Trust and Outsourcing: Are they a Perfect Match?

Trust and Outsourcing: Are they a Perfect Match?

In my business, trust has become synonymous with outsourcing. This has become the case because most of the contractors come from overseas which means there is no way of knowing for sure if the one you are talking to can be trusted or at the very least, adhere to the contract. Therefore, I will let you in on some of my best-kept trade secrets in order to keep you from being on the losing end in the outsourcing gamble.

The first thing I would do with a prospective contractor is to conduct an interview. It can be very casual as I may not necessarily have expert knowledge in his field but I keep an open eye and a keen ear during the interview. There will be hints such as tone of voice and speed in response and that will tell you if the person can be trusted.

Second, I ask for samples of work. I do not usually go for archived work but more on the spot work. This is especially pertinent when dealing with writers. I give them a topic and ask them to write about it. This is a test of his efficiency and dedication to deadlines set.

Third, I do not pay upfront. Being the employer, it is our prerogative when and how to pay. If a contractor is demanding outright payment, he must be able to back it up with consistent work for me in the past before I can even consider it.

These are only a few of the tips I can give towards making any outsourcing business fruitful and profitable. Outsourcing and trust are like married couples, they need to be compatible in every aspect for their relationship to be successful.


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