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In this Q & A session, Linh & Charley (Founders of Outsourcing Angel) discuss the common issues about working with a Virtual Assistant. Watch as they go down the memory lane, remembering their own experiences when they worked with a VA for the first time, how they overcame the difficulties involved in working with an offshore staff, and ultimately, how they managed to learn how to get the right VA to work on-board their team. Virtual Assistants have played a significant role in automating certain aspects of any particular business—portions of the business that often take much time and effort to do and manage. Charley and Linh discusses the fail-proof solutions at making the most of the services that a VA can give in freeing you time to focus more on the bigger picture in growing your business. If you are a stressed out entrepreneur and is currently contemplating on whether or not to try working with a VA, then this Q&A session will be helpful to you.


Question and Answer Session 1  


Introduction –

Charles Valher – CEO Founder PPC Empire; Co-Founder Outsourcing Angel

Linh Podetti – Director/Founder of Outsourcing Angel; Division of Red & Black Solutions Pty Ltd


Question 1 from Michelle – Can a VA work in real time?

Are they going to work while Im working or while Im sleeping?


Answer:  Yes they work in real time, whatever the time that suits you as a client. But it also depends on you. Majority of VAs work 9:00am – 5:00pm Australian time.  You can also hire a VA for after hour support like Customer service or live chat. There is no extra cost in hiring a VA to work after hours or weekends.


Question 2 from Jordan – What is the first thing to outsource?


Answer: Start by identifying which tasks takes most of your time and delegate it to your VA then slowly add additional tasks. Outsourcing uniquely depends on your kind of business. Find the things that are holding you back and have it done by your VA. Know what needs to be done for your business and get someone to do it. One of the most common tasks given to a VA is to manage emails.


Question 3 from Sam – Can a VA take or make phone calls?


Answer: Yes, definitely. You can subscribe your VA to a VOiP application that suits your business for unlimited calls. You can give your VA your incoming number and they will pick up incoming calls. Good thing about VAs is they are fluent in English and are very polite.


Question 4 from Martin – Can you make your VA make purchases for you online?

Answer: Yes, but you need time to build that trust. Whether you hire someone locally or overseas, it takes time to build a bond with the VA and make you feel comfortable enough to give Credit card numbers and account information. Another option is to use prepaid credit cards with minimum amount just to be safe.


This sums up the first session of the questions and answer. If you have questions and inquiries please let us know.

Charlotte Ramos

Charlotte is a Copywriting Virtual Assistant with over 10 years of experience in marketing content creation, search engine-optimised blog articles and website copy. She's one of our most valuable Angels with vast knowledge of the digital marketing landscape and business systemisation.