Company Culture


At Outsourcing Angel we make efforts to provide our VAs with a work culture just like any other offline company. We organise regular events and implement reward systems, where all the VAs are able to participate and have fun.

There is endless fun in this online office, including:

  • Holiday specials such as raffles and Secret Santa for that Christmas feel
  • Fun photo/multimedia competitions to get everyone in the spirit and encourage everyone to have fun whether or not they win
  • Awards to celebrate milestones and achievements such as VA of the Month to congratulate their best effort
  • The Rock Star Award a certificate and a prize for VAs that bring ideas to the company to help us grow

We understand how important it is to treat your employees with just as much love and care, as you would to your clients. We value each and every member of our OA family that’s why we have a consistent reward system and offer them incentives, to motivate and show love to them.

  • OA T-shirts
  • Love-points convertible to cash
  • Rice subsidy
  • Cash bonuses on the 6th month maintaining a client
  • Anniversary bonus
  • Health cards
  • VA meet-ups
  • Quarterly bonus
  • Emergency health/hospitalization coverage
  • Company trips
  • Performance bonuses
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Life coaching and mindfulness sessions
  • VA skills training and workshop

This list isn’t exhaustive and really only shows snippets of how we reward our VAs. But what is abundantly clear is that outsourcing and freelancing shouldn’t be limited to earning income or a few saved dollars. It’s about gaining friends and forming bonds regardless of distance, race or language.

Having an online office also means that we truly treasure face-to-face gathering, such as our yearly company trips where our founder Linh Podetti comes to the Philippines to visit.


We should never forget how important company culture is. Why?
Company culture determines the working environment, goals, and ethics of any company.

It’s more than just pretty words and ideas, it’s reflected every employee’s behaviour, opinions, and performance. This is why awesome company culture shouldn’t just be a novelty-it should become a norm.

Outsourcing Angel’s culture focuses on camaraderie. Sure each VA may work with diffrent clients, but at the heart of everything, they are a team. They’re all highly skilled individuals who see each other as friends and as a support system, regardless of where they are in the world.

We aren’t just a place of employment, we’re a community. We maintain this through more than just hiring the best. It does take effort, but the positive results are always worthwhile. Here are just some of the ways that we maintain our ‘community’ culture.

Online Office Environment

Living far apart and being a VA doesn’t mean working in isolation.

Group chats and Facebook groups for our VAs become conversational hubs not just to talk about work but friendly chitchat, guidance, and general socialisation. When VAs start their day at work, they’re greeted by their peers. They feel part of a team and not like an isolated, remote worker.

We have a way of increasing their happiness through our Ding Dong idea, where VAs spontaneously share their wins or someone else’s win’s so that we can celebrate our achievements together.

Nurturing Skills

Experienced Angels regularly conduct workshops to share their expertise with the others who are keen to acquire a new skill or improve their existing ones to further open new opportunities for themselves, and enhance their offerings to their clients. VAs are encouraged to, and regularly do, share any new software, tools, or processes they discover with the rest of the team. This creates a cycle of learning and improvement within the entire company.


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