The Types of Virtual Teams You Should Have in Your Business

We are entering a day and age where teams are no longer limited by the constraints of location and time. Nowadays, businesses and organisations can build virtual teams. No office space, no face-to-face meetings.

A virtual team is a group of professionals who work from anywhere in the world for one singular organisation. Most communication, collaboration and planning are done through online services thus eliminating the need for physical workspaces. More and more teams are transferring online in the last few years and for good reason. There are so many benefits to running a team remotely. Some would include:

  • Savings on resources. Because there is no need for actual office space, organisations that have teams that work remotely usually save on money, energy and time. There’s no longer a need to pay for rent. Team members no longer have to endure commutes, saving them time and energy.
  • Increased productivity. With more time on their hands, members of a virtual team are now able to put in more work in a day. Because virtual employees get to control where they work, they can choose to work in an area that is most conducive to them, whether that’s a coffee shop, their own living room or by the beach even!
  • Global talent-pool. The virtual revolution has globalised the talent pool. Now you can work with anyone from anywhere thus expanding your options and giving you the ability to choose whom to work with no matter where they’re from. At Outsourcing Angel, we have some of the best virtual professionals from all over the globe. We work with people from Dubai, the US, Singapore and the Philippines, and we’re proud to say that they are some of the best in their respective fields.

Different Types of Virtual Teams

Maybe you know that building a team that works remotely is a good idea for your business, but you don’t know what kinds of virtual assistants you should be hiring. There are various types of offshore teams based on the functions they fulfil. Here are a few of the most common types of virtual teams you can build today:

1. Marketing Team

Usually consists of: Graphic Designer, Content Writer, Social Media, Email

A virtual marketing team helps you execute marketing strategies for your business. They help you develop content, schedule them out and track performance. A virtual team dedicated to marketing your brand can help you grow a following on social media, drive traffic to your website and create sales for your business.

2. Technical Team

Usually consists of: Web Designer, Web Developer, eCommerce Manager, SEO Manager

When you want to build a website, perform search engine optimisation and even sell your products online, you’ll need a technical team. This kind of team helps you build online infrastructures like websites, online shops and so on. More often, you’ll need a few people on this team to work with you to make sure the technical aspects of your business are covered.

3. Customer Support Team

Usually consists of: Customer Support Manager, Support Representatives

After-sales staff provide a lot of value to a business. If you want to retain customers and make them loyal to your brand, you need to make sure that you have people who will be ready to take care of them. A virtual customer support team can help you do this. Customer service virtual assistants can help chat with or even call customers when they have concerns.

4. Operations Team

Usually Consists of: Administration Assistant, Fulfillment Officers, Project Managers

A virtual operations team makes sure that the gears of your virtual business keep turning. These people are in charge of managing the tasks of the team and make sure that things get done. Having a virtual team that focuses on operations assures you that things will run smoothly even when you are not around.

Virtual Teams Work!

We can definitely attest to the fact that teams that work remotely can also work well. Virtual employees can still be productive even when they work from home. One of the reasons why our organisation, Outsourcing Angel, continues to grow is because we have all of these four teams to help us run well and grow more and more. If you need help building a remote team like ours, we would love to help you out. Feel free to reach out to us anytime.

More and more businesses are starting to build virtual teams for their organisations. Having these four types of offshore teams helps you scale your organisation faster.

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