pressure rises and the whole world goes dark- literally and figuratively.

Now imagine having to deal with a proverbial and endemic darkness all your life. What would your life be like? That’s what the life of the Dumagat Tribes of the Montalban Rizal area in the Philippines is like. Power is as scarce as you can imagine.

The Dumagat Tribe is a small people group of an ethnicity called Aetas found scattered in the Philippines. They were once a nomadic group and had very little connection with civilisation. This has left many of them impoverished and deprived of life’s most basic needs. Electricity is one of them.

We at Outsourcing Angels have grown a soft spot for the Dumagat people. We have learned to love every single one of them and through OA Love Projects, we’ve found practical and ingenious ways to make an impact in their lives.

A while back, we helped them fix a local water pump. Through this their home makers now save time and energy from walking miles to get water. We’ve also been able to set up three local Tilapia fishponds that the locals could grow and sell to making a living.

We’ve also upped the bar of our service to this community by providing solar panels to several homes. These systems bring renewable and sustainable energy to the Dumagat tribe. One solar panel can provide more than enough electricity to run an array of lights and charge mobile phones for up to 50 families.

We have currently installed one solar generator with panels in the community and have purchased one more. We will set up the second one as soon as the weather clears up in the Montalban Rizal area.

This is all only possible because of the amazing clients and VAs who have partnered with us in helping this humble yet beautiful group of people. Thank you for all your support and let’s continue to work together towards making a more positive impact in the lives of those who need it the most.

VA Writer: Patrick Mabilog
VA Position: Technical VA- Writer and Designer

Charlotte Ramos

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