Company Culture

At Outsourcing Angel, we call our remote family our Angel Nation 😇 and we’re proud to create a happy work-from-home life for our Virtual Angels and their families.

Company culture is important to us and we invest in the happiness of our Angels, our relationship with one another and believe in rewarding great work.

How We Look After Our Angels

Something we really pride ourselves on is our company culture which stems from the on-going
benefits and support that we provide for your VA.

Annual Company Trips

To bring our Aussie and Philippines Team together, we organise an annual company trip where we can get to know each other better and just relax.

Angel Academy

Our VAs and clients receive exclusive access to Angel Academy. This is our ultimate resource hub that we continually update with our recommended tools, apps, templates, guides and tutorial videos to help you succeed online.

Volunteering Opportunities

Since we donate our company profits to charity initiatives in the Philippines. Our VAs and Aussie staff have the opportunity to do rewarding and hands on volunteer work.

Monthly Meet-ups

Most of our VAs are located in the Philippines where we organise monthly meet-ups in-person and online so we can bond over things outside of work too.

Mentorship & Coaching

Each week, our VA teams implement an organised system of check-ins to discuss any professional or personal challenges

Company Chats & Groups

Our VAs communicate daily via our Slack Channels and Facebook Groups. Our active community discusses everything from work to family!

Pre-paid Healthcare Card

Our VAs receive a health voucher with $2,500 for emergency health care services. This can be used at their local hospital with no need for cash outs to cover the expenses.

VA Workshops

Our experienced and qualified VAs also hold online or in-person workshops so that we learn and grow together.

Angel Points

Every VA is assigned to a team and team members earn ‘Angel Points’ for completing activities.

Angel Nation

Angel Nation is a community and we build close relationships with each other through:

  • Annual company trips (watch the video to see our latest trip)
  • Online workshops and in-person workshops hosted by our VAs
  • Monthly Zoom Meetings
  • Monthly Facebook Live videos with our CEO
  • Facebook Group for company and charity updates
  • Daily instant messaging on Slack
  • Fun competitions and events like birthdays, baby showers and in-person meet-ups

Wendy’s Story

When Wendy became a mum, she wanted a work-from-home job so that she could have a work-life balance with her son.

She began working as a freelancer online and joined Outsourcing Angel in 2013 as an Administration & Marketing Assistant. Over the years, through her hard work and determination she developed strong managerial skills and became a real asset and team leader.

VA Testimonials

Wendy Villar
General Manager
place-of-businessManila, Philippines

Alaila Alvarez
Graphic Designer
place-of-businessDumaguete, Philippines

Charyl Yanong
Recruitment Manager
place-of-businessDavao City, Philippines

Juvy Alvarez
Virtual Office Manager
place-of-businessDumaguete, Philippines

Jonathan Martiniano
Graphic Designer
place-of-businessBulacan, Philippines

Estela Caluna
General VA
place-of-businessCebu, Philippines

VA Workshops

Our experienced Angels regularly conduct workshops to share their expertise. This allows our Angels to acquire new skills or and open more opportunities for themselves.

Virtual Assistants are encouraged to, and regularly do, share any new software, tools, or processes they discover with the rest of the team.


Outsourcing Angel is a social enterprise and we encourage our Angels to volunteer with our charity partners by helping with livelihood programs for poverty stricken communities as well as teaching computer literacy classes for disadvantaged youth.

VA Activities