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At Outsourcing Angel, we are all about constant improvement. Even the most seasoned and veteran VA will still have room for input and development and we’re serious about being a catalyst of growth for our Angels, constantly looking for ways to help in learning and applying new knowledge.

Two ways that we have formulated as a means of doing this is creating more professional one-on-one coaching opportunities and maintaining incident reports. How will these help our Angels grow and improve?

1. One-On-One Coaching Opportunities

At Outsourcing Angel we admit that there could have been some areas of improvement on our end. In the past, our coaching opportunities used to have no system, it was done on Skype in an informal way once we received feedback from a client.

But in an effort to upgrade this situation, we’ve now put in place a system for coaching by creating a coaching log for every time you’ve a meeting with us. This helps us assess with you the performances and opportunities for promotion as well. We intend to use the logs we’ve prepared also as reference for annual appraisals, bonuses, and increases in pay.

Our one-on-one coaching will be happening twice a month per VA. With this we hope to give our Angels the chance to grow and improve while also allowing them to find for themselves areas they can work on. The goal for each session is to be able to create an action plan to refine in areas where improvements can still happen and reflect on positive feedback given so we can continue to accomplish more together.

The Template of Our Coaching Log. What might the coaching log contain? Here’s a quick guide.

Basic Information: This section will include the coaching date, the time that you started with Outsourcing Angels and the current client/s you serve. This section will help us keep a reference to your current work.

Agenda for the meeting: This is the meat of our conversation. Here, we might talk about your love points, abiding to 3 cardinal rules, areas of improvement and so on.

Action Items and VAs commitment: In this section, we decide together what steps the VA might take to improve in the coming period.

Feedback on Outsourcing Angel. To set an example, we also open ourselves up to feedback from you. This will give us ideas on how to grow more. We want to serve you so you can serve your clients best!

After each coaching session, we send your log to your client to show our commitment to client to help each other in growth and improvement

2. Incident Reports

It’s easy for us to note an incident report as a negative thing. We’d love for you to see it as a tool that you can use to avoid situations where you are not at your best and your clients do not get the optimal value that you can offer. We don’t want to do this simply as a means of reprimand, but as a way to find areas of improvement.

What is in the Incident Report?

  • Respondent’s Information: This section contains the name and contact information of the complainant.
  • Details of Incident: The details are always recorded verbatim from the client. So if it’s in an email, we simply copy it and paste to our Incident Report. If it was communicated via call, we transcribed it word for word.
  • VA’s Response: We would like to give everyone the chance to air his side. For us to really make the most of mishaps is to see all angles and learn from it. We don’t want to be one-sided so we listen to the side of the VA as well.
  • Conclusion: This is where we determine the root issue and help you find a solution to the problem.

It’s also important to note that if no fault is found on the side of the VA, we will waive but keep a copy just for future reference.

Our commitment to growth is what has brought us to the place that we are all in today. We’re in this primarily for the good of our clients and our VAs. So we hope that you handle these two things with great regard and importance! You won’t regret making the most off these two moments. I guarantee it.

Charlotte Ramos

Charlotte is a Copywriting Virtual Assistant with over 10 years of experience in marketing content creation, search engine-optimised blog articles and website copy. She's one of our most valuable Angels with vast knowledge of the digital marketing landscape and business systemisation.