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Everything you need to know about Instagram’s Threads App

What is Instagram’s Threads App?

Instagram’s new Threads app, has just been launched to over 100 countries for iOS and Android and it already garnered over 70 million sign ups within the first 48 hours of launch according to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself.

Threads App allows you to:

  • Post text updates (Threads) including up to 500 characters
  • Text updates can include links, images, videos (up to 5 minutes), GIFs or a combination
  • You can like, comment, share, quote or repost other Threads which will show up on your follower’s feeds
  • You can add the post to your Instagram Story or post the thread to your Instagram feed
  • You can use the search bar at the top to search for other accounts (at this stage you can’t search for certain topics or hashtags)

Here’s an example of what a Threads profile page looks like:

And here’s what a Threads feed looks like:

The Threads feed currently includes real-time updates from:

  • Threads from the people you follow
  • Threads that the people you follow have liked, replied, shared or reposted
  • Threads from other accounts that the algorithm has decided may be relevant to you based on your activity on the app

And if you see something you don’t like, you can easily just click on the three dots on their post to ‘mute’ or ‘unfollow’ the Threader.

How do you sign up for Threads?

  1. Download the Threads App in your App Store
  2. Login and import data from your existing Instagram account
  3. Your profile is now set-up and your feed will be populated with ‘Threads’ from people you follow and accounts they interact with.

Why is Threads so popular?

Seamless integration with Instagram

One of the best features of Threads is the seamless integration with Instagram. When you download the Threads App, you can simply import all your existing Instagram profile information including: username, followers, and blocked list and start using the app immediately instead of starting from zero. 😉

Less time and effort to Thread

Text-based updates on Threads requires a lot less time and effort to compose compared to Instagram content like reels, carousels and images.

This makes it easy to contribute to conversations and share your ideas in real-time, which is a breath of fresh air for all the content creators and social media managers that usually spend hours editing and curating their content!

Creating a Thread can be done within minutes and there are no hashtags necessary so you can be an opinion leader as fast as you can type!

Why should you create a Threads account?

If you’re a business owner, influencer, or a social media manager, here are the reasons why you should create a Threads account ASAP!

A new way to connect with your Instagram followers

Being a brand new app, Threads brings a sense of novelty and freshness. This can pique the interest and curiosity of followers that may have been inactive with your Instagram content for a while.

By reigniting this interest through a new touchpoint like Threads, it can lead to increased engagement and a stronger connection with your audience in a more casual and conversational way.

Early adopter advantage

By being one of the first users on Threads, you can establish yourself and build a connection with your niche before the platform becomes overly saturated with users. 👀

Threads is currently unpolluted by advertisements, sponsored content and meticulously curated posts. This means there’s less noise and clutter, making it the ideal opportunity for you to be more visible to your followers and like-minded accounts.

As Threads continue to update their algorithm and crawl all the content you’ve shared on your profile, you may have the advantage of being prioritised in other people’s feeds!

Multi-channel presence

Establishing a presence on multiple social media platforms strengthens your overall brand presence and visibility. It allows you to diversify your reach while adapting your content to suit the unique setup of Instagram vs Threads vs any other platform you’re active on.

It also allows you to differentiate yourself, showcase your versatility, and stay ahead of the curve with your audience. 👌

Opportunity to get ahead of your competitors

Right now, your competitors may have just joined the platform, so there’s less competition compared to more established platforms. If you’re on Threads early and more active than your competitors, you have the advantage of showing up to potential leads and new followers.

How to use Threads for your social media strategy

There’s currently no right or wrong way to be a Threader. As a fresh social media platform, you’re the one that sets your own strategy, which will definitely involve some trial and error.

To get you started, here are some key learnings we’ve picked up after using Threads on launch week:

Don’t repost your Instagram content

Right now, your competitors may have just joined the platform, so there’s less competition compared to more established platforms. If you’re on Threads early and more active than your competitors, you have the advantage of showing up to potential leads and new followers.

People are NOT signing up to Threads only to see the exact same content you’re already sharing on your Instagram account. Reposting the exact same content is only going to lead to redundancy and user fatigue.

Instead, focus on providing a fresh perspective or unique insights and experiences to captivate your audience in a new way (if you’re stuck on Thread ideas, we’ve listed some further down in this article!)

Don’t be overly-promotional

Threads prioritises community engagement and users that are attracted to the platform want a break from the promotional noise found on Instagram and Facebook. Being overly promotional can disrupt the community-building atmosphere and potentially turn off your followers that are seeking authentic interactions.

Instead, the best way you can promote yourself is by sharing a Thread that is going to add value to others, make them want to engage with you or share it with their own Thread community.

A good example of this is the way Jay Shetty sharing motivational quotes and encouraging his followers to share it with others. By doing this, he has indirectly promoted his Thread through shareable content.

Your Thread replies matter!

Unlike Instagram, when you leave a comment on someone else’s Thread, this reply may show up in your follower’s feed. If you want to join a Thread, we suggest sharing your genuine thoughts to offer real value to readers, rather than tossing out generic statements like “Great post!” because every interaction counts.

If you keep leaving generic comments all the time, you might end up getting muted or unfollowed. So, put effort into a thoughtful comment to stay connected with your audience and the original Threader.

Show a different side to yourself or your brand

If your Instagram posts are business-focused, use your Threads as a channel to share a different side of yourself, such as personal content. If that’s what Zuck is doing, then that’s probably what’s going to work well on Threads!

Sharing personal experiences, stories, and moments allows you to connect with your audience on a deeper level and humanises your online presence. By inviting Threaders into this part of your life, you’re inviting them to relate to you on a more personal and emotional level.

Consider the real estate of the Threads feed

When your Thread posts occupy a larger space in the Threads feed, it naturally attracts more attention from scrolling users, so they’re more likely to stop and interact with it.

So try formats such as lists, bullet points and clear spacing that take up more screen real estate. Don’t be afraid to use emojis too! 💯

Choose engaging visuals

Visual content often performs better than text-only because it stands out on the feed. Try to include eye-catching images, videos or GIFs that grab attention and enhance the overall message of your post.

And the best part? It doesn’t need to be a photo of you!

You can easily find a meme, GIF or pop culture reference that can increase the shareability of your Thread and make the post more memorable.

Share your Thread to Instagram or Twitter

Click the share icon underneath your Thread to see the above options. This allows you to:

  • Add to your Instagram Stories
  • Share your Thread on Twitter via a Tweet

By occasionally cross-promoting your Threads on various platforms, you provide your followers with a glimpse of the valuable content they can expect from your Thread account. This enticing preview can be just the encouragement they need to create their own account and follow your page. 👍

Encourage participation

Engage your audience and encourage them to participate in the conversation. Ask thought-provoking questions, request opinions or personal stories related to the content. User-generated content is often highly shareable, as it fosters a sense of ownership and connection.

Leverage from other pages

If you see another page sharing a popular Thread, join the conversation and leverage off the Thread momentum with a reply that’s going to get you noticed.

A great example of that is Starbucks replying to Doordash and other accounts with their own witty comments.

Be active when your followers are active

Consider the timing and frequency of your posts. Share content when your audience is most active and likely to engage. You should already be able to see this data in your Instagram Insights.

Stay engaged with your followers

Respond to comments, messages, and shares of your posts. Engaging with your audience shows that you value their participation and encourages them to continue sharing your content. It also increases the chance of your Thread appearing in your follower’s feeds again.

Let your personality shine

Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine! Being funny, relatable, vulnerable and just showing your personality helps your brand stand out. It creates a distinct brand identity that people can associate with your content, making it more memorable and shareable.❣️

Threads post ideas for businesses and influencers

#1 Re-introduce yourself

Just because you’ve been on Instagram for a while, doesn’t mean that your Thread followers will know your story. Even existing followers might appreciate a reminder or a refresher. Plus, by reintroducing yourself or your story, you reignite their interest and spark engagement.

You can do this through storytelling or sharing a post like codiesanchez about where she was 10 years ago vs now.

#2 Initiate conversations using Threads

When you initiate conversations and seek input from your Thread followers, you foster a sense of community. By replying and showing that you read and value their perspectives, you’re creating a space where people feel heard and connected.

This promotes a positive and inclusive environment which can be different from what you offer on Instagram.

You can do this by starting a Thread about:

  • Trivial or thought provoking questions
  • Debatable/controversial topics
  • Current news/events
  • Asking for input, advice or personal experiences
  • Asking to finish a sentence or story
  • Questions that help you get to know your followers

#3 Bite-sized tips and advice

Bite-sized advice and tips are quick to read and easy to digest which is perfect for a text-based platform like Threads. Try to think of practical tips or suggestions that your followers can implement immediately in their lives or work. Take your time and think of something that is unique to you, so that you can be the original thought leader. 💡

If your page usually shares longer form content such as blog articles, podcasts or YouTube videos, creating bite-sized Thread tips from these materials can complement your longer-form content as well as keep your presence fresh and appealing to different types of followers on different platforms.

Remember you can also add clickable links in your Threads too! 👍

#4 Sneak peeks

Sneak peeks or hinting towards an upcoming event, product or project can generate buzz and excitement around your upcoming releases. If your Thread followers get a first preview of something, not only do you pique their interest, but you also create a sense of exclusivity and community.

This can help you expand your reach and attract new followers who want to be the first to know!

#5 Exclusive content

To further reward your Thread followers for their loyalty and encourage others to actively follow you across multiple platforms, give them access to unique content. An example could be an unseen footage/content that is exclusive to your Thread account.

When your followers get exclusive content or products, it motivates them to stay tuned and follow your Thread updates more closely. This fear of missing out can drive engagement, increase anticipation, and ultimately lead to conversions or sales.

#6 Behind the scenes

Sharing snippets of what you do behind-the-scenes on Threads that you wouldn’t normally share on Instagram such as your challenges, successes and creative processes, can captivate your audience and bring your brand to life.

These behind-the-scenes Threads make your content more relatable. More importantly, your Threads followers will feel like they’re part of your community.

#7 Funny and relatable posts

Funny and relatable content such as memes, GIFs or relatable quotes has the potential to go viral on Threads because when people find something funny or relatable, they often feel compelled to share it with their friends and followers.

This can lead to your content spreading rapidly, attracting new Thread followers, and increasing your overall reach. 📈

This type of content also helps shape your brand personality and differentiates you from competitors. It allows you to infuse your own unique style of humour and showcase your brand’s tone and values. All of these helps in building a distinct brand identity that stands out in a crowded social media landscape.

#8 Repost other Threads

Reposting a Thread to your own followers gives you an opportunity to curate and highlight content that you believe is also relevant to your audience.

It also demonstrates that you value the content and perspectives of the original Threader, which can help you foster positive relationships and connections with them too. 🤗

#9 Share milestones

Share and celebrate significant milestones, anniversaries, or achievements with your Thread followers. This can include anything from a work anniversary, follower milestone or getting in your 10,000 daily steps. By celebrating wins—big and small—you’re encouraging others to join in on your joy and experiences.

#10 Share customer/client feedback

Share stories or reviews from a happy client or customer or showcase their achievements, such as before-and-after results. This helps demonstrate your credibility and promote your business and brand—without being overly promotional. 😉

How to manage your Threads account

Managing multiple social media platforms can be overwhelming, leaving little time for your important and strategic tasks. This is where outsourcing your Threads account to a virtual assistant can be a game-changer.

By having a dedicated staff member such as a virtual assistant manage your Threads account, they’ll be focused in using the app day-in and day-out in order to cultivate a deep understanding of its features, best practices, and updates. This ensures that your business and brand is always active and staying ahead of your competitors.

Your Threads virtual assistant can curate and create content in advance. So your account can remain active—even when you’re occupied with other tasks. It’s almost like being in two places at once!

Engagement is a vital aspect of a successful Threads strategy, and a virtual assistant can respond to relevant Threads, comments and mentions in a timely and authentic manner. This is how you get a head start on cultivating a loyal and interactive community on this new platform.

If you’re looking for a skilled social media virtual assistant that can empower you to streamline your social media presence while staying on top of all your platforms, we highly encourage booking a Discovery Call with our Outsourcing Expert today.

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