Hire a Graphic Design Virtual Assistant with Outsourcing Angel

Recruiting and training a graphic design virtual assistant can be time-consuming and costly, with no guarantee of success. Outsourcing Angel offers virtual assistant graphic design services that take the pressure off you by handling every detail of recruiting, onboarding and managing your VA.

We only work with the best graphic design virtual assistants, so you can be confident that you’ll receive high-quality services. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you grow your business.


We look after the technical stuff!

We’ll take charge of orientation, onboarding and technical aspects such as access, platforms & systems.


Performance & results matter

Our Team Leaders oversee your VA’s work and communication with you to make sure your expectations are met.


1 week free & fast replacement

If for any reason you’re not happy with your VA, we’ll find you a new replacement fast and include 1 week of free VA Service to allow your new VA to settle in.

Examples of what a Graphic Design Virtual Assistant can do

Graphic Design Virtual Assistants can create simple designs using Canva or advanced design using software like Photoshop and InDesign. Depending on what you need these can support marketing campaigns, product launches, or even social media content.

Social Media Design

  • Design social media images

  • Design social media banners
  • Design profile photos
  • Design email campaigns
  • Design eBook cover images
  • Design video thumbnails
  • Design social media ads (according to your brief)
  • Create social media filters
  • Design infographics

Website Design

  • Landing page design

  • Design animated graphics and GIFs
  • Source and edit stock images
  • Design website banners

Print & Media Design

  • Email signature design
  • Design logos

  • Design product packaging
  • Design posters
  • Design business cards
  • Design flyers and pamphlets

What makes a great Graphic Design Virtual Assistant?

  • Creativity: Instead of just following the trend, your graphic designer should be able to use their creativity and flair to make you stand out with your visual content
  • Consistency: Your online and offline assets should be consistent and continue adding value to your brand
  • Communication: It’s imperative to have strong communication skills in order to ensure that your expectations are met

Social Media












How much does a Graphic Designer Virtual Assistant cost?

We hire qualified virtual assistants from the Philippines at a significantly lower cost than what you would spend on a local employee. Below are examples of the cost differences just for an annual full-time salary, but keep in mind that hiring a VA also saves you from over-head and new hire costs too.

Role Example

Annual cost of hire for local Australian Assistant (AUD)

Annual cost of hire for Philippines Virtual Assistant (AUD)

Junior Graphic Designer


$29,000 (save $34,360/yr)

Role Example

Annual cost of hire for local Australian Assistant (AUD)

Annual cost of hire for Philippines Virtual Assistant (AUD)

Graphic Designer


$39,870 (save $45,779/yr)

*excluding GST

Meet one of our Graphic Design Virtual Assistant

I’ve been a Graphic designer for 4 years for Outsourcing Angel. Aside from designing I am trained to project manage also and general tasks.

Key Skills

  • Project Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media Management
  • Video Editing
  • Transcribing

Work Experience

Project Management

  • Handling projects, such as Website projects, Social media post/banner design projects, Printing design projects etc.
  • Making sure projects are completed on time and can communicate with clients well.
  • Knows how to listen and cares about the opinions of the team.
  • Keeping notes of the project deadline to know what project to prioritise.
  • Willing to learn more


  • Scheduling social media posts using Later.com or SocialPilot
  • Basic editing skills using Filmora

Team Leader Skills

  • Checking VA’s reports
  • Handling weekly and monthly meeting check
  • Making sure VAs don’t have problems working with their clients
  • Schedule team workshops for all
  • Handling clients’ concerns about the VA

Designing Skills

  • Design social media posts and covers (IG, FB, Youtube, and LinkedIn)
  • Print designs such as a brochure, flyers, postcards, business cards and etc
  • Ad banner designs – Newsletter design
  • Logo designs

How do I hire a Graphic Design Virtual Assistant today?


Discovery Call

Book a free Discovery Call and tell us everything you need so that we can create a custom Virtual Assistant Recruitment Strategy for you.


Meet your assistant

Our HR Manager will recruit and facilitate VA Interviews until you find the virtual assistant that ticks all your boxes.


Start delegating

We’ll onboard, train and set up your VA on all the relevant platforms so that they’re ready for you to delegate tasks from day dot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I hire a graphic design virtual assistant in the Philippines?

There are many benefits to hiring a graphic design virtual assistant in the Philippines. 

  • They can provide high-quality services at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time graphic designer.
  • They offer a flexible schedule and quick turnaround times. Virtual assistants also have a wealth of experience and can offer valuable insights into the graphic design process.
  • They help to build your brand and expand your business. A graphic design virtual assistant is an excellent option if you are considering our virtual assistant graphic design services.

How do you work with a graphic design virtual assistant in the Philippines?

All interactions with our VAs take place online because they work from home. Once you’ve recruited one of our highly qualified angels, all they need to do is follow your business’s protocols, and they’re good to go!

How much should I pay my Filipino graphic design virtual assistant?

There are a few factors to consider for an appropriate compensation package:

  • How often do you need their services? If you only need a graphic designer occasionally, you may not need to pay them as much as you would if you needed their services daily or weekly. 
  • What’s their level of expertise and experience? More experienced and skilled designers typically command higher salaries than less experienced ones. 
  • Do you need to purchase any tools or materials to complete your project? If so, you will need to factor the cost of these into your budget. 

Our compensation rates at Outsourcing Angels range from $1500 to $5000 per month, depending on the difficulty of the role.

Do I pay taxes if I hire a graphic design virtual assistant in the Philippines?

No. When a company employs a graphic design VA in the Philippines, there are no tax repercussions. Any tax obligations are the VA’s responsibility.

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