How to Become a Successful Virtual Assistant in the Online World

Things have changed over the course of a few years. Thanks to the Internet, it’s so easy to connect with one another. It has made the world so small that you can easily send a message to a person in seconds.

Because of the ease of communication, the Internet has brought about, people have been introduced to telecommuting—working from anywhere and anytime in the world.

One person who has taken advantage of the online world is Imee Lee. She is a detailed-oriented, creative thinking virtual assistant who has been with Outsourcing Angel for over a year; working with one client for the longest time.

How to Attain Long-Term Career in the Online Industry

It’s easy to panic and give up when a tech glitch messes with your system or an unknown error causes your work to crash. Challenges like these can really affect your momentum, but they can also be seen as learning experiences.

This is what VA Jamie Rose S. Ayque has learned while working as a virtual assistant in charge of digital marketing for different clients.

Client Happiness Manager Kirby Alvarez had a chat with Jamie Ayque about her work as a VA for Outsourcing Angel and how best to tackle challenges in order to attain a great career in the online industry.

An interview with VA Pat: Comparing Work From Home vs. Full-time Office Job

It’s interesting to get a peek on the lifestyle differences of a work that is based from home versus a full-time office-based job. There is much difference to be noted from the traditional office setup to online work, which can answer our questions on why the virtual community has been steadily growing in the recent years.

How to Find Your Groove in Your Online Work

Outsourcing Angel VA Apple April Lasola, found her groove in her online career where she’s worked as a freelance contractor for online clients the past six years.

A registered nurse by profession as per educational background, Apple spent four years of college focused on the idea of working in a hospital (one day). But where she’s spent the past six years of her life obviously says more about having its own mind for Apple; hers is a classic story of life having other plans.

How to be a Proactive VA

Another insightful episode has been aired by Kirby courtesy of Outsourcing Angel. This episode’s guest is none other than one of Outsourcing Angel’s long-standing VAs, Aya Arabe. From there, they discussed her humble beginnings as a child who wished for a bright future, to feeling all-around disappointed from a major setback. Most of you may know how hard it is to get a decent job if you are an undergraduate and you’re looking to be employed in the traditional route. But fate was kind to her and showed her that all was not lost and that a good future is still ahead even in her situation. It was then that she discovered online careers and began working as a VA!

Outsourcing Angels VA – Better Virtual Assistant Career!

We all want to work somewhere fun, don’t we? We know so many employees who find themselves stuck in a boring workplace where no one seems to be enjoying themselves, where you’re made to stare straight at the work in front of you and get it done right now. But not at Outsourcing Angel—not the least bit! Even if we’re 10,000 miles apart from each other, we always try to inject an atmosphere of fun into our virtual workplace while—of course—keeping our productivity high.

Outsourcing Angels VA – Interview with our Recruitment Manager Charyl!

There is no “I” in team. This is the biggest win in outsourcing work with a reputable agency than getting a freelancer. When you hire Outsourcing Angel to do the job for you, you get access to an entire team of highly skilled, multifaceted individuals ready to accommodate your administrative, development, design and marketing needs. Outsourcing Angel’s recruitment manager Charyl Yanong tells us about her journey as a Virtual Assistant (VA) and what makes our team of VA’s simply the best!

Achieving the Perfect Balance

Wendy’s story is one of our favorites, it is basically what all VAs wanted to achieve. To be able to support their family’s needs in all aspects, not just financial. As one of our senior VA, Wendy is happy that she gets her work done effectively and efficiently without compromising quality time with her son, which is just as important as she is a single parent. We all strive for that balance in life, and we are happy she found it with Outsourcing Angel.

Outsourcing Angel VA – Irene Lumangyao

Meet one of Outsourcing Angel’s telemarketer VA. With her year and a half experience as a telemarketer and General VA, Irene is a gem to the team! Her inspiring attitude as a mother to her children reflects on her passionate and friendly attitude towards the Outsourcing Angel VA team. Learn more about Irene in her intro video!

The Perks of Working as an OA VA

Our VAs enjoy working at home for so many reasons. In this video, our VA, Wendy, shares what she enjoys most working as an offshore staff. Take a peek at the life of an Outsourcing Angel VA.

OA VAs do “Back-ups”

Poor internet connectivity or technical problems occasionally happen – both to our clients and our VAs. Our VAs understand that their tasks need to be done in a time-efficient manner and so they often have “contingency” plans in case there’s any work interruptions. In this video, our VA Wendy shares her ‘contingency plan’, which allows her to continue working on her tasks whenever this happens.

Meralde Edem – Full-Time General Virtual Assistant

After celebrating his first year working as a full time VA at Outsourcing Angel, we asked Meralde Edem what is the reason why he stayed on with us. Watch as he shares the difference of working as a standalone freelance VA compared to a VA managed by a company who not only looks after how he performs with his clients, but also looks after him as part of a team.

A Day With a VA at Outsourcing Angel

In this video, Outsourcing Angel VA couple, Chad and Juvy, shares their daily activities working as full-time VA angels. This wife-hubby team has been our model of support for one another, jumping in to help if their co-VAs are stuck up on some tasks that require complicated solutions. We manage to get through most of them — with the help of Chad and Juvy.

Outsourcing Angel VA – Alaila Alvarez

After working for almost a year now in Outsourcing Angel, full time VA Alaila Alvarez, shares how and what she likes working with us. Watch as she shares what she loves about being part of the Outsourcing Angel VA team.

Outsourcing Angels Alvin & Leny Mibalo

In this video, Outsourcing Angels VA couple, Alvin and Leny, shares their daily activities working as virtual assistants.

Outsourcing Angels VA – Cherry Impas

Here is one of our full-time outsourcing angels, Cherry Impas. Watch as she shares the traits a reliable virtual assistant (VA) must possess and the perks and benefits of working as a VA especially now that she is pregnant.

5 Reasons Why You Should Work With Us at Outsourcing Angel!

5 Reasons Why You Should Work With Us at Outsourcing Angel. Our experience with outsourcing will help you avoid the pitfalls of hiring the wrong VA for your business. This will significantly reduce the cost of your resources, like the time spent in looking for and interviewing the right candidates with the right skillset for your businesses with the right prices!

This video by outsourcing expert, Linh Podetti, shares the huge benefits of working with Outsourcing Angel, a company specialising in recruitment and hiring of offshore staff.

6 Critical VA Expectations! How To Have a Successful VA Management for Business Owners!

Learn the expectations that are critical to your relationship with your VA!

Learn as Linh Podetti, Founder of Outsourcing Angel, shares her own experiences and success tips at hiring and managing your VAs so that you can gain the benefits of hiring a VA.

Barry Magliarditi Presents… The Comeback Game.

From Zombie Business Owner to Time Freedom Guru!
Listen to Charley Valher, Co-Founder of Outsourcing Angel

Meet Charley

Having worked stupid hours, seven day a week, learn how Charley overcame the most common problem among business owners by using his challenges to his advantage.

Systemising Your Business With Essential System Solutions

How to systemise your business so everything will run smoothly, even without you?

As a business owner, it is crucial to be able to delegate tasks to your staff with a set of systems and processes that they can follow, so you can do what you love the most with the extra time you have. To make it easier for you, we have partnered up with Linda McMahon, Time Management and Business Systems Specialist, to ensure that your business gets its chance to shine with the right procedures implemented.

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Why Choose Email Marketing and How Your VAs Can Help You With It

Outsourcing Angel Karina Syahdarma joins founder Linh Podetti in this very insightful discussion on Email Marketing. Watch as they deliver helpful pointers on making the most out of email marketing campaigns and shed more light on how virtual assistants can help you become more effective with your email marketing efforts.

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How A VA Can Replace The Business Owner

Our Director, Linh Podetti talks to her awesome VA, Wendy Villar. Wendy started in the company as a casual writer and she was able to work her way up to become Outsourcing Angel’s General Manager. Wendy now takes on tasks that Linh used to do, giving Linh more time to spend with her family and take time off to travel without having to worry about her business.

They talk about their dynamics, Wendy’s tasks and how Linh has trained her to do more tasks throughout the years. They also share some tips on how to have an amazing VA of your own.

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How a VA can Help You with Social Media

Facebook Live Session with Linh Podetti and Rebecca Enriquez

Linh Podetti, the director of Outsourcing Angel, talks to Rebecca, the Internal Social Account Manager for Outsourcing Angel. Rebecca has been a very committed and reliable Virtual Assistant and is now a very valuable asset to the company. She shares tips on how a Virtual Assistant can help a client with Social Media.

Rebecca, a nurse by profession is a hard working Virtual Assistant and a full time mother. She used to work in a hospital, though working as a nurse was fulfilling, she happily left that career behind for Outsourcing Angel. She considers working for Outsourcing Angel as a dream job because she can now have enough time for family and especially her four children. Rebecca was able to find a great balance between her work and personal life.

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How to Transform Your Business in 2018 with your One Word

Linh Podetti and Lily Ma had an open discussion about The One Word concept, through Facebook Live. They outlined how discovering your One Word and applying it could benefit your life and transform your business. For those of you who need extra help, they recommended the Love Your Brand Coaching Program.

About Lily Ma
Lily is a One Word practitioner and business coach from Canada. She spoke about how she once wanted to become a nun just so she could spread love and kindness in everything she does. Though she didn’t end up taking that route, she is still accomplishing that goal by sharing her love and kindness through being a business coach and inspirational speaker. Lily’s One Word is Extraordinary.

For more information or if you’re interested in signing up for the Love Your brand Coaching Program, please click here.

How to Be A Good Leader

In Linh’s Facebook interview with Antoinette Brandi, they share insights as well as experiences on what it takes to become a great leader.

About Antoinette Brandi
Antoinette Brandi is Linh’s mentor and someone who has had a big influence in molding her into the leader she is today. Antoinette came from a family of immigrants. She started her career as a high school teacher but after a few years, she decided that it was not for her. She worked in six different industries, with at least 14 years in the public sector and the rest was spent in the private sector. She was willing to take on jobs that no one else wanted to do as a hard-working single mother in a male-dominated world. She took on challenging roles which helped shape her into a strong and independent woman.

One Key Takeaway
Life is like a bank. You can’t always make withdrawals. You need to make deposits as well. It’s how you want to be remembered. Were you a person whose deposits outweighed their withdrawals? It’s a Christian value but at the end of the day, you need to be able to give and share your with others in order to receive something in return.

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Create Raving Fans Through the Rimba Experience

Our goal at Outsourcing Angel is simple, to help you do what you love. This includes both our clients and virtual assistants. We want our clients to be satisfied with the services our VAs provides for them and our VAs to enjoy doing tasks and working with their clients. Ensuring everyone’s happiness is something very important to us at OA. Linh and Kirby discussed how this goal can be achieved.

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The Dont’s of Basecamp

Basecamp is Outsourcing Angel’s main project management platform, so it’s important that you use it effectively. This is the sequel to our previous video on ‘The Do’s of Basecamp’ (please watch it first). Here, we run through some easy things to avoid while using Basecamp. We run through things NOT to do when adding tasks, writing instructions, and what you shouldn’t be expecting.

A VA Got Fired

A lot people get excited about hiring a VA but in the end, they end up deciding to let the VA go as things did not work out. Charley created this video right after hearing news that his friend just fired his VA and heard his reasons for doing so. With that in mind, Charley shares some of the common mistakes that people, like his friend, make when it comes to outsourcing and how you can avoid the headaches in finding the right VA for your business.

How Can a VA Help with Podcasting

As radio is taking a dive – podcasts have been a great way to expand your reach, tap into more and more audiences, and therefore broaden your business prospects. The preparations involved in podcasting, such as research, creating presentations and promoting, are challenging to most people. But with the help of a VA, you can get all these areas covered and guarantee the success of your podcast or podcast series. This is an area that our co-founder, Charley, can personally vouch for when it comes to the impact that a VA can have in setting up your podcast for success.

In this video, Charley shares how a VA can help you prepare for your Podcast.

Getting a VA to Manage your Social Media

Sure, you can get any VA to manage your social media posts, but you should have a VA who can actually manage your social media better than you could. This video will tell you why you want a VA to manage social media for you, what preparations you need to do to hand over the social media tasks to your VA, and how can it impact your business.

Assigning Video Editing Task to Outsourcing Angel

Video is becoming a big thing on the internet and it’s about to take over about 50% of content marketing. So, if you need your video updated or edited so you can get it online and interact with more people on social media or on your website, who do you go to? Whatever type of video you have, whether it’s a raw live video of yourself, one of your product or an animated explainer video, our VAs from Outsourcing Angel can help you clean up and polish your video and have it ready to share with your audience. Watch this video to know how our VAs can help.

Tools that VAs Need To Work Effectively For You

We are often asked about what are the tools that work really well with the VAs, allowing them to manage their day to day tasks smoothly and effectively. This is especially true among busy clients who are always in between things and are looking for ways to quickly send messages and organise tasks for their VA. Working with offshore staff is tricky, but with the right tools, you and your VA can enjoy productive work days from start to finish. In this video, Charley shares the top 5 tools that he is actually using with his offshore team, allowing him to manage multiple projects as well as manage his day to day business and schedules—absolutely stress-free!

What are the no brainer tasks for a VA?

This question always come up with our Q&A sessions. So what are the tasks that you should assign to your VA? If you’re new with outsourcing or if it is your first time working with a VA, knowing which tasks or type of tasks to assign to your VA is a great starting point in properly on boarding your VA into your team. In this video, Outsourcing Angel co-founder Charles Valher shares his top 5 no brainer tasks to assign to your new VA.

How to Get Your VA to Work Autonomously

A lot of questions that we’re receiving ask about how can they get their VA work autonomously and get things done effectively. Is it possible to get your VA to become accountable on some tasks, getting things done without too much management. In this video, Linh shares her top 5 tips on how to train your VA to work independently and be more proactive in managing his or her tasks.

What Can You Expect from the Personalities of VAs?

Surely, it makes sense that you are concerned about the personality of the VAs that you work with. Although you don’t mind hiring someone who is shy or timid, you are right to be concerned about the personality of your VA as you will be working with them closely on your current and future projects. Also, if you know the general personalities of—for example web developer vas or general vas, then you can set realistic expectations on how these vas will work with you or your team. In this video, Linh shares her insights on the general personalities that she observed, given her years of experience doing outsourcing as well as working and managing teams of VAs.

Hiring and Managing a Developer

If you’re someone who is looking for a good web developer VA with a few years of relevant work experience, someone who can take over your website related tasks, and someone who can take directions really well—and feels that asking for this type of VA is like wishing for the moon, then watch this video as Linh shares her insights on how to actually find a web developer who is exactly like this. Linh has experienced all the difficulties of finding a good VA, especially a web developer VA. Watch this video to gain some tips on how to find, hire and manage great web developer VAs.

Top 10 Tips on How to Successfully Outsource

Whether it is to free yourself some time to do more for your business, or to hire professional offshore staff to manage some aspects of your business at much lesser cost than local staff, there is absolutely an undeniable value at outsourcing for your business. If you’ve gone through the frustrations and stresses of recruiting and hiring the wrong VA—don’t give up just yet. Here’s a video from our co-founder Linh, who would like to share her very own tips for successful outsourcing.

Outsourcing Angel Q&A with Linh & Charley Part 1

Outsourcing Angel co-founders, Charley Valher and Linh Podetti, answer the commonly asked question on working with a VA or offshore staff. In this session, Charley and Linh discussed about why hiring a VA could have a positive impact on you and your business. Get the answers to some commonly asked questions about outsourcing and working with VAs.

Outsourcing Angel Q&A with Linh & Charley Part 2

This video features part 2 of the Outsourcing Angel Q&A session with co-founders, Charley and Linh. In this session, they talk about how to train your VAs to do some of your work so that they would learn to work independently and allows you time and space for planning your business’ growth. Watch as Charley and Linh shared their own experiences training and turning their very own VAs to become an asset to their businesses.

Outsourcing Angel Q&A with Charley and Linh – Part 3

Although there are tools and software that allows you to list hundreds and thousands of products in eBay and other e-commerce sites, each listing still had to be checked if it has the right pricing, product image, and other product details. Here is another case where VAs can help your business stay on track of your profits. Watch Charley and Linh’s Q&A Session Part 3 for more details on how to use a VA to support your e-commerce website and online shopping business.

Qualities to look for in a VA

Are you looking to hire a virtual assistant? Have you tried hiring a VA on your own? You should first know the qualities that you need to look for in a VA. In this video, Linh talks about the ideal qualities that a good VA should possess. Learn how to pick which VA is most suitable for your business.

How to save time and money by outsourcing

In this video, Linh shares how she relates to most of our clients who are so busy working in their business that they literally find hard time keeping up with the demands of their day-to-day life. Being an entrepreneur herself, she knows the feeling of understanding that you need help, but not knowing how to get started, let alone spend time hiring, training and delegating work to some members of your team. In this video, Linh will help you find you way into turning yourself into someone who is busy working in your business into someone who is working on the business but able to grow it to the next level.

Why you shouldn’t waste time outsourcing yourself

What really is the difference of hiring a VA with Outsourcing Angel and hiring a VA on your own? When you can conveniently find VAs to hire online, deciding to do it on your own just to save money on recruiting a VA might actually end up costing you more. Why? Watch the video as Linh explains the pitfalls of doing your own VA recruitment and the hassle-free benefits of finding a VA to hire via Outsourcing Angel.

How to Save Time & Money by Hiring a VA

In this video, Simon Harris of the Summit Club interviews Outsourcing Angel co-founder, Linh Podetti, during his recent Business Base Camp webinar. If you’re looking for some advice on how to find the right virtual assistant (VA) to hire for your business, how to manage working with a VA, and ultimately, to optimise the business as well as personal benefits of hiring one to automate your business, watch the video.

Dedicated Virtual Assistant – Outsourcing Angel – Founders Linh and Charley

In this video Linh and Charley shares information about what’s included in our Dedicated VA Package.

Podcast Production Solutions – Outsourcing Angel – Founders Linh and Charley

In this video Linh and Charley explains details about our Podcast service. To learn more

Finding Another YOU to Grow Your Business With

As a business owner, it’s easy to get caught up dealing with all the work that needs to be done to make sure that your business is running smoothly. You end up dividing yourself into many different roles to check how your sales, marketing and daily operations are going. If only there was another YOU who can think of what needs to be done to reduce your workload and make sure that everything is done right. If only you could clone yourself to skip all the stresses of constantly checking and worrying about all aspects of your business. Actually, that’s possible. Here at Outsourcing Angel, we call that a Virtual Assistant (VA). Watch this video and learn how we can help you find a VA who can work the same way you do in managing certain aspects of your business.

Supercharge Your Productivity with Outsourcing Angel

Are you planning to try outsourcing but don’t know where or how to get started? Or are you someone who has tried outsourcing but didn’t have much luck? Give outsourcing another shot. Work with Outsourcing Angel. We’ve been in the shoes of business owners and have mastered outsourcing to make it easy for our clients. We guide our clients every step of the way to set up their businesses with the right Virtual Assistants. Watch this video and learn how to do outsourcing the right way.

Technical VA vs. General VA

In this video we explain to you the difference between Techincal VA and General VA. Technical VAs are more focused on the technical aspect of your business like website management, coding and advance image editing tasks. These VAs have specialised skills and cost more to hire.

While General VAs are Jack/Jill of all trades that can manage multiple tasks and platforms like social media management, blog writing, data entry and more in a basic to intermediate level.

Ray Milidoni and Matt Romania – Razor Sharp Show

Ray Milidoni and Matt Romania are the hosts and founders of The Razor Sharp Show, a podcast for business owners and creatives who want to “stay sharp.” The show is based on the concept “Sharpen The Saw,” the seventh habit under Stephen Covey’s renowned book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

The Razor Sharp Show tackles a variety of business, marketing and personal development topics and shares some insights into the world of podcasting with the goal of educating, motivating and inspiring its audience.

Barry Magliarditi – The Game Changers

Barry Magliarditi is the CEO of The Game Changers, Australia’s leading business coaching firm that helps business owners and entrepreneurs to grow not just in business but ultimately, in life.

His team transitioned from a physical to a virtual office setting which made a huge change in the company’s operations. In November 2017, Barry’s previous executive assistant left to pursue a new opportunity. Fortunately, the universe led him to Outsourcing Angels and there he found an amazing VA in Pat, the Office Jedi.

Steve Psaradellis – TEBA Group

Steve Psaradellis of TEBA Group (formerly Kiss IT & Total IT) shares his experiences working with Outsourcing Angel team in hiring his own VA. Just like Steve, most of our clients also had challenges streamlining their workflow so that their staff would focus more on higher value day-to-day tasks. With the help of Outsourcing Angel, Steve found the right VA for the job. Watch as Steve shares his journey to outsourcing with Outsourcing Angel.

Katrina Boyle – The Achieving Woman

Katrina Boyle of The Achieving Woman is one of our lovely clients here in Outsourcing Angel. In between the busiest week in her business, she had graciously created this video about her experiences working with our angels. Watch the video and learn how you can grow your business with our VA angels.

Jocelyn Mozak – Mozak Design

Jocelyn Mozak of Mozak Designs found our Prepaid Plan package as a great solution for outsourcing important and repeatable time-consuming tasks for business owners like her. Our angels are currently helping Jocelyn manage her social media accounts and she’d been happy to see the impact of incorporating our angels’ efforts and social media know-how into optimising her social media engagement, leads, and website traffic. Watch the video and learn more about Jocelyn’s experience working with our angels.

Dr. Peter Hobson – Universal Forces Pty Ltd

Dr. Peter Hobson is a licensed Chiropractor based in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. On top of managing his several clinics, he is also busy running his own health and wellness business, and so his overwhelming work load made him decide to try to work with a VA. Initially, he was hesitant at hiring a VA as he had bad experience working with one before. Thankfully, a friend convinced him to try Outsourcing Angel because of his good experience with us. Watch the video to see what Dr. Hobson has to say about his experience working with our VA, Ailene.

Brad Younger – Ecomnect

Brad Younger is the CEO of eComnect, a business process automation and commerce company. Being the head of a company, Brad faces a long list of to-do list each day that he struggled managing and so he decided to hire a VA and a web developer that would take over portions of his day to day business, and so he could free himself some time to stay on track of running and growing his business. Be believed that investing on an offshore staff is more cost-effective than hiring a local staff, and so her turned to Outsourcing Angel to help him find and recruit professional VA staff. Find out how Brad managed to finally take control of his day-to-day business now with 2 professional VAs on his team.

Liliana Aguirre – MultiCultural Language Centre

Liliana Aguirre is the Director and Founder of MultiCultural Language Centre, a company based in Perth, Australia. She is a former committee member of the Mexican Association of Western Australia (FOMEX) and actively promotes and organises multicultural events in Perth. Both her social commitments and her business have grown over the years, and so she needed to find someone who can help her manage smaller tasks that usually eat up her time. Finally, her beau, who is also an Outsourcing Angel client, introduced her to our VA services. At first, Liliana signed up for a trial VA service to help her decide if hiring a VA is the best option that she had. After a week working with her assigned VA, Joanne, Liliana decided to hire her full-time as her offshore assistant. Watch the video and discover how Liliana found value in working with our professional VA.

Kronda Adair – Karvel Digital

As a solopreneur, it’s easy to feel stressed out and overwhelmed catching up on tasks that she struggled completing on her own. That’s why she reached out to Outsourcing Angel for some help. Watch and find out more about Kronda’s experience working with our VA angels.

An interview with VA Pat: Comparing Work From Home vs. Full-time Office Job

It’s interesting to get a peek on the lifestyle differences of a work that is based from home versus a full-time office-based job. There is much difference to be noted from the traditional office setup to online work, which can answer our questions on why the virtual community has been steadily growing in the recent years.

Tools that VAs Need To Work Effectively For You

We are often asked about what are the tools that work really well with the VAs, allowing them to manage their day to day tasks smoothly and effectively. This is especially true among busy clients who are always in between things and are looking for ways to quickly send messages and organise tasks for their VA. Working with offshore staff is tricky, but with the right tools, you and your VA can enjoy productive work days from start to finish. In this video, Charley shares the top 5 tools that he is actually using with his offshore team, allowing him to manage multiple projects as well as manage his day to day business and schedules—absolutely stress-free!