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There’s a lot about YouTube that intimidates many business owners. Videos can be too technical and video ads are just as confusing. Further, Facebook and Twitter are less intricate to a business owner who’s already too busy with sales, managing staff and crunching numbers.

But YouTube is poised to get bigger and bigger by the year. The platform has over 1 billion users and video viewership was at an all-time high the previous year, with 50% of people preferring videos over any other type of content. This represents a huge opportunity for businesses to drive more traffic and engagement, as well as capture more leads. But do you know how to use it successfully?

In this video, Outsourcing Angel’s founder, Linh Podetti, chats with Sunny Lenarduzzi, creator of the widely successful Youtube for Bosses program. Sunny shares her valuable insight about cracking the code at attaining YouTube success and optimising your content and channel to get more business.

Cashing in on Videos

Sunny Lenarduzzi started out like any other new entrepreneurs who had to navigate through the murky waters of social media all by themselves. A broadcaster by profession, Sunny has decades of experience in media, and this came in handy when she started her own business.

Eventually, Sunny had a major breakthrough and decided to work with entrepreneurs, personal brands, and corporations to help them bring their messages online. She’s made a name helping people reach their own version of success. Her channel became Forbes’ “Must Watch YouTube Channel That Will Change Your Business” and she was named The Huffington Post’s “50 Must-Follow Women Entrepreneurs in 2017”. She’s had quite a number of successful campaigns for well-known brands like Applebees and Hootsuite, and worked with hundreds of clients across different industries, helping businesses generate over $5 million in revenue from organic YouTube traffic.

YouTube is Not Rocket Science

YouTube is misunderstood by many businesses, which leads to them not fully maximising the platform. Here, Sunny identifies some of the biggest misconceptions about YouTube.

  1. The only way to monetize YouTube is through AdSense.
  2. You need to have expensive equipment or be an expert video editor.
  3. You need to have a million subscribers to get a million-dollar revenue.

On the other hand, “[A]s an entrepreneur, the value of your content and how you’re impacting people, helping people is more important than your production value,” Sunny says.

The Sunny System

Sunny calls her process the Sunny System, and at the very core of this is your profitable content, which sits of course on the most profitable social platform: YouTube. Profitable content is content that your ideal customers are searching for. You should create content that answers what a potential customer is searching for. The highly searched content include how-to’s, tutorials and reviews among others, and publishing these types of content are the fastest ways to build traffic. If a person finds your content useful, she will click or sign up or take action. “It brings in a lot of revenue because you’re showing up when people need you,” Sunny explains.

Sunny lists down the following sources for your profitable content:

  1. FAQs
  2. Trending topics within your industry
  3. Keywords

“YouTube is a big ocean as there are 400 hours of video uploaded in the platform every minute,” she says. “So if you’re not doing your content in the right way and following the right formula, you’re going to sink to the bottom of the sea.”

Once you have your profitable content, it will then be turned into content that converts. Sunny adds that the system includes the hot script formula that helps organise your information to make sure that your videos will get high retention and be watched all the way to the end.

Lastly, Sunny believes that YouTube is an evergreen sales machine, helping you to continually build your email list, your social channels, press opportunities, speaking engagement and other opportunities. You also need to use these audiences from different platforms to drive traffic back to YouTube. “You can now dominate your niche because you have this audience that’s built in, and you can outrank other people in your space by solely relying on just using YouTube itself,” Sunny says.

Sunny strongly advises to stick with the formula. “YouTube is a formula,” Sunny shares. “You have to use the specific formula in order for it to work for you.” She also pushes entrepreneurs to follow this process consistently, and as they go, they can find different areas where they can improve on.

Evergreen Sales Machine

Becoming viral on YouTube doesn’t happen overnight. YouTube views are not like the views you get from Facebook. People have to watch longer on YouTube for it to be counted as views, whereas in Facebook, you can be an instant hit.

But YouTube videos will work for you longer than videos on other platforms. Your video might not go viral today after posting it but over the next couple of days, months and years, it’s going to rack up views and each view can be a potential customer for you. “I have videos that are four years old and are bringing in hundreds of leads every single day for my business still without having to touch them,” Sunny says. This is what happens when you turn YouTube into an evergreen sales machine that works for you longer and consistently, and translates into long-term results.

When it comes to creating viral video content, Sunny has designed a specific formula that she and her clients follow.

V – Valuable content
I – Intel or using your unique experience and knowledge
R – Relevant
A – Authentic for your brand
L – Leveraged for your business

“You’ll Never Know Who’s Watching”

YouTube has paved the way for many opportunities to be found, many personalities to be discovered and just so many ideas to be discovered. The reality is that YouTube is not really about the number of views but the quality of the views you get. “If you’re a plumber and you’ve got three views on your video about local plumbing services, those three views are qualified buyers because they won’t watch it if they don’t care.” So that’s who you are trying to attract – qualified views!

If you’ve been dabbling in YouTube for quite some time and would like to start getting the results you want, then perhaps Sunny’s YouTube for Bosses course is the best place to start. Outsourcing Angel has a great deal that can help you grow your business on YouTube! Sign up for a FREE Youtube for Bosses Webinar and if you decide to sign up for Sunny’s course after the webinar, you will get $200 off the original price of $597! In addition, you can also consider Sunny’s 90-Day Authority Accelerator Program where you can work directly with Sunny and her team of coaches in building your evergreen sales machine. Now’s the time to make serious profit out of YouTube!

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