Grow your Youtube Channel with a Virtual Assistant

Find out what virtual assistant tasks you can delegate out and free yourself for the fun stuff! If you’re wondering how to grow your YouTube channel, then the answer is to hire a YouTube virtual assistant. With a YouTube assistant, you won’t have to worry about the editing, the formatting, the uploading and so much more! Once you know how to grow your YouTube channel with a virtual assistant, you won’t want to go back to doing everything on your own.

Instagram Marketing with a Virtual Assistant

To grow your brand on Instagram, you need to hire a virtual assistant for Instagram marketing. An Instagram virtual assistant will help you handle all the tasks to help you grow. Watch this video now and find out the many tasks that a virtual assistant can do for you on Instagram. When you have a virtual assistant managing Instagram for your business, you are now free to focus on content creation and other more important things.

How to Work Effectively with Virtual Assistants

To get the best out of your remote team, you need to know how to work effectively. In this video, Operations Manager, Richard Phu and founder of Outsourcing Angel, Linh Podetti, share their trade secrets on how to work effectively with virtual assistants. Watch this interview and learn how to create a business that runs itself. With their experience in remote team management and remote team building, Linh and Richard have so much to share with you!

How to Use a Virtual Assistant for LinkedIn Marketing

There are so many things that you can do on LinkedIn to generate leads, and if you know how to use a virtual assistant for LinkedIn marketing, the opportunities available to you increases exponentially. With your dedicated staff who has the requisite virtual assistant skills and a comprehensive marketing strategy, you are well on your way to unleash LinkedIn’s lead generation potential. Watch now and let’s show you how a LinkedIn Virtual Assistant can help you with LinkedIn management and with executing your LinkedIn marketing solutions.

How to Outsource to an Email Management Virtual Assistant

When your inbox is chocked full of unread emails, you need to know how to outsource the management of your inbox immediately. Don’t leave an unread opportunity sitting in your inbox, learn how to outsource to email management virtual assistant today. With our effective email management strategies, you won’t have to stress over the management of your inbox anymore. If you don’t have help with email management, Gmail can take over your hours and days Don’t let that happen. Watch this video and learn how to set up a virtual assistant email management system right now.

How to Outsource your Calendar Management to a Virtual Assistant

If you are spending too much time trying to manage and organise your meetings, then you need to know how to outsource that task right now. Once you know how to outsource your calendar management to a virtual assistant, imagine what you can use that time to do! Watch this video and find out how an executive calendar management virtual assistant can give you back hours in a week, what calendar management skills and virtual assistant skills they need to effectively help you out and what calendar management tools you need to stop wasting time.

What Can Virtual Assistants Do For Your Ecommerce Business

What can virtual assistants do to help scale your business? Lots! If you are spending all day managing your online retail business, then it is time to find out more about what virtual assistants can do for your e-commerce business. There are many different kinds of e-commerce virtual assistants, including shopify virtual assistant, amazon virtual assistant, e-bay virtual assistant and dropshipping virtual assistant and there are many virtual assistant tasks that they can take off your hands. Watch this video and find out how to hire a virtual assistant and what the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant are.

Outsource to an Admin Virtual Assistant

Free yourself up and outsource to an admin virtual assistant! If you’re spending too much time working on little admin tasks, then you need to hire an admin virtual assistant to give you your time back. An admin virtual assistant can hep you out in so many ways, so that your time is spent only on high-impact work. If you’re not sure what a virtual assistant can do, this video will show you the many virtual assistant tasks that you can delegate. The list of admin virtual assistant is endless, we’re sure there are tasks there that you didn’t think of delegating out before.

31 Tasks a Real Estate Virtual Assistant Can Do for You

A real estate virtual assistant is just what you need to expand your real estate business! Once you’ve figured out the best tasks to outsource to a VA, you can start to build your team and grow your business. So what is a real estate VA and what are the real estate virtual assistant tasks that you can delegate out? This video will answer these questions and also show you how to hire a virtual assistant.

How to Grow your Fitness Business with a Virtual Assistant

You don’t have to worry about how to grow your fitness business if you have the right help! Watch this video and discover how to grow your fitness business with a virtual assistant. If you’re looking to scale your fitness business but are unsure how to work with a virtual assistant, then this video is just for you. Learn how to hire a virtual assistant to implement your fitness business ideas and start scaling your business.

How to Build Your Personal Brand on Instagram

In this video, Outsourcing Angel Founder and CEO Linh Podetti shares her tips on how to build your personal brand on Instagram to scale your agency. Branding yourself on Instagram is the first step to developing a strong and reliable reputation. When you focus on building a strong personal brand, you are able to reach out to a wider audience and open up your agency to more opportunities.

One important personal branding tip is to know yourself and to have a clear idea of what your personal brand is. To figure out how to build your personal brand on Instagram, download our Personal Branding Questionnaire, and start to develop your brand on Instagram now. In 2019, having a strong personal brand on Instagram is a must for all agencies looking to scale up, so don’t wait any longer!

Agency Growth Secrets for 2019

If you are in the process of building a digital agency, then these tips and strategies from Outsourcing Angel Founder and CEO Linh Podetti on how to grow an agency are perfect for you. An outsourcing expert, Linh has built up her virtual assistant agency to a 70-strong team. She shares her personal digital agency strategy and shows how you can scale your agency when you hire a virtual assistant.

One vital tip to growing a digital marketing agency is keeping track of your metrics and key performance indicators. Download a template of Outsourcing Angel’s KPI Dashboard and start tracking your agency’s performance today.

How to Develop Your Perfect Marketing Plan

To thrive in 2019, your digital marketing agency will need a strategic marketing plan. In this video, Outsourcing Angel Founder and CEO Linh Podetti shares with you tips on how to create a perfect marketing plan for your agency. With Linh’s 5 tips on creating a digital marketing plan, your digital media agency is set to scale up this 2019.

Download Outsourcing Angel’s FREE Marketing Plan Template and start developing your perfect marketing plan today:

Digital Marketing Agency Trends in 2019

Are you ready to take your digital marketing agency to the next level in 2019? Watch out for these new digital marketing trends for 2019. In this video, Outsourcing Angel Founder and CEO Linh Podetti shares the four new online marketing trends for 2019. If you take advantage of the opportunities presented by these trends, you will be able to grow and scale your digital marketing agency easily.

5 Reasons Why You Should Work With Us at Outsourcing Angel!

5 Reasons Why You Should Work With Us at Outsourcing Angel. Our experience with outsourcing will help you avoid the pitfalls of hiring the wrong VA for your business. This will significantly reduce the cost of your resources, like the time spent in looking for and interviewing the right candidates with the right skillset for your businesses with the right prices!

This video by outsourcing expert, Linh Podetti, shares the huge benefits of working with Outsourcing Angel, a company specialising in recruitment and hiring of offshore staff.


Looking for new and exciting Easter marketing ideas? Outsourcing Angel’s founder, Linh Podetti, has an ultimate list of Easter promotion ideas to share with you! Learn how your virtual assistant can design a variety of Easter marketing campaign ideas, and wow potential leads today. Watch this video and check out our marketing ideas for Easter!

Download Outsourcing Angel’s Ultimate List of Easter Marketing Assets and get your Easter promotion hopping!

How to Manage Multiple Clients With A Virtual Assistant

In this video, Outsourcing Angel’s founder Linh Podetti shares her top client management tips. Managing multiple clients effectively means all your clients never feel neglected and trust that you are looking after them. You need a dedicated customer service virtual assistant to help you achieve that. So watch this video to find out exactly how to manage clients effectively and efficiently with a virtual assistant.

For a comprehensive client management strategy, download our Email Templates and KPI Dashboard Template, and with the help of an Outsourcing Angel VA with excellent client management skills, start scaling your agency profitably.

How Virtual Assistants Work For Your Agency

Have you ever wondered how do virtual assistants work? Did you know that a digital agency’s growth is often achieved by hiring a virtual assistant? In this video, Outsourcing Angel Founder and CEO Linh Podetti shares with you her agency growth secrets and outlines how to work with a virtual assistant to free up your time to focus on your digital agency growth.

If you are looking for an experienced and reliable virtual assistant agency, Outsourcing Angel is here to help.

Grow Your Agency With An Instagram Virtual Assistant

An Instagram virtual assistant is what you need to kick-start your Instagram account today. A comprehensive Instagram growth strategy ensures that you are generating leads and closing potential sales. With a virtual assistant Instagram managing your account, you will be able to grow your agency profitably.

If you don’t know where to start or how to manage Instagram account, download our free Instagram Checklist and start working with your virtual assistant to grow your audience on Instagram now.

Matt and Ray – Razor Sharp Show

Ray and Matt are the hosts and founders of The Razor Sharp Show, a podcast for business owners and creatives who want to “stay sharp.” The show is based on the concept “Sharpen The Saw,” the seventh habit under Stephen Covey’s renowned book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

The Razor Sharp Show tackles a variety of business, marketing and personal development topics and shares some insights into the world of podcasting with the goal of educating, motivating and inspiring its audience.

Barry Magliarditi – The Game Changers

Barry Magliarditi is the CEO of The Game Changers, Australia’s leading business coaching firm that helps business owners and entrepreneurs to grow not just in business but ultimately, in life.

His team transitioned from a physical to a virtual office setting which made a huge change in the company’s operations. In November 2017, Barry’s previous executive assistant left to pursue a new opportunity. Fortunately, the universe led him to Outsourcing Angels and there he found an amazing VA in Pat, the Office Jedi.

Steve Psaradellis – TEBA Group

Steve Psaradellis of TEBA Group (formerly Kiss IT & Total IT) shares his experiences working with Outsourcing Angel team in hiring his own VA. Just like Steve, most of our clients also had challenges streamlining their workflow so that their staff would focus more on higher value day-to-day tasks. With the help of Outsourcing Angel, Steve found the right VA for the job. Watch as Steve shares his journey to outsourcing with Outsourcing Angel.

Katrina Boyle – The Achieving Woman

Katrina Boyle of The Achieving Woman is one of our lovely clients here in Outsourcing Angel. In between the busiest week in her business, she had graciously created this video about her experiences working with our angels. Watch the video and learn how you can grow your business with our VA angels.

Jocelyn Mozak – Mozak Design

Jocelyn Mozak of Mozak Designs found our Prepaid Plan package as a great solution for outsourcing important and repeatable time-consuming tasks for business owners like her. Our angels are currently helping Jocelyn manage her social media accounts and she’d been happy to see the impact of incorporating our angels’ efforts and social media know-how into optimising her social media engagement, leads, and website traffic. Watch the video and learn more about Jocelyn’s experience working with our angels.

Dr. Peter Hobson – Universal Forces Pty Ltd

Dr. Peter Hobson is a licensed Chiropractor based in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. On top of managing his several clinics, he is also busy running his own health and wellness business, and so his overwhelming work load made him decide to try to work with a VA. Initially, he was hesitant at hiring a VA as he had bad experience working with one before. Thankfully, a friend convinced him to try Outsourcing Angel because of his good experience with us. Watch the video to see what Dr. Hobson has to say about his experience working with our VA, Ailene.

Brad Younger – Ecomnect

Brad Younger is the CEO of eComnect, a business process automation and commerce company. Being the head of a company, Brad faces a long list of to-do list each day that he struggled managing and so he decided to hire a VA and a web developer that would take over portions of his day to day business, and so he could free himself some time to stay on track of running and growing his business. Be believed that investing on an offshore staff is more cost-effective than hiring a local staff, and so her turned to Outsourcing Angel to help him find and recruit professional VA staff. Find out how Brad managed to finally take control of his day-to-day business now with 2 professional VAs on his team.

Liliana Aguirre – MultiCultural Language Centre

Liliana Aguirre is the Director and Founder of MultiCultural Language Centre, a company based in Perth, Australia. She is a former committee member of the Mexican Association of Western Australia (FOMEX) and actively promotes and organises multicultural events in Perth. Both her social commitments and her business have grown over the years, and so she needed to find someone who can help her manage smaller tasks that usually eat up her time. Finally, her beau, who is also an Outsourcing Angel client, introduced her to our VA services. At first, Liliana signed up for a trial VA service to help her decide if hiring a VA is the best option that she had. After a week working with her assigned VA, Joanne, Liliana decided to hire her full-time as her offshore assistant. Watch the video and discover how Liliana found value in working with our professional VA.

Kronda Adair – Karvel Digital

As a solopreneur, it’s easy to feel stressed out and overwhelmed catching up on tasks that she struggled completing on her own. That’s why she reached out to Outsourcing Angel for some help. Watch and find out more about Kronda’s experience working with our VA angels.

How to Become a Successful Virtual Assistant in the Online World

Things have changed over the course of a few years. Thanks to the Internet, it’s so easy to connect with one another. It has made the world so small that you can easily send a message to a person in seconds.

Because of the ease of communication, the Internet has brought about, people have been introduced to telecommuting—working from anywhere and anytime in the world.

One person who has taken advantage of the online world is Imee Lee. She is a detailed-oriented, creative thinking virtual assistant who has been with Outsourcing Angel for over a year; working with one client for the longest time.

How to Attain Long-Term Career in the Online Industry

It’s easy to panic and give up when a tech glitch messes with your system or an unknown error causes your work to crash. Challenges like these can really affect your momentum, but they can also be seen as learning experiences.

This is what VA Jamie Rose S. Ayque has learned while working as a virtual assistant in charge of digital marketing for different clients.

Client Happiness Manager Kirby Alvarez had a chat with Jamie Ayque about her work as a VA for Outsourcing Angel and how best to tackle challenges in order to attain a great career in the online industry.

An interview with VA Pat: Comparing Work From Home vs. Full-time Office Job

It’s interesting to get a peek on the lifestyle differences of a work that is based from home versus a full-time office-based job. There is much difference to be noted from the traditional office setup to online work, which can answer our questions on why the virtual community has been steadily growing in the recent years.

How to Find Your Groove in Your Online Work

Outsourcing Angel VA Apple April Lasola, found her groove in her online career where she’s worked as a freelance contractor for online clients the past six years.

A registered nurse by profession as per educational background, Apple spent four years of college focused on the idea of working in a hospital (one day). But where she’s spent the past six years of her life obviously says more about having its own mind for Apple; hers is a classic story of life having other plans.

Outsourcing Angels VA – Better Virtual Assistant Career!

We all want to work somewhere fun, don’t we? We know so many employees who find themselves stuck in a boring workplace where no one seems to be enjoying themselves, where you’re made to stare straight at the work in front of you and get it done right now. But not at Outsourcing Angel—not the least bit! Even if we’re 10,000 miles apart from each other, we always try to inject an atmosphere of fun into our virtual workplace while—of course—keeping our productivity high.