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There are pitfalls when it comes to scaling and systemizing any business. If you aren’t aware of these, then you run the risk of falling and plateauing your business. I’m gonna share with you the 5 Pitfalls that you need to avoid, so you don’t become stuck in your business, hitting a ceiling with your time, your profits and ultimately the impact that you’re going to be able to make. Now, these are the few pitfalls that I have made before; in fact, these are pitfalls that I see all my clients have made and these are the things that are keeping them stuck in their business.

1st Pitfall: D-I-Y It

You want to do it all by yourself.

The reason why this is so dangerous is because your efforts are limited. You can only produce so much in the time and effort that you have, so unless you are able to hire somebody else to help you, your income will always be restricted based on your time, your energy and your resources.

“You can always find someone who can do what you can, and maybe even better than you can.”

2nd Pitfall: No Systematic Documentation

This is the biggest mistake that most entrepreneurs make. 

Many entrepreneurs don’t document their processes in a systematic way. This makes it extremely difficult to recruit, train, manage and retain talent. If you do, however, have these processes in place, then it is easy to recruit a virtual assistant to help you out because you know exactly what they need to do. You’re able to train them easily with little effort and you’re able to manage them better because they understand what your expectations are. It’s all in black and white. In addition, with systematic documentation, it is also so much easier to be able to retain your virtual staff, because your expectations have already been set and managed.

“This is why systematically documenting your low-value processes are important, so you will be able to hire more and more people, so your business can grow and continue to run on autopilot.”

3rd Pitfall: Staying Out of Their Genius Zone

This pitfall is one of the most heartbreaking.

Most business owners don’t stick to their genius. I now know what exactly my genius zone is, my genius is to look at a process and to systemize it by automating or delegating the tasks away from the business owner. This allows the business owner to grow, all while staying in their genius zone.

My genius zone isn’t speaking on this stage, so I will stick within my genius zone and everything else, I delegate or automate. Stop doing the stuff that drains you of your energy, creativity and that you suck at. Just double down on your strengths and just find others who can do what you’re weak at.

“The task that you procrastinate the most on in your business is the very one that you should outsource.”

 4th Pitfall: Being The Control Freak

Many business owners are so caught up in doing everything on their own, that when it comes to expanding their team, they struggle to let go. They become so consumed with having control over everything in the business that they keep themselves stuck doing low-value tasks that can be done by somebody else. Even worse, they become the worst micromanager, leading to a higher turnover rate.

So, when you are able to identify low-value tasks, systemize them to produce predictable results. When you delegate or automate your systems and processes, you free up your time to do the more important things, like be with your family or focus on scaling your business.

5th Pitfall: Lack of A Review Process

Finally one of the critical factors of why businesses aren’t growing or don’t grow in a predictable manner is because they do not review their systems. Now when you have systems and processes in place, what happens is some people become complacent and just leave it to run. They don’t optimize it and you can actually find that productivity goes down. But if you continuously review your systems and your processes, not only will your productivity continue to grow, you’ll actually start finding more time and more freedom to spend with your loved ones.

These problems are easily addressed. Don’t worry if you recognise that you’ve entered these pitfalls, because there is an easy solution at hand. I am a firm believer in delegating and automating as much of your business as you can, especially in the low-value tasks, tasks that a skilful and dedicated virtual assistant can do for you. If you’re interested in finding out more about how an Outsourcing Angel virtual assistant can help you scale and systemize your business, have a chat with us today. Let us help you climb out of these pitfalls.

Charlotte Ramos

Charlotte is a Copywriting Virtual Assistant with over 10 years of experience in marketing content creation, search engine-optimised blog articles and website copy. She's one of our most valuable Angels with vast knowledge of the digital marketing landscape and business systemisation.