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One of the most pressing questions in a business owner’s mind is how to improve productivity, and particularly in this current situation, how to be productive working from home. In this episode of The Kind Boss Podcast, founder of Outsourcing Angel, Linh Podetti, speaks to Glenn Tranter, founder of Glenn Tranter Consulting. Passionate about leveraging the power of productivity, Glenn will guide you on how to improve productivity while working from home. His working from home tips productivity have helped individuals and teams reclaim 100 minutes a day!

Valuable business tips especially for high-achieving individuals or teams that will get from this interview:

  • How to maintain a high-achieving pace without being burnt out.
  • How to work smarter and be more productive
  • Prioritise, balance and proper mindset
  • Maximise opportunities
  • Difference between high achievers and everyone else
  • Getting the right expert

Despite the many distractions, you still can achieve productivity working from home, and Glenn is here to share with you his working from home tips and tricks. Watch the full video below:


Glenn shares some take-aways as you listen to this episode, check below :

  • Working rhythm
  • Set work boundaries
  • Awareness of unique distractions
  • Workflow/Work mode mindset
  • Planning and scheduling

Here are some valuable tips on how to be productive and avoid burnout

Working Rhythm

Everyone’s got a unique way of working, unique way of doing your best work, and a unique way of approaching work or tasks, and then you build a habit of doing these consistently, that becomes your working rhythm

Reduce distractions

As unique individuals we all have unique distractions, hence we also all have various working mode mindset, and the key to that is being aware of these distractions and consciously reducing them.


Focus on the content/work that really matters, on what is important in your role, and a need to collaborate with others whether you’re working in an office or from home. Plan and schedule the goals that will let you be more effective and ultimately, productive.

Getting things done

When you plan and schedule to do something, you go and actually execute them. Don’t get distracted and simply execute and implement consistently, and that is the single biggest key difference for high achievers. Additional tip to be deliberate with achieving goals is to use a kanban board or similar system like Trello etc. to see the big picture and progress for the week/day.

About Glenn Tranter

Glenn Tranter is passionate about helping individuals & teams leverage the power of productivity to work effectively from anywhere.

Glenn’s a high achiever whose year on year accomplishments saw him realise numerous awards & promotions until he burnt out in 2006. Burnout was the wakeup call Glenn needed to understand how our approach to work must be scalable & sustainable.

Glenn shows individuals & teams how to achieve outcomes in less time by improving productivity by 100 minutes a day. This now predominantly means how to work from home effectively.


Start learning how to work smarter not harder with Glenn at

Check out and connect Glenn here:

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