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There is so much wonder in technology today. One of the many benefits is the expansion of our potential workforce. Now your company can hire professionals from any part of the world and have them work virtually. Unlike before, we now have the capacity to work with the best people no matter where they’re from.

At Outsourcing Angel, we’ve found a lot of success in working specifically with Filipinos. Time and time again, virtual assistants from the Philippine have proven to be some of the most talented and trustworthy virtual staff. We have high confidence in our Filipino staff and trust them immensely. 

If you’re looking to hire virtual employees, you should highly consider working with a Filipino one. Here are five reasons why working with Filipino virtual assistants is a great idea.

Reason #1. Great Work Ethic

Filipinos generally have proven to have great work ethic. They’re hard working and are able to remain professional. That’s not to say that they’re perfect, but most of the Filipino virtual assistants we have hired showed great grit and perseverance and will get the job done when we need them to. It is also not difficult to find great reviews from people who have enjoyed working with Filipino virtual employees. In Gulf News, one comment was made saying, “Filipinos are some of the most hard-working people around.”

Reason #2. Competitive Wages

The average starting salary of a Filipino professional ranges anywhere between $280-300. That might not seem like a whole lot to them, but people in first world countries can definitely meet that rate and even multiply it! At Outsourcing Angel, we make it a practice to pay much higher than the normal Philippine wage and it’s given us some great results. Some of our virtual assistants in Outsourcing Angel actually live extremely comfortable lives. Many of them are able to purchase houses, cars and raise families on the wages we pay them.

Reason #3. Good English

The British Council notes that the Philippines boasts one of the highest English proficiency in the world with majority of its population having at least some degree of fluency in the language. More than 14 million Filipinos are fluent in English. This makes them highly favoured to be hired by western countries. Because they’re great at English, communication is rarely ever an issue. The Business Process Outsourcing industry is one of the biggest sources of employment in the Philippines. This is because Filipinos can converse very well in English when taking inbound and outbound calls.

Reason #4. High Creativity and Talent

The Philippines have some of the most amazing marketers, creatives, administrators and managers we’ve seen. Because they’re so hungry to learn and grow, they’re constantly acquiring skills that enable them to provide so much value to businesses. Some Filipino virtual assistants can even excel at the same level or even greater than people in developed countries! Nations have been known to outsource work to Filipinos because of how talented they are.

Reason #5. Warm and Pleasant Culture

Many Filipinos love doing administrative, clerical and repetitive work – work that I’ve found many people in western countries find dreary and boring. Generally, they have great attention to detail as well. Our Filipino virtual assistants are also very tech savvy and are constantly learning and applying new software that helps them work smart and get things done.

Hire Filipino Virtual Assistants Today

Getting Filipino virtual assistants can prove to be a decision that will highly benefit your business or department. If you want to work with a Filipino but don’t know where to start, we would love to connect you with some of the best virtual assistants you can find. When you choose to work with the best, you will get to experience the best results! Have a chat with us today to find out how working with the best will benefit your business in multiple ways!

Charlotte Ramos

Charlotte is a Copywriting Virtual Assistant with over 10 years of experience in marketing content creation, search engine-optimised blog articles and website copy. She's one of our most valuable Angels with vast knowledge of the digital marketing landscape and business systemisation.