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What are Systems and Processes?

Systems are a set of well-defined rules or procedures that work together to achieve a common goal. In business, systems include people, processes, and technology working in harmony to produce specific outcomes.

Processes are sequential steps or actions taken to accomplish a specific task or goal. They ensure tasks are completed consistently and efficiently within the system! 👌

How Systems and Processes Work Together

Systems provide the framework within which processes operate, ensuring tasks are completed consistently and efficiently.

For example, a manufacturing company might have a system for producing a particular product. This system includes various processes such as:

  • ordering raw materials
  • assembling the product
  • and shipping the finished item.

Each process has defined steps to ensure efficiency and consistency.

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Benefits of Systems and Processes in Business

Paying attention to your systems and processes takes your business to the next level!

They are the building blocks of any company, providing structure, support, and assurance of smooth operations—all of which can boost employee happiness and satisfaction 💯

If you have remote staff, efficient systems and processes help monitor your team’s performance. Virtual assistants are a great way to have cost savings and increased revenue with better margins, but you need structures in place for your VA.

This may include proper onboarding, social media standard operating procedures (SOPs), guidelines for client communication, etc.

Here are 7 benefits of systems and processes for your business:

Benefit #1: Grow your business

Effective systems and processes streamline operations, allowing for scalable growth without sacrificing quality. Improving your workflows can even be as simple as setting clear guidelines and documenting procedures!

This helps onboard new employees faster, make sure they fit in seamlessly and even open new branches of your business. All you have to do is follow an established process that works for you and make sure there’s room for improvement.

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Benefit #2: Meet and exceed client expectations

Systems and processes ensure a reliable, high-quality experience for clients, leading to higher satisfaction and positive referrals 💯

Our CEO Linh Podetti with Mark Newstead and Rael Ross, our clients from Butn, during the Financial Review Entrepreneur Summit last June 25th

From streamlining order fulfilment to reducing errors and delays, your clients will appreciate the attention to detail and the peace of mind that comes with knowing they can rely on you.

Benefit #3: Save time & money

Reliable systems and processes can help you identify opportunities to reduce waste, cut costs, and optimise resource allocation within your business.

For example, if you’re drowning in repetitive, manual tasks, then you can delegate those to a capable virtual assistant. You can then focus your attention on matters of higher priority, such as sales and product development 💰

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Benefit #4: Practice better decision making

Data-driven processes provide accurate insights for informed decision-making. This helps to:

  • reduce expensive risks
  • enhance marketing campaigns, product launches, and overall strategy
  • track key performance indicators (KPIs) and analyse metrics more efficiently.

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With proper systems and processes in place, you’ll have better chances of success with your strategies!

Benefit #5: Empower your employees

Clear systems and processes define roles, provide training, and encourage upskilling, leading to a motivated and productive team.

The virtual assistants and remote admin staff of Outsourcing Angel at the 2023 company retreat in the Philippines.

Your employees are the backbone of your business. Empowering them with effective systems and processes can help them feel more confident and motivated to deliver their best work 💗

Benefit #6: Improve internal communications

Standardised workflows and communication tools ensure everyone is on the same page, reducing confusion and errors, and promoting collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Strong internal communication within your team drives you closer to your goals. You can build stronger relationships, increase trust, and enhance your team’s dynamics—all at once! 🤝

Benefit #7: Achieve consistent results

Defined standards, protocols and benchmarks help to:

  • track progress
  • evaluate outcomes
  • building trust among clients, employees, and stakeholders
  • and laying the foundation for long-term success 📈

With the right systems and processes in place, achieving consistency will be within your reach.

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Why should you have a good system of organisation?

Having a solid, organised system allows your company to meet deadlines efficiently. You or your managers can plan effectively and assign clear roles to your teams, ensuring that all projects are done well and on time.

This streamlines workflow and boosts productivity, helping your business achieve its bottom line.

At Outsourcing Angel, we improve our clients’ systems and processes by helping them delegate to experienced virtual assistants from the Philippines.

We create customised shortlists tailored to each client’s needs out of hundreds of applicants. This ensures efficient operations and maximised productivity 💻

Case study #1: immersive insiders

Dinesh helps professionals become valued contributors in the Augmented and Virtual Reality industry. With his deep passion for learning new skills, technology, and teaching, he created his XR education platform, immersive insiders.

Dinesh knew his business could go the extra mile with just the right help. So we set out to find the best virtual assistant match for him and his team!

Our team took care of:

  • scouting
  • vetting
  • pre-interviewing
  • and onboarding Dinesh’s chosen VA.

He has since been working swimmingly with VA Levi, who now looks after the following for Dinesh:

✅ Managing the social media schedule and content production (including video production)
✅ Creating and posting social media content through Notion
✅ Repurposing content through multiple marketing channels
✅ Assistance in community engagement (live streams, live sessions, and regular XR challenges)
✅ Repurposing community engagement efforts as marketing content

We even provide benefits to VA Levi, so Dinesh doesn’t have to!

These benefits include:

👌 Healthcare coverage
👌 Rewards point system
👌 Volunteering opportunities
👌 Mentorship & Coaching
👌 Sponsored in-person catch-ups
👌 Exclusive Slack Channels and Facebook Groups (where our active community discusses everything from new tools and industry tips to fitness goals and our pets)

Case study #2: Clock Wise Productions

Nina Froriep is the Owner of Clock Wise Productions, a premier video production company based in New York, USA that has been running for over 25 years!

In 2015, Nina digitised her entire business. While it was definitely a great business decision, she faced several challenges:

✖️ Never found the right Virtual Assistant: Nina tried hiring VAs herself, which only resulted in headaches, big mistakes and growing concerns.

✖️ No help shifting her business online: She was used to doing everything herself but remote set-ups were unfamiliar territory for her.

✖️ Lack of VA culture and support: She wanted to foster a loving workplace for her VA to thrive but didn’t have systems & processes to provide the support they needed.

✖️ Operations moving too slowly: Nina is a very detail-oriented person so when it came to setting up automations and funnels, Operations moved too slowly.

Fortunately, we were able to help Nina overcome the pitfalls of going remote by hiring a resourceful and competent Virtual Assistant!


I never found the right VAs, and the right set-up of a VA, until I found Outsourcing Angel.

Case study #3: XPotential

Mike Harley is the Managing Director of XPotential, an international consulting firm that specialises in strategy and implementation for businesses 💼 While starting his own venture, Mike quickly found out he couldn’t do everything on his own!

Here’s how we helped Mike delegate some of his workload and keep adding value to his thriving company:

Supervised onboarding for seamless transition: We equipped Mike’s Virtual Assistant with all the relevant information and set-up they needed to hit the ground running.

Implemented our screening process: Our 6-step recruitment process helped us match Mike with a VA that met his high demands and strict requirements.

Took on the repetitive yet necessary tasks: By outsourcing day-to-day tasks which are crucial for running the business, Mike can concentrate on creating more value for his company.

Dedicated support: We took charge of the entire process of VA recruitment and ensured that Mike’s selected candidate remained motivated with benefits and a dedicated Virtual Office Manager (VOM).


They [Outsourcing Angel] oversee not just an individual, but a series of things that need to be done to support our business going forward.

Your business systems make all the difference

Starting early with effective systems and processes is key to accelerating your business growth. By investing time and resources into developing robust systems, you can streamline operations, enhance productivity, and ensure consistent results.

Effective systems and processes not only help in managing day-to-day tasks but also prepare your business to scale efficiently, adapt to changes, and stay ahead of the competition.

At Outsourcing Angel, we specialise in providing skilled virtual assistants who can help you implement and manage these systems effectively. Our VAs are equipped to support a wide range of business functions, from administrative tasks to specialised roles, ensuring your business runs smoothly and efficiently.

Want to hire a Virtual Assistant?

Whether you’re just starting or looking to optimise your existing operations, our VAs can help you focus on business growth and expansion. Don’t let inefficiencies hold you back!

Book a free Discovery Call today and get one step closer to fast service, faster delivery and better relationships with your clients with an experienced VA.

Arielle Calanas

Arielle is Outsourcing Angel’s resident copywriter. She has over 9 years of writing experience and graduated magna cum laude in Creative Writing from the University of the Philippines Mindanao in 2019. Currently, she crafts high-engagement content that reflects our brand voice, from client case studies to blog articles and more.