Outsourcing Angel’s Company Trip to Davao, Philippines 2019
Outsourcing Angel’s Company Trip to Davao, Philippines 2019

The Outsourcing Angel team consists of a management team based in Sydney, Australia and Virtual Assistants based in the Philippines. Together, we have weekly video conferences and communicate online via messages and emails daily, but many of the Outsourcing Angel team members have yet to meet each other in person.

The Outsourcing Angel Team from Sydney, Australia in Manila, Philippines.

This January, it was the first time that the Australian-based team flew to the Philippines to finally meet the amazing Virtual Assistants that are the bread and butter of the company and the experience truly brought us all together in a way that nobody could have anticipated.

Day 1: #OALoveProjects Charity Visit – Sitio Kinabuan

Outsourcing Angel’s Co-founder Linh Podetti with the kids from the Dumagat Tribe in the Philippines

Outsourcing Angel’s Co-founder, Linh Podetti, is a true philanthropist and has built this company with a promise to make a positive social impact and change the world for the better – starting with the Philippines. This is why our company provides more than just outsourcing services, we reinvest our profits into charity programs and fundraising through our #OALoveProjects.

On the first day of the company trip, our Australian staff met with local hero, Bimboy, one of the founders of the well respected volunteer charity group Tribunibro Tnb (Tnb). Bimboy helped us navigate through unpaved and rocky paths up a mountain in Sitio Kinabuan, home to the Dumagat Tribe of the Philippines.

Bimboy representing Outsourcing Angel and bringing food to the Dumagat Tribe

Here, we met the with the wonderful people of the Dumagat Tribe and dedicated our day to making as many people smile as we could. The Tnb and Outsourcing Angel Team prepared a lot of food, donated clothes, toys and gathered all the kids for singing, dancing and story time.

Outsourcing Angels preparing food for the Dumagat Tribe

Outsourcing Angel’s Co-founder Linh Podetti donating toys to the kids

This experience was so fulfilling and it left the team completely speechless with a real sense of what Outsourcing Angel’s bigger purpose really was.

Outsourcing Angels with the wonderful kids of the Dumagat Tribe

Day 2: Meeting the Virtual Assistants – Samal Island, Davao

Outsourcing Angels at Samal Island

Outsourcing Angel’s team of Virtual Assistants are located all over the Philippines but for the next two days, we all stayed at La Concha Beach Resort in Davao to spend quality time together amongst the tranquil surroundings of Samal Island.

The gift from Den Lennie

The Australian Team made their way from Manila to Davao and upon landing they were greeted by one of Outsourcing Angel’s Virtual Assistants, JK. JK’s client, Den Lennie (Video Producer, Author, Business Coach and Keynote Speaker), had a special surprise prepared for JK all the way from Australia which was presented to him at the airport followed by a big and warm embrace.

Linh Podetti giving Virtual Assistant JK a MacBook Pro, a gift from his client Den Lennie.

Highlight of the trip for me was getting a Macbook Pro from my client. Brought from Australia by Richard and handed by Linh Podetti herself. Awesome!
JK, Virtual Assistant

Meeting each other for the first time

Outsourcing Angel’s Virtual Assistants meeting each other for the first time

When everyone arrived at the resort, we greeted each other with hugs and got along instantly. even though a lot of us were meeting each other for the first time, it felt like we were already lifelong friends.

It was great seeing our virtual team together in-person embracing each other as if they were long lost family members. Everyone was willing to step out of their comfort zone to make sure others were comfortable, that included shedding their shy personalities.
Richard Phu, Operations Manager

The ice-breaker games

After we were all settled into our home for the next two days, we got right into ice-breaker games.

Outsourcing Angels with their team colours for the ice breaker games

Everyone went for a friendly competition even though we did not know what the prize was! No one hesitated and just went for it! This made us much closer and produced endless laughs. This is how we bonded and formed a family! Grateful to be part of Outsourcing Angel!
Jenna Razal, Virtual Assistant

There were 20 of us in total and we were split into 4 teams with different challenges that required us to all work together through verbal and physical tasks, with A LOT of laughter throughout.

The highlight of my trip was realising that everyone in our team will do their best and go beyond, to rise to the top (win games and goals), regardless of the prize! Team work! Competitive! Genuine care for each and everyone like we are one big family! Everyone is more than willing to do their best, looking after each other, so that no one will get left behind.
Wendy Villar, Account Manager

The last game of the night required all of us to gather around in a big circle and share our one word to describe Outsourcing Angel.

When we were ask to say one word to describe the company trip experience, it was heartfelt and everyone was truly genuine. I’m proud to be part of this family.
Gail Galima, Virtual Assistant

The first Outsourcing Angel PROPOSAL?!

It was so touching when people were able to show their true emotions and a lot of tears were shed, but nothing prepared us for the next thing – a surprise proposal!

During the fun and games, one of the group members was challenged to do “something extraordinary”. His response took all of us by surprise. He suddenly bent down on one knee and proposed to the girl of his dreams, Cheyser Gatchula, one of Outsourcing Angel’s wonderful Virtual Assistants and now bride-to-be!

Outsourcing Angel’s Virtual Assistant Cheyser and her now fiance

Just when we though the team couldn’t get any more emotional, the very first Outsourcing Angel proposal happened right before our eyes! We were all bursting with happiness for the beautiful couple and you could just feel the love and energy all around.
Annie Nguyen, Marketing Manager

We spent the rest of the night celebrating like we were one big happy family. Some had so much fun that they didn’t even get a wink of sleep before our next big day.

Outsourcing Angel is a connection of families, making it one. Indeed a company where love is an action, not just a word.
Leah Liwanag, Virtual Assistant

The Australian and Filipino Outsourcing Angel Team together on Samal Island

“We witnessed and experienced first hand the love and generosity of Outsourcing angel. Indeed it’s not just a company but a family. Also, I was able to share this extraordinary experience with my family as well.”
– Isabel Famero, Virtual Assistant

Day 3: Day Trip to Vanishing Island

Outsourcing Angels making their way to Vanishing Island

It was an early 5am wake up call the next morning for the Outsourcing Angel team to take a boat ride to Vanishing Island. This island has earned this name because it’s only visible during low tides and we were lucky enough to experience its white sand bar full of thriving coral and sea creatures.

Outsourcing Angel holding a big starfish from the Vanishing Island beach

After exploring Vanishing Island, the fun and games continued back at La Concha Beach Resort. Everyone, even the camera crew, bonded through exchanging stories, experiences, advice and laughter. It’s incredible how a virtual team of remote staff can bond not just online but also in reality over just a short period of time. It didn’t even matter that we were on a beautiful island, we were just grateful to be in each other’s company and that says a lot about the type of people that work for Outsourcing Angel.

A trip to remember

Outsourcing Angels jumping for joy on Vanishing Island

This quote from one of our lovely Virtual Assistants really sums up the company trip to Davao for 2019:

The highlight of my trip was when I met all the kind-hearted and loving people behind Outsourcing Angel – seeing them for the first time and feeling the warmth of their welcome.

All the moments I spent with them are worth remembering, something to cherish for the rest of my life. I’m so blessed to be part of this awesome company.
Cheyser Charrese C. Gatchula, Virtual Assistant

Writer: Annie Nguyen
Position: Marketing Manager

Writer: Annie Nguyen
Position: Marketing Manager


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