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We’re counting down the days until we could finally welcome 2020! The past months have been like a giant, colourful canvas of different events, opportunities and developments that ultimately make this year one for the books for Outsourcing Angel.

In retrospect, year 2019 had been a year full of learnings for us. We’ve been a learner for a long time and it’s something we truly take pride in. We believe the best way to succeed is to keep learning, as this will help us stay relevant and remain young. Everything we’ve learned contributes greatly to the company as a whole and helps us get better by veering away from past mistakes, making improvements and doing something new.

Here are the top 5 biggest learnings for 2019 things that made this year BIG for Outsourcing Angel.

Having a social mission

It had been a great achievement to finally have a broader purpose and be able to make an impact to other communities around us. Our charity work benefitting tribal communities in remote provincial areas and organisations like Virlanie Foundation had not only help us demonstrate our level of commitment to our community, but it also solidified our dedication to working towards a greater good.

This 2019, we’ve had several notable events organised for our beneficiaries, including feeding programs with tribal children in some rural areas in the Philippines and computer literacy programs with the kids at Virlanie Foundation. More importantly, our company was also able to encourage its community of virtual assistants from all over the Philippines to support the company’s social mission and pledge their involvement.

Growing raving teams

We believe that the most successful companies inspire raving teams within the organization. It’s when your entire team believes in your company’s vision and acts out your mission that the enthusiasm spreads over the entire organization, including your clients and partners.

This year, we were able to build a great company culture and create raving team members who are always happy to work with Outsourcing Angel. It’s especially challenging to promote this kind of culture among employees who are all working remotely in different countries around the world. But somehow, we were able to achieve it.

Developing more partnerships

Harnessing the strengths and capabilities of other organisations proved to be one of the most strategic ways to scale your business. We chose to follow a collaborative approach in driving new business so we can reach out to more potential clients who might be in need of our services.

We created affiliate programs and partnered with some of our existing clients and other organisations in finding new markets and offering value to them. These programs not only helped us expand our reach but also helped us broaden our relevance and deepened our ties with our existing clients.

Sharing educational content

We’ve always believed that content is the spark that ignites a successful marketing strategy and the one that keeps your campaign strong even after years. But this year, we focused on creating highly informative, educational content that teaches businesses detailed, more strategic steps in achieving their goals, combining blogs and videos to illustrate practices. We shared practical tips in outsourcing, how to find the right VAs, how best to retain virtual assistants and delegate work, how to utilise your virtual team to help improve your business systems, and many others.

Having multiple marketing platforms

The digital landscape has changed as more social media platforms have emerged through the years. We’ve been comfortable using one or two social platforms in the past, but this year, we diversified into LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram.

Optimising our other social channels has helped us:

Increased our reach. We studied our target customers better and identified the different touch points we can tap to reach them. Becoming part of not just one community enabled us to connect with more people.
Provide better customer service experience. Being present in multiple platforms allowed us to communicate with our customers better. They can comment or send us a message through any of these social media channels, allowing us to address their needs quickly.

Increased search rankings. Having different social media accounts also made it easier for us to spread our content. In turn, we were able to produce more quality content that helped in pushing us on top of search results. .

These are just a few of the many learnings for 2019 we at Outsourcing Angel have discovered to bring into 2020. We are already looking forward to a lot of exciting things in the year to come.

Charlotte Ramos

Charlotte is a Copywriting Virtual Assistant with over 10 years of experience in marketing content creation, search engine-optimised blog articles and website copy. She's one of our most valuable Angels with vast knowledge of the digital marketing landscape and business systemisation.