The Modern Accountant Guide to Remote Bookkeeping with Scott Trevethan | The Kind Boss Podcast Episode #4

Are you outsourcing bookkeeping and keeping on top of your numbers? Want to find out more about how outsourcing bookkeeping and accounting to the Philippines will help your business grow? In Episode #4 of The Kind Boss podcast, Linh Podetti speaks to Scott Trevethan, founder and CEO of Go Global Bookkeeping. The future of accounting profession needs to take into account how they are able to achieve the twin aims of business growth with care for society. Scott and Go Global Bookkeeping focus on doing just that, and Outsourcing Angel is so proud that he is one of our Kind Bosses!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The value of outsourcing accounting work
  • The benefits of outsourcing to the Philippines
  • How the virtual bookkeeping business can help you grow your business
  • How outsourced accounting services are freeing up business to be more strategic

As an experienced virtual bookkeeper, Scott will share with you how bookkeeping in the Philippines is a great business choice and why cloud accounting is something that you should embrace today. What the full episode below


Valuable business tips especially for small and medium businesses that will get from this interview:

  • How much is the cost of advantage between local bookkeepers vs offshore bookkeepers
  • How your data is being kept secure and private
  • Feel confident in a prosperous future
  • The value of having your finances in order
  • Remote teams deliver great client experiences with bookkeeping and accounting

Some take-aways as you listen to this episode :

  • Cost of advantage between local staff vs offshore staff
  • Sell results for clients vs selling time
  • Efficiency
  • Take care of your numbers/finances and thrive with your business
  • How cloud accounting will help you scale your business

Here are some valuable tips on how to thrive with your business

Crunch the numbers

Up to date and financial data to predict cash-flows, ability to survive, and thriving possibilities. Stop wondering where your cash went (one month you’re down and one month you were doing good).


Start dealing with your numbers while you’re small, and when you grow to understand it as you scale bigger, it’s not just about revenues but the actual profit. Price-wise it’s more competitive to use offshore staff than using local for the same quality of results.

Understand ROI

When you’ve invested a certain amount of dollars on an undertaking, there might be a time lag and not know exactly what the return on investment is. You’d need to understand whether you need to keep doing that or not and that is through ROI (return on investment).

About Scott Trevethan

As well as being known as The Modern Accountant, Scott Trevethan is a small and medium-sized business evangelist. Ever since he read the E-Myth by Michael Gerber, Scott has been a passionate advocate for financial understanding as a way to ensure long-term security and success. Born into an accounting family, Scott joined Deloitte straight from University and was engaged in the Audit and later the Insolvency division of that firm. It was in Audit he learned how large and successful businesses were built and operated. By stark contrast, Insolvency was where badly built businesses went to be buried, leaving despair and ruin in their path. Most were let down by poor record-keeping and general lack of financial astuteness.

Scott resolved to save as many Small and Medium-sized businesses from insolvency as he could. This lead to a passion for educating business owners and helping them to understand their finances so they could feel confident of a prosperous future. Scott’s professional career has spanned accounting firms, cafes and consulting. At the time of writing, he runs GoGlobal, a team of accountants and bookkeepers in the Philippines who provide Australian businesses with affordable and highly valuable services.

To find out more about remote bookkeeping, book a call with Scott today and visit this link here!

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