Outsource Your Admin Tasks to a Virtual Assistant

Outsource Your AdminTasks to a Virtual Assistant

You’re running a business, managing employees, scheduling meetings, answering phone calls, organising all your documents and talking with clients. It gets exhausting! Especially, when you have to do it all yourself. You’re spending so much time doing the minor admin things when you could be focusing on the tasks that will benefit your bottom line.

To help your business grow and run smoothly, it’s important that these tasks are taken care of and your daily schedule remains organised. This is exactly why many businesses outsource their admin tasks to a Virtual Assitant  so that they can focus on building

customer relationships and strategically building the business.

Keep on reading to see how you can save hours in your day with an Admin Virtual Assistant or watch our latest video below.

Don’t Let the Admin Life Take Over | What Tasks Can an Admin Virtual Assistant Do?

Admin responsibilities may be minor tasks, but when you’re spending five minutes here and five minutes there, it all adds up to hours of your time that has now been wasted. Whether you’re in Sales, Marketing, Real Estate or anything else in between, there is a vast range of tasks you can pass onto a Virtual Assistant. Check out our free ebook to find out 100 tasks that you can outsource to your VA.

Here are just some of the possible tasks that your VA can help you with:

Receptionist Tasks

  • Manage your emails 
  • Filter out spam
  • Respond to incoming inquiries and customer service requests
  • Book appointments 
  • Send reminders 
  • Send greeting cards, event invitations and reminders
  • Organise travel plans and arrangements
  • Prepare online meeting minutes and bookkeeping 
  • Send invoices
  • Online research

CRM Management

  • Data entry into Microsoft Word or Google Docs
  • Organise foldeWhether you’re in Sales, Marketing, Real Estate or anything else in between, there is a vast range of administrative tasks you can pass onto a Virtual Assistant. Read on to find out what you can delegate to your virtual assistant and free yourself up.rs
  • Organise Google Drive 
  • Update contact information for CRM
  • Create letterhead and document templates
  • Create and format forms, documents, presentations
  • Create and manage spreadsheets
  • PDF conversions
  • Split and merge documents


  • Publish blog articles
  • Moderate website comments and reviews
  • Add tags and images to blog articles
  • Schedule social media posts into a scheduling tool
  • Moderate social media comments and messages
  • Create social media pages and groups
  • Update website inventory

Project Management

  • Project manage with the team
  • Prepare training materials
  • Train new employees or team members on tasks for the organisation
  • Manage emails 
  • Schedule appointments

Manage Your Admin the Right Way

We have recently launched our newest ebook, which is a step by step guide to outsourcing your email and calendar tasks to a Virtual Assistant. Check it out to help clear up your schedule from all those mundane admin tasks!

FREE Step-by-step Guide on Outsourcing Your Email and Calendar

If you would like an easy-to-follow guide on the exact steps to take when you delegate your inbox and schedule to a Virtual Assistant.

Here’s a FREE guide we’ve created for you to hit the ground running! The guide includes:

  • Examples of VA Profiles, tools and experience
  • Worksheets to help you cover all the tasks, responsibilities and qualities you’ll need from the VA
  • End-to-end steps from preparation, recruiting to working with your VA.

Your Time is Valuable

It’s time for you to shift your mindset from “I’m so busy” to “what’s the best use of my time?”. You’ll be surprised at all the little tasks that may not seem much at first, but end up taking up your valuable time and energy. You may not realise it but you’re spending hours on tedious tasks that can be outsourced to a Virtual Assistant. Imagine having those hours back to work on your strategic business goals that will add to your bottom line, spending more time with your family, friends or just taking a relaxing break for yourself.

We’re passionate about helping you save valuable time so that you can focus on what matters most in your business. Book a FREE Discovery Call with us today and let us help you find your perfect admin Virtual Assistant!

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