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A number of companies and business owners have made use of Virtual Assistants for the convenience and overall success of their business. This has been a fast growing trend but there are still other industries that have not fully understood what benefits they can get out of hiring a VA.

One particular industry that has yet to completely comprehend the positive synergies of bringing in a VA is the Financial Industry.

Businesses and companies belonging to the industry are diverse and wide-ranging, therefore the tasks and jobs are also subdivided into several categories.

Most of these are tedious and repetitive tasks and with the technology present today, some of these tasks can be done remotely successfully and effectively. This is why several companies are employing VAs instead of looking for bigger spaces to rent.

Here are tasks for your Financial Industry Virtual Assistant:

Administrative Duties

  • Take inbound calls from clients about inquiries, transactions and customer support
  • Respond to emails and forwarding important emails to employers
  • Transcribe documents, mail letters as necessary and take pertinent notes
  • Make outbound calls to clients for updates, transactions etc.

Personal Assistance

  • Book and handle travel arrangements, car rentals and hotel accommodations for conferences or out of town/overseas meetings
  • Organise meetings, work and personal calendar activities

Marketing Support

  • Website maintenance and coordinate with other VAs and regular staff like writers, graphic artists and designers
  • Set up PowerPoint presentations and spreadsheets for reports, charts and graphs

Professional Support

  • Bank Details and Invoicing
  • Accounting (Payables & Receivables)
  • Handle business transactions or purchases and keep track of receipts
  • Bookkeeping – follow up on outstanding invoices or unpaid bills

Technical Support

  • Handle website maintenance and updates or coordinate with the I.T. Staff when necessary Operational Tasks
  • Being present during meetings to take down notes
  • Research relevant industry-related news or advancements
  • Recruit other VAs to build a strong and effective virtual team
  • Handle scheduling and delegate daily tasks
  • File and label documents digitally
  • Database Entry

A Virtual Assistant with the right training, adequate skills and competent background can be a great fit for these types of tasks. Your company is guaranteed to benefit from this deal because your investment outlay will be minimised. Why? You don’t need to rent an office space for your assistant or employees because the VA works remotely. You also do not need to purchase company laptops/computers because they have their own device to work with.

Basically, any type of company from any industry can benefit from hiring a Virtual Assistant.

The success of your business is largely influenced by the behavior and actions by the people behind the company. Entrepreneurs need to consider a number of factors when hiring a VA but they need to consider the magnitude of benefits that comes along with incorporating a VA into one’s business.

Use your knowledge, background and expertise when it comes to the essential aspects of your business and don’t forget to bring in all the help that you need from your VAs.

Charlotte Ramos

Charlotte is a Copywriting Virtual Assistant with over 10 years of experience in marketing content creation, search engine-optimised blog articles and website copy. She's one of our most valuable Angels with vast knowledge of the digital marketing landscape and business systemisation.