Hiring a virtual assistant or also known as ‘VA ‘can be your company’s greatest decision for many reasons. Aside from its practicality in terms of budget, having a VA or virtual staff is as good as hiring an office employee but with the perks of being able to work from the comfort of your own home.

In this day and age when the internet is powerful enough to bridge the gap between any two or group of individuals all over the world via simple chat app like Skype or Google Hangouts, you can do business transactions as easy as how you do it face-to-face. Managing a staff of virtual assistants would be as profitable and productive as having an office assistant. Just make sure you have a steady connection and you’re good to go. You can connect with your VA anytime and anywhere you may be with a click of a button from your laptop or your phone.

Today, more and more companies (small to mid-sized and even corporations) are hiring virtual assistants to help them with different responsibilities whether it be research and content writing, maintaining social pages, designing and developing a website, among others. There are many skilled VA’s online that can multitask, which makes them the best option for business owners seeking for help in their daily routine.

So what can you expect out of hiring a VA?

1) They can help you make travel arrangements, schedule your meetings, and answer your emails and calls. Virtual assistants are very skilled in administrative tasks and can ease up your stress by doing these tasks for you.

2)  VAs can do events planning, meet with important clients in your behalf, and even do bookkeeping tasks. If you’re too busy on business matters, this is where your virtual staff can come in handy. No need to reschedule your appointments as you have a trusty representative to do these for you.

3) VAs can also help you update your website’s content, monitor your social pages’ performance, and update them for you. If you’re a non-techy person, you will find a virtual staff handy for this type of task. Delegate your social media marketing with your virtual assistant.

4) They can also help you implement marketing strategies while you talk to important clients and/or make serious business decisions.

5) You can expect a virtual assistant to help you create reports and other important documents you need to present your client.

In a nutshell, building a team of VAs can be as productive as having an office-based team without the added expenses of actually having an office space. It is your practical solution to get more manpower and get more things done without going over the budget.

Here at Outsourcing Angel, our team will work on finding the best Angel that match your requirements. We do the hard work of filtering through the large pool of candidates, interview them and make sure they are a perfect fit for you.  Our promise is to provide you with only the highest quality VE.

To learn about our process, please check our How It Works page for information. If you still require help, please do not hesitate to call and speak to one of our friendly consultant on 02 8073 5968!


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