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After months of preparation, we are proud to announce our success with our Computer Training Program for the disadvantaged children of Virlanie Foundation in the Philippines, as part of our OA Love Projects.

A total of 30 kids aged 13-28 participants in the training program. Our goal is to teach them the practical uses of the computer so that they will be equipped once they finally set foot in the real world and find jobs.

June 17th, 2018, our VAs from Outsourcing Angel conducted a Computer Skills Assessment for the children so we could identify their level of knowledge in computer (beginner, average, and advanced). This will also help us categorise them and adjust the lesson plans according to their skills. It was also a time for us to set the expectations and answer some questions from them. Simple snacks were served to the delight of these eager students.

The following week (June 24th), we rolled out Module 1 – INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTING. In this session, we grouped them into 4 with about 8 members each and rotated them into 4 stations, discussing the following:


It was a very interactive session as the children are very attentive during the discussion and very responsive when the Q&A started. They were given a non-graded short quiz at the end of each discussion to gauge what they learned and how the facilitators can improve the delivery of the lesson.

They were given a group ASSIGNMENT (boys vs girls) to be submitted at our next meeting on July 8th. To encourage participation, we gamified the assignment by setting a prize to the group who submits the most creative output. The children were very excited when they learned that a special prize will be given to the winning group!

Here’s a glimpse of what happened during our June Computer Training Program:
Youtube video

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