Our Core Values

What we live and work by…

For over 10 years, we’ve helped hundreds of Australian and International businesses outsource work to Virtual Assistants while giving back to those in need.



“Do what you love”

Love is the value at the heart and soul of Outsourcing Angel. We are inspired to give the same level of love and care to our clients, that they give to their own businesses.

But it goes beyond that, we’re always striving to look after our people and make the world a better place. From the love and care that goes into vetting the most suitable virtual assistants for our clients, to donating to poverty-solving charity organisations that are working endlessly to give others a better life.

To this day, Love is deeply embedded in our company culture because when we love what we do, we are purpose-driven and go above and beyond for all clients.

Our Why:
How We Show Love in Practice

  • Purpose over profit: giving time and flexibility to clients when a crisis happens in the business
  • We recruit motivated virtual assistants who love and appreciate their job so they are empowered to provide proactive and reliable support to clients that goes above and beyond, every time
  • Financial and medical support for our virtual assistants during difficult circumstances like COVID-19, floods and earthquakes
  • Creating joyful moments for clients and virtual assistants alike through company activities, charity initiatives, events, game nights, mentoring, fitness programs and more


“Honesty and transparency, always”

Through honesty, transparency, and integrity we build trust with both our clients and our virtual assistants.

We display this value every day by making sure our virtual assistants log their work accomplishments and proof of service to clients, as well as quickly putting customer feedback into practice.

Because we care about the day-to-day lives of our virtual assistants and support them through personal development and loving culture they know we value them as people, more than just their work. This builds a trusting relationship that our clients can also benefit from.

How We Build Trust in Practice

  • Multi-stage evaluations, interviews and skills tests to qualify virtual assistants and match them with the perfect client
  • Consistent virtual assistant and client engagement to make sure we’re meeting expectations on all sides and nothing falls through the cracks
  • Full transparency on billing, accounts, auditing of work logs, service terms, arrangements and communication
  • Collaboration on all sides with our clients and virtual assistants so that we’re constantly improving and implementing feedback


“Establish the freedom you want”

Freedom is a value that embodies the way we work here at Outsourcing Angel.

Our vibrant and inclusive company culture celebrates our differences and respects a perfect work/life balance.

As we run a digital business we maintain excellent standards while giving everyone the flexibility they need to focus on their work in the way that works for them. It’s one of our secrets to maintaining such high efficiency and productivity.

Finding Freedom in Practice

  • Founder and CEO, Linh Podetti continuously shares her wisdom and experience on how to achieve freedom as a business owner to support clients and VAs alike.
  • Offering flexible work-from-home opportunities to the virtual assistants, particularly those living in third world countries, and enable them to earn a decent income to support their families
  • Creating freedom for business owners through our Systemise & Scale Up program we empower clients to have a business that can run without them

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