What can Virtual Assistants do?

Virtual assistants can handle pretty much any task that you or your team would otherwise handle. This includes everything from managing your social media schedule, customer support tickets and day-to-day administration.

So rather than asking, “What can a Virtual Assistant do?” you should instead ask yourself “How can a virtual assistant bring the most value to my company?”

To help you answer this question, here’s the ultimate list of all the tasks you can outsource to a virtual assistant.


Administration Virtual Assistant

Administration Virtual Assistants help with the backend tasks that keep your business running day-to-day. They are one of the most diverse assistants because they can switch between different functions and cover the entire business if necessary! From managing your calendar to handling clients, it’s the perfect support you can get for entrepreneurs and business owners.


Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant

Bookkeeper Virtual Assistants are responsible for recording the day-to-day financial information for your business. With their help, you’ll be able to stay up-to-date with money coming in and out of your business, follow-up with any outstanding payments and preparing financial reports.

Our Bookkeeper Virtual Assistants are able to assist you in basic bookkeeping tasks. However, if you require advanced bookkeeping and accounting such as preparing and lodging your BAS and forecasting costs, we recommend speaking to our partners at Financial Finatics


Copywriter Virtual Assistant

Copywriter Virtual Assistants can help with creating content for your online platforms. From your website messaging to email marketing and social media they can support existing content teams or work on their own to manage your internal communications by creating transcriptions and meeting minutes.


Customer Support & Lead Generation Virtual Assistant

From supporting your existing customers, to attracting new ones to your business, you can hire a virtual assistant to make sure you have the right amount of touchpoints in your business. That way you’ll always provide an excellent customer service, and have enquiries responded to in a timely manner.


Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant

It’s important to always maintain a presence online with your business, but that can be time consuming. A digital marketing virtual assistant can not only help with scheduling in content and advertising campaigns but reply to customers through social media or other online platforms.


Graphic Design Virtual Assistant

Graphic Design Virtual Assistants can create simple designs using Canva or advanced design using software like Photoshop and InDesign. Depending on what you need these can support marketing campaigns, product launches, or even social media content.


Social Media Virtual Assistant

Social media can act as the persona for your business, but to represent your brand you need to be active! A social media virtual assistant can help you remain present and active on your channels, improving engagement, content creation, and scheduling.


Video & Audio Virtual Assistant

For those who need support with video marketing and content, a video and audio virtual assistant can help make that process much simpler. From editing videos to moderating and responding to comments, you can reclaim your time and reduce the workload of launching new videos.


Website Virtual Assistant

Your website is like a digital storefront which means it can be the first impression of your business or personal brand. That’s why it needs to be properly maintained and updated to reflect exactly who you are, and what you stand for. A website virtual assistant can not only help with the visibility or ranking strategy but also updating content, responding to customers, and keeping things updated.

Website Management

  • SEO Keyword Research

  • Update site pages
  • Upload blog articles
  • Manage blog comments
  • Manage and update eCommerce catalog
  • Set-up LiveChat
  • Manage and update website plugins
  • Troubleshoot website issues
  • Updating HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Update RSS feeds

Hire a Virtual Assistant without the risk

For over 10 years, Outsourcing Angel has been training, recruiting, and managing Virtual Assistants. Our recruitment process guarantees that only the most qualified Virtual Assistants are recommended for employment.

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