Outsourcing Angel Goes Beyond Our Borders to Share Love to Others

Outsourcing Angel Goes Beyond Our Borders to Share Love to Others

Sharing is caring. Whether you share the fruits of your labor or celebrate the success of your company with other people, that’s all about giving. A business should not only aim for success, but it should also consider planning how to share its success.

There’s nothing more fulfilling than helping others. Like some companies out there, Outsourcing Angel goes beyond our borders to share the love with other people. Our company values love through allowing others to experience it.

Sharing the Love Through a Company Project

Through our partnership with Tribu ni Bro (TNB), we conduct an outreach program where we visit poorer areas in the Philippines. This is what we call the “Love Project.” The project aims to bring hope to others, spread love to them, and support their needs.

The Love Project is not a short-term of one-off thing. We visit places every time our founder, Linh Podetti, visits the Philippines. However, it does not stop there. Our company allocates budget for the monthly feeding program organized by our partner, Tribu ni Bro (TNB).

This is to ensure that the essence of giving is still carried over despite our team’s hectic schedules. We assure that the budget is more than enough to feed the children, provide their basic supply needs, and suffice their other necessities.

The Love Project takes company volunteering programs to a higher level. As our VA’s spread love, we are also strengthening our bond with each other. At the same time, we are gaining respect from the community we are nurturing.

What They Believe in

At Outsourcing Angel, it’s possible to experience a genuine form of love with people you’ve just met from across the globe. It’s not just an ordinary love, but it’s something special felt from the heart. It’s the love that will make you appreciate life and the beauty of living it.

Life is not about how much you earn, but rather how much you give to others. We, at Outsourcing Angel are doing a fantastic job in making that possible. Nevertheless, the most important thing here is that we also love what we do.

You can also join us in spreading love up to the poverty-stricken areas of the world. Share without expecting anything in return. Let’s share the love and change the world. We can make it a better place!

Watch this video https://youtu.be/Gw-ooZ680ug and find out how the Love Project went. Don’t forget to subscribe for more!