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Every Christmas, we are reminded of the old adage “It’s better to give than to receive.” This rings true to us at Outsourcing Angel, as every month we look for ways to give and share our blessings to children in need—Christmas or not. But given this magical season, we  wanted to make Christmas a little brighter and merrier for the children of the Dumagat Tribe and we are grateful and overjoyed to be part of yet another outreach activity as we make Christmas a little brighter and merrier for the children of the Dumagat Tribe.

Outsourcing Angel, together with partner charity organisation Tribu ni Bro, journeyed to Antipolo in the province of Rizal on December 9 to 10 for a feeding program held for the benefit of the Dumagat Tribe. It had been a rainy Saturday morning, but this didn’t stop our team from traveling up north to bring joy and hope to the children in the community.

Our group left Quezon City and set out for a two-hour ride going to Antipolo, Rizal. Upon arriving at the town proper, we journeyed to Sitio San Ysidro where the program was to be held. Due to the rough and muddy roads, our group had to walk for about 2 to 3 hours before reaching the site.

The long journey was all worth it as we were eagerly greeted by the Dumagat children, all excited for the day’s activities. We started the program by serving the food; the Dumagat children all happily shared a hearty meal. As an early Christmas treat, our team surprised the children with Christmas presents. It was a heart-melting moment seeing the smiles on the children’s faces as they cheerfully and gratefully received the gifts, which consisted of toys, clothing and school items.

A total of 130 children participated in the feeding program and received our early Christmas presents. Our feeding programs and gift-giving initiatives are our way of letting children in impoverished rural communities feel that they are special and loved. It was a beautiful thing to witness—the kids receiving their gifts and their faces lighting up as they opened their presents. We are happy that in our own little way, we were able to make Christmas for the Dumagat children extra special.

Charlotte Ramos

Charlotte is a Copywriting Virtual Assistant with over 10 years of experience in marketing content creation, search engine-optimised blog articles and website copy. She's one of our most valuable Angels with vast knowledge of the digital marketing landscape and business systemisation.