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Outsourcing is a familiar concept to almost everyone. You’ve heard businesses of all sizes talk about how much their business has improved by incorporating offshore staff, but getting started with outsourcing can seem like a daunting task. Maybe you’re in the shoes of a business just getting started with a Virtual Assistant (VA) and feel a bit overwhelmed, or maybe you’re a business contemplating stepping into those shoes at all.
There’s a lot to know about outsourcing, but that doesn’t mean it’s hard to learn. We’re here to give you a straightforward roadmap to all its ins and outs, so that you’re working with your VAs confidently and efficiently.
By the end of this eBook, you’ll know when and what to outsource, which type of VA you should be working with, and how to work well with your VAs – from the systems and software, through to your relationship with them.
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