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The workplace is evolving. Or you could even say disappearing. With the rise of technologies that allow for better collaboration, communication and management on the cloud, more and more companies are switching over to a remote set-up.

If someone told you a little over a decade ago that you could revamp your agency set-up and have team members work from anywhere, you’d have thought the idea was absurd. But increasingly, the benefits to getting remote staff are presenting themselves to agency leadership and business owners. The best part, Outsourcing Angel is here to help your agency reap those benefits.

So, why should you build an agency with remote staff? Administrative, creative and even managerial staff can now work for your agency from anywhere in the world. All you need to make it happen is reliable internet connection and a trusty gadget. Here are four extremely high-value benefits from having a virtual team.

1. Less Overhead

Think about all the overhead expenditures that you shell out on a regular basis. Costs of office renovation, rent, electricity, utilities, coffee, equipment and so on. The list of expenses could go up to as high as five digits a month for your agency. Imagine how much money you would save by switching to a remote set-up. And with that money, you can hire more virtual talents, scale your agency or even take it in as a net profit for yourself and everyone else on the team!

2. Access to the Best Talent

What if the best graphic designer for your company was somewhere in the Philippines? Or the most fitting project manager somewhere in Europe? If you had to only work with people from your city, you’d never be able to get the best talent your company needs. Having a remote team allows you to tap the best that the world can offer and find the people you need to scale your business.

3. More Productivity

A study published by Harvard Business Review shows how Ctrip’s call centre employees were able to take up 13.5% more calls when they worked from home. Allowing workers to operate from anywhere gives them the liberty to work in the environment they work best in, whether it’s a coffee shop, by the beach or in their own living room. Moreover, it also allows them to save time often spent in commute, which can account for as much as a tenth of a person’s work day.

4. Better work-life balance

Having a remote set-up also makes for better work-life balance amongst team members and therefore makes for happier team members. There’s nothing more fulfilling than being that agency that is filled with positive and delighted staff members. And not just that. Having happy employees also helps your agency save money! Einar Westerlund, QCVB Project Development Director, shares that the business cost of every disengaged employee is about $10,000. When your staff is happy, you’re happy. So everyone’s happy!

The new territories of getting remote staff

It’s no secret that getting remote staff is still a risk. But just like anything that’s worth it in life, the risk can outweigh the benefits when done right. The trick is getting the right support. At Outsourcing Angel, we help provide that support to companies who want to reap the benefits of creating remote teams that will help them achieve more. Talk to us if you’re interested in building your remote team today!

VA Writer: Patrick Mabilog
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