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Outsourcing Angel was born from a vision to drive social change in developing countries – we first built this business with the aim to create a better world one Virtual Assistant at a time!

Our story starts with inspiring founder Linh Podetti, mother of 3 who built the business working from home. Having grown up in impoverished Vietnam before moving to Australia, she was determined to combine her passion for business with her desire to empower people less fortunate.

That desire which runs through the heart of everything we do. We connect dedicated VA’s from countries like the Philippines to businesses all over the world – creating ripples of social change but also helping business people save time with our VA’s valuable services

To date we’ve connected over three hundred businesses to virtual assistants. For Outsourcing Angel, borders aren’t important – our founders have Australian roots, but the majority of our VA’s are based in the Philippines. The beauty of Outsourcing Angel is that our VA’s can meet clients’ needs no matter where they are in the world.
We’re super proud that we’ve been able to connect people from all over the world to a VA, but Outsourcing Angel is more than just a business! We have a burning passion for social empowerment – our charitable efforts (which we like to call OA Love Projects) have helped 6081 people since March 2018!


the oa team

Linh Podetti


Our founder,Linh Poddetti, was lucky enough to migrate to Australia in 1992 after spending her childhood in impovershed Vietnam.The shift from a country eiddled with struggles to one with abundant opportunities not only fuelled Linh’s passion for business, but also her passion for people, empowerment, and growth. She has channelled these passions into advanced skill in recruitment and management, ensuring that clients receive the best possible service, and that Outsourcing Angel is able to create ripples of social change for the better.

Charley Valher


Outsourcing Angel is fortunate enough to have the wonderful mind of co-founder, Charley Valher. Charley shares Linh’s passion for making a diffrence in the world and chose to join forces to grow the company. With his incomparable online marketing strength and ability to strategise, clients can be rest assured that their business is safe in the hands of a company dedicated to growing business.

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Quotes from linh

“I’ve realised that any skills can be learned, you don’t have to be born with that skill.”


“Everything tyhat was a negative was a blessing in disguise, it’s like I look back now and wow, if it didn’t happened, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”


“I”m so blessed that I achieved my dream because I remember when I was a single mum, and I was hanging out with my son, and abviously at the time I have no proper money, no proper business, and everything was not going quite great, all I had was a dream and a vision.”


“In order to have a work-life balance, it’s not just work, it’s just not life, in a sense family, it’s about yourself, you really need to feel like you have a balance mindset and health.”


“I want my team to feel like we are together that I’m gonna support them through thick and thin, it’s our problem not your problem”


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