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Do you want to take your business to the next level? Paying attention to your systems and processes is key! These are the building blocks of any company, providing structure, support, and assurance of smooth operations—all of which can boost employee happiness and satisfaction.

By implementing efficient systems and processes, you can also help monitor your team’s performance while staying connected to your business strategies. This way, you can grow your business and achieve your goals, without worrying too much about the tiny details.

Really, there’s no drawback we can think of…

But we understand you might feel overwhelmed by the idea of streamlining your systems and processes. 😥

No need to worry, though. There are a lot of solutions out there! For example, by using our Systemise & Scale Up service, you can transform your business so it can run by itself without your constant help.

Our clients enjoy the digital ecosystems we create for them using automation and systemisation. With optimised operations, improved efficiency, and maximised productivity, they smash KPIs left and right!

If this sounds like something your business needs, you can book a quick chat with our Systems Expert.😉 Or you can scroll further down this article and read all about the clients we’ve helped!

Benefits of Systems and Processes in Business

In today’s business world, staying ahead of the competition is crucial. The digital landscape is evolving faster than ever, and everyone’s using it to their advantage. So if you don’t want to get left behind, you should definitely create effective systems and processes for your long-term success.

In case you need more convincing, here are some helpful benefits of systems and processes for your business (explained in depth! 👍):

Benefit #1: Grow your business

Let’s face it: every business owner wants to grow their business. But sometimes, it can feel like a daunting task. That’s where effective systems and processes come in! By improving workflows, you can expand your entire business without sacrificing quality or efficiency. “Improving workflows” can even be as simple as setting clear guidelines and documenting procedures!

If you have effective systems in place, you can onboard new employees faster, make sure they fit in seamlessly, and maybe even open new branches. All you have to do is follow an established process that works for you.

Who doesn’t love growth with less stress? 😌

Benefit #2: Meet and exceed client expectations

Using a systematic approach will also help you measure your business’ weaknesses and strengths more effectively. Ultimately, this will help you meet—or even exceed—your clients’ expectations. 💯

And with effective systems and processes in place, you can provide a consistent, reliable, and high-quality experience for people at different points in their customer journey with you.

From streamlining order fulfilment to reducing errors and delays, your clients will appreciate the attention to detail and the peace of mind that comes with knowing they can rely on you.

Plus, happy clients mean positive referrals. That’s always a good thing!

Benefit #3: Save time & money

Everyone loves saving money 🤑 Reliable systems and processes can help you identify opportunities to reduce waste, cut costs, and optimise resource allocation within your business.

And by streamlining the way your entire company works, tasks will get done much, MUCH more quickly.

For example, if you’re drowning in repetitive, manual tasks, then you can delegate those to a capable Virtual Assistant. You can then focus your attention on matters of higher priority, such as sales and product development.

Not sure which tasks you should hand over to a Virtual Assistant?

Here’s a FREE ebook from us, filled with 100 Tasks to Outsource to Your Virtual Assistant. From our years of experience connecting hundreds of clients with reliable and skilled VAs, we know that VAs can do much more than just admin and support tasks. All the tasks listed in the eBook can help save you time and money. 💰

And who knows, maybe you could invest those savings right back into your company—or treat your employees to a fun company trip!

Benefit #4: Practice better decision making

Making good decisions can be challenging without accurate data and insights. If you track key performance indicators (KPIs) and analyse metrics in a better way, then you can make informed decisions about product development, market expansion, and more.

Plus, a data-driven approach can significantly help reduce the risks of making costly mistakes. With proper systems and processes in place, you’ll have far better results for your marketing campaigns, product launches, and everything else you’re currently working on. That’s a recipe for success!

Benefit #5: Empower your employees

Your employees are the backbone of your business. Empowering them with effective systems and processes can help them give you clear expectations and support.

You can start by clearly defining roles and responsibilities, providing training resources, and other small steps to ensure their success and interest in upskilling. Doing all these can help your team feel more confident and motivated to deliver their best work.

You can even free up their time and energy for more value-adding activities. And who doesn’t love a happy, motivated team? 💗

Benefit #6: Improve internal communications

Proper communication within your team drives you closer to your goals. Add a reliable comms system to that, and you’ll be unstoppable!

By using standardised workflows, tools, and templates, everyone can be on the same page. This will reduce confusion and errors, and help speed things along in your company.

You can also help facilitate collaboration, feedback, and knowledge sharing. By promoting a culture of communication and collaboration, you can build stronger relationships, increase trust, and enhance your team’s dynamics. 🤝

Benefit #7: Get consistent results

With the right systems and processes in place, achieving consistency will be within your reach.

Try setting crystal-clear standards, protocols, and benchmarks, so you can aim for ambitious goals, track your overall progress, and evaluate outcomes easily.

Striving for consistency also helps you build trust among your clients, employees, and stakeholders, providing a rock-solid foundation for long-term growth and success.

How we improve our clients’ systems and processes

At Outsourcing Angel, we improve our clients’ systems and processes so they can experience all the benefits above.

How do we do it, you ask? By focusing on automation, systemisation, and delegation to create customised digital ecosystems. 💻


I wish I had the time to do that [create systems and processes]. I probably could, but it would take me maybe a year… whereas you guys had it done in a matter of weeks!

Jenny Dinh,
Founder, Co.Lab Space Sydney

This “process of fixing the process” is how we help businesses gain an edge over others in their niche. We absolutely believe that the proper systems and processes are the secret sauces that transform businesses from good to great 👍

And after helping a lot of clients this way, we noticed they often had the same frustrations before they came to us:

  • They keep everything in their heads instead of documenting their processes properly. 👀
  • Instead of helping them, their tools and software actually make life harder. Processing payments and logging in and out of multiple platforms require too many steps.
  • They’d love more capable hands on deck, but don’t have the capacity (or brain power) to train a Virtual Assistant.

Curious to learn how we take on these challenges? Read three of our case studies below! 👇

Case study #1: Co.Lab Space Sydney

If you’re a business owner, you know how challenging it can be to manage a growing number of clients. That’s why Jenny, the founder of Co-Lab Space, systemised their processes. She wanted to serve her clients better by improving her team’s operations.

The problem? When we first met Jenny, she didn’t have any structured systems in place. She often followed (or re-created) new processes with different clients. Especially when she was on the go! 😵‍💫

She was also tired of all the manual client onboarding and reporting, keeping tabs on all projects in her head, and having no time to set up a content management system for a VA.

So our first step was to identify Jenny’s core business processes and map out the steps involved in each. This helped us get a clear picture of their operations and identify areas for improvement.

By standardising her client onboarding workflow, automating her payment collection, and setting up a social media content production line, we streamlined Jenny’s operations and help her team handle a larger number of clients.

Within 4 weeks, here’s some of what we achieved for Jenny and Co.Lab Space:


No clear follow-up & onboarding process

  • Client preferences and other relevant information gets missed causing unnecessary back and forth
  • Inconsistent client onboarding with no systems or documents


Client onboarding workflow

  • Leads email sequence that covers everything from payment set-up to client communication preferences
  • Email script templates allowing a virtual assistant to take over client onboarding


Ad hoc social media content process

  • No standard process for social media content production or scheduling
  • Multiple social media scheduling platforms for different clients due to platforms having limitations for different features


Social Media Content Production

  • Documented Social Media Content Production process
  • Social media calendar template for clients and virtual assistant
  • Metricool social media scheduler for all clients


Manual collection of client payments

  • Client payments made via bank transfer
  • No notification of payments received or late payments
  • Manually checking bank account for payment status


Automated client payment process

  • Payment collection automation via Stripe
  • Now accepting credit card
  • Automated payment notifications to team members in Slack
  • Client arrears process


Work arrangements via WhatsApp, text or verbal

  • No official service agreements with terms and conditions
  • Jenny was not covered for additional workload outside of her initial scope of work with the client


Automated client payment process

  • Service agreements
  • Using HelloSign to manage legally binding electronic signatures
  • Terms & conditions document
  • Using Law Depot to generate contract templates

The result? A more efficient and productive business within a few weeks! Jenny can now take a step back from all the manual and repetitive work she used to do. Instead, she can focus on strategic marketing plans and lead generation to grow her business even further. 😎

Case study #2: Connect Content

Tom is the founder of Connect Content. He wanted to take his business to the next level by focusing on client work, but realised he couldn’t do it all on his own.

So he turned to us!

The problem? 90% of Tom’s client onboarding process was manual, leaving a lot of room for errors. 🫢 He was also juggling data across 3-4 systems when he could’ve been using just one.

On top of all that, Tom’s client and staff emails were all piling up into a headache. He was fed up with all of it!

When we stepped in, we automated Tom’s client onboarding, payments, and notifications. We consolidated all his platforms, too. This way, he doesn’t have to waste time and jump from one to another.

It only took our Systemise & Scale Up team 3 weeks to do the following (and more!) for Tom:


Manual and tedious client onboarding process

  • When clients signed up, Tom had to manually book interviews, send follow-ups and client accountability reminders
  • Tom also created accounts and passwords and sent them individually to all new clients


Automated client onboarding sequence

  • Implemented Zapier integrations and automated 90% of Tom’s client onboarding process including interview bookings, weekly group call reminders and client accountability follow-ups
  • We even automated account set-up and log-in details distribution to new clients


Manually following up with leads

  • In addition to his day-to-day tasks, Tom had to keep tabs of his leads and manually send follow-ups or accountability reminders


Leads follow-up email sequence

  • Set up automated leads email sequences with personalisation and appointment booking capabilities
  • Outsourced client accountability to his VA


Staff communicated via email

  • Daily communication between team members were all via email and things for lost in an inbox full of hundreds of emails
  • Emails were not able to sync with other platforms and tools to automate notifications


Set up Instant Messaging platform and integrated with other tools

  • Transitioned from email to Slack for real-time communication and better workflows
  • Slack channels can now be created for different teams and allow team members across different locations and time zones to connect
  • Slack is now easily integrated with Zapier automations for notifications such as client sign-ups, payments and reminders


Tom was juggling admin and client follow-ups

  • Tom conducted long Zoom interviews with his clients and spent a lot of time and energy summarising the call notes and action items to send after the call


Outsourced admin and client follow-up to a Virtual Assistant

  • We set up Fathom for Tom’s Zoom meetings that recorded and allowed users to make real-time notes and action items during the meeting
  • All meetings are now automatically fully transcribed, allowing a VA to easily send this to clients in a follow-up email

Outsourcing Angel sat down with me from start to finish asking about what systems and processes I’ve got in place and why. The answer was often because I’ve always done it that way, but he [our S&S Expert] was able to ease me towards the solution.

Tom Etherington,
Founder, Connect Content

The result? Tom now has systemised workflows, improved team communication, and better project management. All these changes transformed his business into a Virtual Headquarters that is now equipped for rapid online growth! 📈

Case study #3: Plane Pal

Meet Sam, the founder & director of Plane Pal—Australia’s favourite travel pillow brand. Sam struggled to keep up with the demands of her growing business, so she also turned to us for help.

The problem? It soon became impossible for Sam to manage all the customer enquiries across Shopify, Gmail and social media. She even handled packing, sent online orders, and manually updated distributor reports. This was eating up all her time and energy.

To turn Plane Pal into a self-running eCommerce business, we created a multichannel customer service platform, a customised project management system, and standard operating procedures (SOPs).

We even implemented a supply chain solution, so Sam didn’t have to pack and update her inventory manually all the time! 😌

Check out some ways Sam had transformed her business within 6 weeks:


Packing and sending orders from home

  • Sam was receiving all the inventory at her house, then physically packing orders and organising couriers
  • Inventory was manually updated


ShipBob fulfilment & distribution centre

  • We recommended ShipBob to take over the pick and pack on her behalf
  • Plane Pal’s Shopify is also integrated to automate fulfilment & inventory management


Juggling customer service enquiries across different platforms

  • Enquiries were coming in from Shopify, Gmail, Facebook and Instagram
  • Updating customers with their order details was tedious and time consuming
  • Responding to frequently asked questions involved manually copying and pasting responses


Centralised customer service platform synced to eCommerce store

  • All platforms are synced to Gorgias, an all-in-one customer service platform
  • Gorgias is connected to Shopify so you can update a customer on their order status without having to leave the platform
  • Improved customer set-up templates and standardised replies (e.g. refund requests)
  • Outsourced customer service enquiries to a virtual assistant


No social media processes

  • Social media tasks were assigned by phone or email without checklists or categorisation of urgency
  • All of Sam’s business processes and new ideas were stored in her head


Trello project management systems and templates

  • Set up Trello as the social media task management system
  • Ideas portal for business plans
  • Created sheets, templates and procedures for daily tasks
  • Colour coding systems for labels, sorted by urgency


No time for social media

  • User generated content wasn’t being leveraged on social media
  • No social media process on how to manage, create and schedule content


Streamlined social media content process

  • Set up a new social media management process
  • User generated content was categorised and sorted by the virtual assistant to be used in upcoming posts

The result? Sam grew her business even further while her Customer Service VA (that we matched her with!) took care of all the day-to-day tasks in her stead. Best of all, she got more time to spend with her husband and three kids! 😍

Good Business Systems Make All the Difference

Make sure your business is consistently productive and on the fast track to success! Starting early with effective systems and processes is key to accelerating your business growth.

And don’t worry if you’re not a coding whiz. If you let us help, there’s absolutely no coding experience required. We’re here to help you every step of the way and make the process as easy as possible. All you need is an open mind and a willingness to collaborate with us. 🤗

Our Systemise & Scale Up team understands the challenges that businesses face with digital processes. We know that every business is unique, which is why we take the time to understand your individual needs. This is also why we create customised digital ecosystems that work for specific clients, instead of adopting a one-size-fits-all approach.

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Arielle Calanas

Arielle is Outsourcing Angel’s resident copywriter. She has over 9 years of writing experience and graduated magna cum laude in Creative Writing from the University of the Philippines Mindanao in 2019. Currently, she crafts high-engagement content that reflects our brand voice, from client case studies to blog articles and more.