Our Core Values

What we live, breathe and work by…

At Outsourcing Angel, our core values guide us in our daily interactions with our team and clients, shaping our decisions, actions, and priorities.

These are more than just words on a page. They are our guiding north star. We aim to live and breathe these core values every day we perform our roles!



Challenge today for a better tomorrow

Our team actively embraces the spirit of Innovation. We seek opportunities to revolutionise our business, our processes and ourselves. To challenge the status quo, and to create a brighter future for ourselves, our clients, and the communities we serve.

Innovation propels us to seek creative solutions, embrace cutting-edge technologies, and continually evolve through questions. We understand that by challenging today’s norms, we pave the way for a more dynamic and impactful tomorrow.

By fostering a culture of curiosity, experimentation, and forward-thinking, we aim to push ourselves, to always keep learning, and to apply what we learn for ourselves, our clients and our partners.



Striving for excellence with empathy

We recognise that true excellence is achieved when accompanied by a deep sense of Care. For us, striving for excellence isn’t just about delivering outstanding work but doing so with authentic empathy and consideration.

Our care also extends beyond the confines of tasks and projects. We also aim to understand the unique human needs of our team members, clients, and partners. That’s how we commit to creating an environment where everyone feels valued, supported, and heard.

By placing a premium on Care, we elevate our work to new heights, creating a workplace and client experience that is not only exceptional but also characterised by compassion, understanding, and a genuine commitment to each other’s success and well-being.



Embracing discomfort for growth

Being courageous at work means having the bravery and willingness to take risks, tackle difficult conversations, and step outside our comfort zone in pursuit of our goals.

It involves taking initiative, embracing change, taking on challenging projects, speaking up when needed, and standing up for what we believe in.

By demonstrating courage at work, we foster an environment of growth and resilience. It inspires others to speak up, challenge themselves, and think outside the box. This creates a culture where both personal and organisational development thrives.

When partnering with us, you can expect a proactive and confident team that is unafraid to explore different avenues of solutions to fulfil your needs. A team that’s willing to tell you the unspoken truth when needed.



Our word is our bond

As a 100% remote team, we understand that our word is a promise and a commitment to unwavering honesty, ethical conduct, and accountability.

Integrity is the cornerstone of all successful work relationships we’ve had over 10 years. It’s how we build trust, foster meaningful relationships, and conduct ourselves with the utmost transparency.

This core value also reminds us to do what is right, even when it’s challenging—that trust is earned through consistent, principled behaviour and action.

With Integrity as one of our core values, you can expect us to embody ethical conduct in our communication and actions, and to prioritise the trust of our clients and partners above all else.

Do our values match yours? Let’s talk!