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Wendy Villar
General Manager
place-of-businessManila, Philippines

Alaila Alvarez
Graphic Designer
place-of-businessDumaguete, Philippines

Charyl Yanong
Recruitment Manager
place-of-businessDavao City, Philippines

Juvy Alvarez
Virtual Office Manager
place-of-businessDumaguete, Philippines

Desiree April L. Sunga
General VA
place-of-businessDumaguete City, Philippines

Estela Caluna
General VA
place-of-businessCebu, Philippines

Fiona Frances Clemente
Digital Marketing VA
place-of-businessCavite, Philippines

Virtual Assistant Testimonials

Patrick Mabilog , Marketing Co-ordinator
What I love most about my profession is that it gives me the chance to more work-life balance. I spend more time with my wife and daughters because we're practically always together. I also like the fact that I get to work with Australian clients. The culture in the Philippines can sometimes feel a bit too lax for me so I like being exposed to the excellence level of first world nations. Lastly, because we get paid in a stronger currency, the financial freedom allows me to save and invest very well. I'm on track to retire even before I hit 60 years old. Moreover, because of the financial surplus combined with the freedom of time. I spend a lot of my time giving back. We will be moving back to Bacolod mainly to volunteer in a new church plant where we will also be active in teaching Bible classes and I will also be preaching on Sundays on a fairly regular basis. All this only possible because of the career I have the privilege of having.
Desiree Sunga
What I love most about my career is that I get to be present in my daughter's life. Before Outsourcing Angel came into picture, I was supposed to go to Canada with my parents and leave my daughter and husband for quite a few years to work there. I did not want to pursue my nursing career here in our province since it is not ideal for me so the plan was to apply and work abroad. I was so apprehensive about the plan because my daughter was still too young and I did not want to leave her and grow up without me. But with Outsourcing Angel and working online, our plans changed and here we are now.
Cherry Novo
My favorite thing about my career is that I LOVE that I have great degree of control and freedom with my job. I work full-time on a flexible schedule, and my team trust me to provide high-quality work and results even if no one is watching. I work hard to maintain that level of trust, that keeps me engaged and excited but at the same time, I love that my job enables me to LOVE and ENJOY my other responsibilities in live - and that is y FAMILY
Rebecca Enriquez
My fave thing about my career is the great degree of control and freedome it gives me. I work part-time on a flexible schedule, and my client trusts me.

Facebook Reviews

Jen Boltiadorrecommends Outsourcing Angel.

I am really very glad I found Outsourcing Angel, an organization that truly cares. Words were not enough to explain how grateful I am to worked with OA. They had helped me a lot in terms of my career and most especially to financial aspect. Excellent Support, Great Team, On-time pay, understanding bosses- these are just some of the soooooo many good perks I’ve been enjoying with Outsourcing Angel. There was never a time that I felt I am just an employee, they always makes me feel " I am a Family".

A million thanks, Linh, Wendy, Charles and the rest of the OA Team.

Fiona Cruz Clementerecommends Outsourcing Angel.

Always grateful to OA for connecting me with my awesome client, Your Social Voice! OA is always committed to training and developing the personal and work-related skills of their VAs to better work with their clients. OA also has a fun, nurturing, and collaborative company culture which make it easier to connect with everyone despite the WFH setup.

Best of all, when you join OA, you get to participate in their love projects/initiatives to help communities in the PH by sharing, giving, and empowering the people in said communities.

Abegail Mae R. Losterecommends Outsourcing Angel.

It’s the best outsourcing company so far. I love how they trust me with more than one client. They also acknowledge your efforts and achievements. Would always recommend OA to my friends who’s looking for a job/client.

Anika Lapasaranrecommends Outsourcing Angel.

OA is one of the best company I’ve ever worked with. The management really cares for its people, especially now that we are experiencing pandemic. We are so bless that we still have a job despite staying at home.

Marie Canlasrecommends Outsourcing Angel.

I highly recommend OA for both clients and VAs. I’m happy to be part of such a great team that’s not shy in showing you that your efforts are appreciated and that your concerns are heard. I am also a witness to how good they take care of the client I’m assigned to, Ms Linh even featured my boss as a guest on her vlog! How cool is that?

Gary Losterecommends Outsourcing Angel.

I was so blessed and grateful to be part of Outsourcing Angel. It helps me to grow as a Virtual Assistant. I really love their company culture because they will treat you as a family.❤ I love what I do right now. Thank you so much, Outsourcing Angel for bringing out the best in me.

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