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Outsourcing Angel has always been a dynamic force when it comes to helping people do what they love. From helping work-at-home mothers and students to outreaching to out-of-school youths, our community in Outsourcing Angel is no stranger to extending a helping hand.

Primarily an outsourcing agency, co-founder Linh Podetti envisioned working with like-minded individuals to share the wonders of being able to do what you love by promoting knowledge as a gateway to financial independence and success in life. With this in mind, we have cooked up wonderful plans to reach out to everyone interested from across the country. Thus came the birth of the Spread the Love Project! The first ever program kicked off successfully at the lovely city of Davao where we discussed the hows, whats and whys of working online and success stories of those who found their world in the online working community. The attendees not only enjoyed success stories, but also the knowledge on how to become success stories themselves while being served on-the-house refreshments to fully enjoy the day.


And enjoy the day, we did! The event kicked off with registration and distribution of IDs and kits to the attendees followed by an invocation led by the host of the program, Lizza. The main program started with the presentation of welcome videos care of Alvin and an introduction from our very own Linh Podetti which was done through Facebook Live. We proceeded to educate the attendees on everything they should know about working online by introducing the concept of being a Virtual Assistant and how to work online. This was then followed by introducing them to the wonderful VAs of the Outsourcing Angel community with their very own success stories. Fun and games plus a raffle giveaway followed an open forum where the attendees asked everything they wanted to know about the seminar and working online in general.


Like the name suggests, we designed Spread the Love Project to help interested individuals gear up towards doing what they love by educating them on all they need to know about outsourcing and online work as a Virtual Assistant by offering a scholarship program moving towards getting hired and bagging that first client! What spurred on the community of Outsourcing Angel is the drive to impart to others the joy of being able to cut through the stereotypical 9-5 job and instead work on a more productivity-conducive environment that is our own homes. This gives us more time to do what we love while enjoying the benefits of having an income. The community of Outsourcing Angel believes that we can teach our staff to impart our knowledge in finding employment regardless of background, status, education. With this belief, we can, in turn, impart their knowledge to others thus easing financial stability with the hopes of alleviating poverty across the globe.


So, to everyone who made this event possible, we offer our sincerest gratitude. May we always be able to continue doing what we love and share the joys that come with doing so.



Special thanks to:
Linh Podetti – co-founder of Outsourcing Angel
Lizza Taton Bentinganan – Program Director/Event Head/Emcee
Kirby Alvarez – Assistant Director/Co-event Head
Leny Valdez Mibalo – Head of Registration
Alvin Mibalo – Project Operator/Technical Assistant
Rebecca Enriquez – Head of Logistics
Imee Lee- Assistant Head of Registration
Romwil Dalisay – Facebook Live Operator/ Runner/ Technical Team Member

Charyl Yanong
Joefern Coleto

Charlotte Ramos

Charlotte is a Copywriting Virtual Assistant with over 10 years of experience in marketing content creation, search engine-optimised blog articles and website copy. She's one of our most valuable Angels with vast knowledge of the digital marketing landscape and business systemisation.