Promotion Ideas to Make Your Clients Love Your Agency this Valentine’s Day

February is here and love is in the air! This time of the year, people paint their skies with rainbows and hearts and businesses are out to do the same as a way to promote their ideas. It’s no secret that online marketing should be at the top of every marketing agencies’ list. But during special occasions – like Valentine’s Day, for instance – online channels get flooded with messages. How does one stand out amidst all the noise? The key to making an impact lies in knowing who you want to speak to and being creative in how you speak to them. The more specific you craft your message to your target audience, the more powerful your campaigns and promotions will be. Marketing agencies can often feel a slump in terms of creating engaging campaigns for their clients. Well, not to worry. We have some great ideas for you to pitch and execute for your clients. Here are five online promotion ideas marketing agencies can do for their clients this Valentine’s Day. With our virtual assistants from Outsourcing Angel to help you set up these ideas for your clients, you can be sure your clients will fall in love with your agency and your brand.

1. Get your audience to share their love stories

The power of telling and sharing a story is unmatched when it comes to marketing. So why not tap into the stories that your following has to share? Create a campaign that’ll get couples to share their love stories with you and with the community. You can even turn this campaign into a contest and reward the story that gets the most number of reactions or shares. Make sure to keep a clear set of mechanics and run it with your team before launching the contest so that everything proceeds smoothly. Your virtual assistant can help you organise and promote a special contest for your clients over their different social media platforms.

2. Create a love story series

Rom Coms and dramas are some of the most popular genres in film. That’s because people love to follow a good love story. So why not create and produce a love story of your own? Connect your product to the story and get the series into Youtube and Facebook. A film series can be a serious investment. But these days, you can get an outsourced, virtual video editor at a cheaper rate, so you can save on production costs and still present to your client a professionally created video series.

3. Focus on a Different Twist to Love

Love is a universal message. It’s not limited to just love between a couple. You can also focus on the love of parents, siblings or friends. Get a different twist to Valentine’s Day by highlighting other forms of love that people might not be focused on. What about the love grandparents have for their grandchildren or the love a barista might have for his or her craft? Love comes in many forms. Tell a story through that angle and explore a wider world of love!

4. Reward Instagram followers who post love-themed photos

The power of Direct Message is unmistakable on Instagram. It’s a lot of work, but it works wonders. So why not maximise your reach on Instagram by sending a direct message with a reward or perk to followers who adhere to a certain theme? Your virtual assistant can help you could send out a discount coupon or link to a great article with some tips on how to treat their loved ones this Valentine’s Day to your clients’ followers. Come up with a creative category of people to DM, like people who post photos with their significant other or three consecutive posts with the color red. The more your clients’ followers are engaged with them, the more your clients will love your agency!

5. Do a special for #singleawarenessday

Every Valentine’s Day, couples get the spotlight. But don’t forget those who are single and happy as well! Give a shout out to people who are independent or searching. Maybe consider having an online speed dating event through Zoom or Google Hangouts! Give the single ladies (and men) a reason to celebrate this Valentine’s Day. You can build your clients’ brands up with a great strategy and a wonderfully timed message. Valentine’s Day is one of the many opportunities where you can do so. There are dozens of other great ideas you can implement as well, but hopefully this gives you a head start. One or two well-executed campaigns by the virtual assistants of Outsourcing Angel just might be the trick to giving your clients the results they’ve been looking for all this time. VA Writer: Patrick Mabilog VA Position: Technical VA- Writer and Designer


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