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Hire a Social Media Virtual Assistant

By Blog, Ninja, SM, Social Media

Want to have better social media management? Hire a Social Media Virtual Assistant! It can be a real challenge to manage all your accounts and create engaging social media content to keep your followers hooked. But with a Social Media Virtual Assistant on your team, you can relax knowing your business is being handled online by an expert in the field.

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Automate Your Business Processes | Systemise workflows & virtual assistants

By Blog, Outsourcing, Systemise and Scale Up

The unique challenges business face have given birth to new opportunities for growth and expansion to some and anxiety and fear for others. Every business that survived and thrived in the past two years has either pivoted, shifted or evolved because of the market landscape. They’re the ones that offer services and products that are either essential by a captured audience and created systems to support their vision and passion.

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How We Systemised and Scaled up Co.Lab Sydney

By Blog, Client Case Study, Outsourcing

In this new and empowered world we now live in, starting a business is more than possible for anyone who dreams of doing so. E-commerce, social media, and a suite of other digital tools make it more than possible. However, the real problem for most entrepreneurs is sustaining that business and growing it to the next level.
The two most important factors of implementing systems and processes in your business are efficiency and accuracy. This is what enables employers to monitor and manage their staff whilst staying connected to the operational strategies of the business.

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Facebook Ads in 2022: How a Virtual Assistant can Help!

By Blog, Client Resources, Productivity

Thousands of businesses come into existence every single day, making it tough  to get noticed in the marketplace. Becoming a successful business means making a deliberate effort to stand out and get noticed and actually succeeding at it. Easier said than done, I know. But it’s not impossible.

There are approximately 300 million people planning to start about 150 million businesses annually. And about one-third of them get launched. That means that there will be 50 million new startups each year, or a staggering 137,000 per day!

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Case Study: How to Grow a Successful Beauty Business with a Virtual Assistant

By Blog, Client Resources, Marketing, Productivity

At Outsourcing Angel, we’ve had the privilege of matchmaking many Beauty and Cosmetics businesses with Virtual Assistants and watching those relationships flourish through the years. And with time, we’ve figured out the vital formula to business growth for both small and large business owners when it comes to outsourcing admin, social media and more.

So let’s show you a real-life example from one of our long-term clients, Lash Tribe, the world’s #1 lash academy and eyelash extension business that operates out of Brisbane, Australia. With our help, Julia Mann (Founder of Lash Tribe) was matched with Desiree Sunga, a Marketing Virtual Assistant in the Philippines.

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How to Grow your LinkedIn with a Virtual Assistant

By Blog, Marketing, Outsourcing, Productivity, Tips, Virtual Team

LinkedIn is not your ordinary platform where you share photos of your coffee or a selfie before a night out.

Unlike other social media apps, such as Instagram and Facebook, LinkedIn has become a place to build your professional sphere. It gives you the opportunity to create a personal brand, build connections, invest in those relationships, and turn into leads into clients (or even long term friends!)

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What a Virtual Assistant Can Do to Manage your Instagram

By Blog, Marketing, Outsourcing, Productivity, Tips, Virtual Team

It’s easy to get drawn into the world of hilarious memes, cute cats and dogs, delicious lunch bowls and travel photography on Instagram. The amount of original, engaging and aesthetically pleasing content that’s on the platform is vast! As Instagram users, we are intrigued by content that targets our interests, which encourages us to continue following specific accounts and learning about different people, businesses and brands.

Instagram is no longer your basic photo-sharing service but has now grown exponentially into an effective content marketing and audience building tool, which businesses can utilise to their advantage. Having a Virtual Assistant by your side can help your business to reach your Instagram marketing goals.

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