Working in a virtual environment may be different from seeing your co-workers everyday in an actual office, but the connection is as real as it gets. And when one celebrates, everyone does too. We are actually more than what most people think we are. And we are connected much more than many are.

DSC05560Just this February, Jon, our senior graphic and web designer, married the love of his life, and everyone was overjoyed! Even Linh Podetti, the co-founder of Outsourcing Angel, flew all the way from Sydney to Manila, Philippines to witness the event.

Linh also participated in the cord ceremony during Jon’s church wedding, which is one of his life’s greatest milestones. She was so thrilled to be among the guests wishing the newlyweds a happy life ahead. Jon’s co-workers and other staff at Outsourcing Angel also flew to Manila to personally give him their well wishes


Jon has worked with Linh long before Outsourcing Angel and she saw Jon’s journey from singlehood to tying the knot. She was one of the many people who helped him find love – even playing matchmaker at times! During the wedding reception, she was so thrilled to be given the opportunity to give a speech on marriage advice. She was also more than happy to give a speech about Jon’s journey to finding life – like a sister who rooted for her brother’s happiness and she was so happy that Jon finally found it.

IMG_5387Linh’s advice to Jon:

“Keep the fire alive. Relationships require effort. Go on dates constantly and treat each other like you have just started dating.”

We may be working online with our computers, and we may not be physically present for one another, but the friendship, the bond and the commitment that we have for each other shows a connection that runs deep and we’re practically a big family where everyone is there for each other – especially during those special moments in any of our VAs lives.


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