Hire Virtual Assistants in the Philippines

How do you get your business to grow and make its mark? You start by reducing operational costs, streamlining business processes, and implementing intelligent strategies that increase overall efficiency and productivity.

Hiring a virtual assistant from the Philippines can help you save valuable time and resources and allow you to scale your business to new heights. The immense flexibility and unmatched expertise offered by our services provide you with the freedom to focus your attention on core business operations.

With our angels, you can stay one step ahead of your competitors, increase productivity and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Don’t wait! Expand your business with virtual admin and marketing assistants who’ll instantly click with your team.

Hire a Virtual Assistant and save thousands in your business cost

Running a business is a rollercoaster. One minute, your team is winning business-changing deals. Next minute, you’re picking spam out of your inboxes. Where does your team find the time to execute or craft strategies?

Growth-orientated businesses outsource the tedious, time-consuming tasks that destroy their productivity. You can do the same!

See what virtual assistants can do >

Example Roles Annual cost of hire for
local Australian Assistant
Annual cost of hire for
Philippines Virtual Assistant
Marketing Assistant AUD$70,000 AUD$30,000 (save $40,000/yr)
Executive Assistant AUD$65,000 AUD$25,000 (save $35,000/yr)
Social Media Managers AUD$70,000 AUD$30,000 (save $40,000/yr)

How we help

You probably already knew that you could outsource to the Philippines for half as much or less than a local hire, but perhaps you worried there were strings attached to that. How would you manage someone abroad? How would you even begin to look for someone who’d work effectively with your team? But when you work with us, you don’t have to worry about any of that!


We only screen, interview and hire skilled offshore staff


We offer fast recruitment and replacement cover


We look after all HR, Payroll and Staff Bonuses


We monitor your VA’s performance and results


We provide on-going customer support


You can focus on the core of your business

Find the perfect Angel for you

We’ll match you with a Virtual Assistant with skills suited to your needs. Choose between a full-time or part-time VA to fit the demands of your business and schedule.


Executive Virtual Angel

An Executive Virtual Angel will keep your office running smoothly. They can take on administrative and marketing tasks, such as managing emails, scheduling appointments and delivering presentations.


Advanced Virtual Angel

As well as helping you stay on top of the admin, your advanced Virtual Angel can manage your social media platforms and keep you up to date with the latest trends. You can also count on an Advanced Virtual Angel to assist with basic content and video editing.


Specialist Virtual Angel

Specialist Virtual Angels can help bring your marketing campaigns to life as well as managing your admin. They have niche skills in areas such as graphic design, web developing, video editing and copywriting.

Our Packages

There are three ways in which our Virtual Angels can work with you.
These packages depend on the time required to complete the scope of work you need.



Systemise & Scale Up

from $2000 AUD /month

Let us systemise your business with scalable workflows, automation, digital tools and virtual staff in just 90 days.


Full Time

 from $2000 AUD /month

Welcome to paradise! Your angel
works with you for a blissful
40hrs per week


Part Time

from $1300 AUD /month

Experience more freedom
with a dedicated angel for
20hrs per week

Need help deciding?

Book a FREE Discovery Call with our Outsourcing Specialist for a 1-on-1 discussion about your needs.

Love the idea of hiring a virtual assistant in the Philippines but are unsure where to start? We’d be more than delighted to help you find the perfect virtual assistant best suited to meet all your business requirements. Let our angels help you expand your company and achieve all your goals, whether large or small. Simply book a free business discovery call with our outsourcing specialist for a one-on-one discussion about your needs and requirements.

A system that works:
Four steps
to success

Perhaps you’ve heard our competitors make the same claim. You’ve heard someone else say they can find the best VA for your needs. And maybe they can, but hiring the right VA for your business is an important step. However, it’s not where our journey ends. We’ve built our team around a 4-step system to effectively partner with your business and ensure your success beyond the recruitment stage and through the whole relationship with your VA.

GROW® with Outsourcing Angel

Outsourcing Angel specialises in hiring Filipino Virtual Assistants skilled in administrative work, social media and marketing. We have more than ten years of experience recruiting loyal, honest Virtual Assistants who want to work hard for their employers because we’ve matched them well.

And what sets us apart from other outsourcing agencies is our signature GROW® system:


You’ll be onboarded with our Operations Manager based in Australia. He’s managed remote teams for nearly a decade, so he and his team will be your guiding angels. They’ll ensure your company has everything in place to gain the most from outsourcing to the Philippines.

We’ll also provide you with additional resources like:


Client Resource Hub

Complete with templates, tools, checklists, procedures, guides and more


Virtual HQ Board

Purpose-built to help you document your processes for your Angel in an easy-to-use manner


VA Roadmap

Your step-by-step timeline to building your Angel up to become your helping hands, freeing you up to do what matters.


Should I hire a virtual assistant in the Philippines?

Hiring a virtual assistant in the Philippines is an efficient, productive, cost-effective way to help your company thrive. The duties of a virtual assistant include social media management, email management, data entry, and communicating with critical business stakeholders. VAs work from their home offices, offering a degree of flexibility that is not available to traditional employees. For instance, thanks to the time difference, VAs can manage live chats and inboxes for customer support.

Why are Filipinos the best virtual assistants?

Virtual assistants from the Philippines have a professional and dedicated work ethic that is hard to surpass. Filipinos are highly trained, educated and proficient in English, making them excellent communicators. This invaluable skill makes it easy for your virtual assistant to efficiently communicate with all your vendors and clients. Plus, we’ve found that Filipinos are hardworking, enthusiastic, loyal and trustworthy.

How do you work with a virtual assistant in the Philippines?

Flexibility is the new norm in the corporate world, with work-from-home models being adopted by numerous organisations across the globe. Once you’ve hired one of our highly skilled and trained angels, working with your new virtual assistant from the Philippines is no different than working with a traditional on-shore employee working from home. All you need to do is introduce them to the specific protocols followed by your organisation, and your angel will be ready to get started.

How much do I need to pay for a virtual assistant in the Philippines?

When paying a virtual assistant, there are a few things to consider. Most importantly, assess how many hours a week you need a virtual assistant to be on call. Then, consider how you will go about the hire — for instance, you can hire a virtual assistant in the Philippines yourself, or use an off-shore agency such as Outsourcing Angels.

If you’re hiring a virtual assistant on your own accord, there will be several overhead costs — such as insurance and supplies — that you will need to pay yourself. However, if you use our services, we’ll take care of these aspects and even provide you with a free placement cover and a week of free service if you’re not happy with the angel.

The last thing to think about is the required level of skill and expertise you need in your business. Depending on your requirements, you can choose from our three types of angels — executive VAs, advanced VAs and specialist VAs.

What types of businesses should hire a virtual assistant?

Digital marketing agencies that require online activities such as the community management of social media, the set-up of Google ads, blogging, content production and general administration tasks can benefit from hiring a virtual assistant in the Philippines. Other industries such as real estate, law, IT and accounting agencies may also opt to hire an off-shore virtual assistant.

If your business requires a dedicated resource to handle customer service requirements such as answering phone calls and handling client or vendor communications, a virtual assistant may also be suitable for you. Almost any type of business seeking to expand its online business presence can reap the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant in the Philippines.


While our Operations Manager prepares you to launch yourself to a new level of productivity, our six-step recruitment process will screen candidates for quality. We dig through the resumes so you don’t have to.

Strategy map

1. Strategy map

A Virtual Assistant who’s perfect for someone else might not be great for you. So we start with a Discovery Call to discuss everything you’re looking for in a Virtual Assistant.

Talent Screening

2. Talent screening

We have one of the most diverse talent pools of any recruitment agency. However, you won’t have to spend hours scrolling through resumes. Our HR specialists will cull those resumes for you.

Panel Interview

3. Panel interview

We won’t send you any resumes until we’re 100% of the fit. We get there by bringing together a panel of HR, operations and subject matter experts. The panel will pre-interview your strongest candidates.

Client Interview

4. Client interview

All that’s left is for you to decide on the Virtual Assistant who is the absolute best fit. We’ll send you the resumes of our shortlisted candidates. You give us the go-ahead and our HR Manager will organise interviews with your top three Virtual Assistant choices.


5. Orientation

Our General Manager will take your VA through orientation and onboarding. We’ll also handle the technical aspects so you don’t have to worry about a thing. This includes setting up platforms and systems to ensure your Virtual Assistant is ready for work from day one.

Support and Benefits

6. Support and benefits

Our team leader will take some of the training burden off your hands. With our help, your VA will get up to speed faster

With our assistance, you’ll be set up for a successful relationship from the moment you find your Angel.


We understand that recruiting a Virtual Assistant is only step one of the entire process (or in our case, step two!) Now your new hire needs to learn to work with you. Their ability to operate alongside you and your team determines their success in your company, as well as whether you hit the goals you set out to achieve.

That’s why we built a team of experts with decades of experience to help bridge the gap between you and your Virtual Assistant.


Virtual Office Manager

Our virtual office manager will oversee the communication between you and your VA through your preferred channels such as Slack or WhatsApp. They will work with you to make sure miscommunications and misunderstandings are kept to a minimum.

Regular check-ins

You’ll never be left on your own. We’ll be checking in on you (and your VA) regularly. We’ll also bring along resources to help, as well as recommendations and conduct a SWOT analysis for your business. Our check-ins also give us the opportunity to address any concerns you or your VAs may be having.


Access to our Subject Matter experts

Whether you need help with your Virtual Assistant or other business-related matters, our Subject Matter Experts are on-call to provide insight. With our guidance, you can create real-time freedom for yourself by evolving your Angel from a task-based employee to someone who can carry out decision-based work.


Outsourcing Angel cultivates a supportive environment for our Virtual Assistants.

Professional network

Professional network

Just as in large corporations, your Virtual Assistant is plugged into a network of VAs. They lean on each other’s expertise when they (or you) have a question.


Part of the family

Our Virtual Assistants are as much a part of our family as they’ll be a part of yours. We host team-building events and company trips, promoting high engagement and long-lasting relationships.


Attached to a mission

As a social enterprise, we encourage our Virtual Assistants to participate in our charitable work in the Philippines. They contribute towards helping communities rise above poverty. Our Virtual Assistants take pride in the contributions they’re able to make because they work for you.

What can Virtual Assistants do?

Executive Tasks


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Social Media

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Content Writing

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Customer Support

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Digital Marketing & Ads

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Advanced Tasks


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Social Media

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Content Writing

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Customer Support

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Digital Marketing & Ads

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Email Marketing

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Lead Generation

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Specialist Tasks

Web Development

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Social Media

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SEO and Content Writing

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Video & Audio

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Digital Marketing & Ads

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Email Marketing

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You’re 100% covered by our Client Happiness Guarantee!

We currently save our clients over 9,000 hours a month, thanks to our help in recruiting their perfect Virtual Assistant. That’s how we know our process works. But if for any reason your Virtual Assistant isn’t a right fit, we’ll find you another Angel at zero additional cost to you. That guarantee is lifetime — It doesn’t matter if you decide your VA isn’t a good fit in the first month or even two years down the track!

We’ll pause your service as we work with you to find a brand new Virtual Assistant. As part of our rehiring process, we’ll also cover an additional week of free service to allow your new Virtual Assistant time to transition into your business.

Hire a Virtual Assistant without the risk

For over 10 years, Outsourcing Angel has been training, recruiting, and managing Virtual Assistants. Our recruitment process guarantees that only the most qualified Virtual Assistants are recommended for employment.

If your business is ready to grow wings, book a Discovery Call with us today so we can find you an Angel.