Setting Clear
Tasks For Your
Virtual Assistant

WITH Charley ValHER

Here’s a sneak-preview of what you’ll learn:

  • How to be specific to make sure your VA knows exactly what you want.
  • How using video software to help you explain and demonstrate things clearly.
  • How giving examples of what the finished products should look like can help.
  • The art of setting clear deadlines.
  • The benefit of giving instructions on what to do when finished and what to do when running late.
  • Why setting time aside to make corrections with your VA is a fab move.
  • How having your VA record their methods can help.
Whilst we can’t help your virtual assistant read your mind (yet!) we can help you ensure that they hit their targets and help you meet your goals.
Learning how to give clear instructions for tasks may seem like a challenge for you to begin with but that can all change with you booking in a coaching session with our Outsourcing Consultant as we can help you be on the right path to success.