Why the Philippines is the best place to find talented Virtual Assistants

The Philippines is rich with well-educated Virtual Assistants experienced in working with international businesses like yours

Many countries offer Virtual Assistants, but international businesses return to the Philippines time and time again for their outsourcing needs and it’s not hard to see why. When businesses invest in Filipino Virtual Assistants, their Virtual Assistants invest in them.

Thanks to Filipinos’ world-renowned work ethics and loyalty to their employers, your organisation will benefit from improved retention rates. Filipinos boast high retention rates because of their world-famous work ethic and loyalty to their employers. They quickly fit right in because they speak English fluently, and they’re used to working in different time zones. Best of all, they love working for international companies!

We have more than 10 years experience in finding, training and managing Virtual Assistants in the Philippines.

This has allowed us to build a talent pool rich in reliability and experience.

Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll handpick one of our Angels to be the answer to all your prayers!

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Jade Allerby

place-of-business Sydney, Australia

“I’ve never really heard about VAs before I started my business..then through networking and research, I found Outsourcing Angel. I was already short on time and didn’t want to go through the recruitment process myself so I decided to go with an agency because they would hopefully be able to do all that for me. The recruitment process is really easy. If I have any questions, it’s easy to reach somebody and everybody that I deal with is very nice. I’m really happy with my VA and look forward to growing my business further. Thanks team!”

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Get more done in less time!

Big businesses have been outsourcing for years, but many emerging businesses hold themselves back because they’re wary. Language barriers, cultural differences and getting stuck training unqualified hires are just some of the worries, and those worries are understandable. Outsourcing can turn into an expensive and time-consuming gamble if you end up with a bad hire.

But what if you get help and get it right?

For thousands of businesses, a Virtual Assistant has been the key to unlocking the handcuffs of never-ending admin.

When your Virtual Assistant takes on functional admin work like emailing and drafting proposals, they allow your team to focus on more high-value tasks, such as sales strategies, business development and optimising client experiences. Your Virtual Assistant will look after all that tiresome admin without burning through your budget.

All of this is possible when you’re choosing from the richest and deepest pool of Virtual Assistants in the world, and that pool of talent is in the Philippines.

What can you ask a Virtual Assistant to do?

A better question would be, what can’t you ask your Virtual Assistant from the Philippines to do? When it comes to taking mundane tasks off your plate, Filipino Virtual Assistants are efficient adopters of systems and processes. So, you can trust your Virtual Assistant to take charge of repetitive tasks that you don’t have time for. That might be managing your calendar, organising your email and calendar, managing your social media or assisting with YouTube tasks.

Executive Tasks


  • Document storage and organisation
  • Filter emails and manage spam
  • Answer customer service emails and chat support
  • Manage voicemail messages
  • Set appointments and manage calendar
  • Send client invoices and reminders
  • Data entry in Word, Google Docs, CRM
  • Add staff birthdays in calendar and send reminders
  • Sent greeting cards and eCards
  • Personal errands
  • Making travel arrangements
  • Making meeting and event arrangements
  • Transcriptions
  • Set reminders and follow-ups
  • Organize and file documents
  • Create spreadsheets and powerpoints
  • Create and update reports
  • Posting job ads and collecting resumes
  • Research tasks
  • Moderating blog comments
  • PDF conversion, splitting and merging
  • Posting job ads

Social Media

  • Source and curate content for Social Media
  • Schedule social media content using a scheduler
  • Create and update social media accounts
  • Update Social Media Groups
  • Pinning content on Pinterest and newsfeeds
  • Manage inbox and response rate
  • Competitor research
  • Moderate comments and reviews
  • Upload YouTube Videos

Content Writing

  • Data entry in Word, Google Docs, CRM
  • Order video transcriptions
  • Slideshare presentations
  • Keynote presentations
  • Uploading subtitles and closed captions
  • Research topics and facts for blog article content
  • Create eCards and greeting cards

Customer Support

  • Customer enquiries
  • Customer support, Live Chat & Instant Messenger
  • Process online orders and returns
  • Billing and technical support
  • Online community management
  • Post to forums and blogs
  • Process unsubscribe requests
  • Send emails, catalogs and newsletters to subscribers

Digital Marketing & Ads

  • Set-up social media profiles
  • Manage and respond to comments on ads


  • Industry Research
  • Competitor Research
  • Gather data for reports
  • Research for guest articles/interviews
  • FAQs research
  • Research hashtags and social media trends

Advanced Tasks


In addition to Executive Tasks:

  • Basic bookkeeping (e.g MYOG, Xero, Quickbooks)
  • Account management (cashflow and receipts tracking)
  • Create letterheads and templates
  • Project management
  • Training new staff members

Social Media

In addition to Executive Tasks:

  • Design social media content and thumbnails using Canva
  • Write social media captions
  • Set-up autoresponses
  • Social media engagement (liking, commenting, following)
  • Influencer outreach
  • Preparing social media reports
  • LinkedIn lead generation
  • Basic set-up of social media ads
  • Create, edit and upload Stories
  • Online directory submissions

Content Writing

In addition to the Executive Tasks:

  • Write video scripts
  • Write social media captions
  • Create blog articles
  • Create eBooks and downloadable whitepaper
  • Create and send emails, catalogs and newsletters to subscribers
  • Creating subtitles and closed captions
  • Create press releases and Media Kits
  • Prepare surveys and questionnaires

Customer Support

In addition to the Executive Tasks:

  • Pre-sales questions
  • Create and update content to communities
  • Create and update customer support scripts
  • Create and send emails, catalogs and newsletters to subscribers
  • Monitor and manage affiliate partners and collabs

Digital Marketing & Ads

In addition to Executive Tasks:

  • Digital marketing reports
  • Set-up and manage social media ads (content provided by you)

Email Marketing

  • Set-up and schedule email newsletters
  • A/B test email campaigns
  • Create email templates
  • Create trackable email links


In addition to Executive Tasks:

  • Create new Canva templates for all assets
  • Social media design using Canva
  • Website banner design using Canva
  • Email design using Canva
  • Design eBook covers using Canva
  • Video thumbnail design using Canva
  • Design social media ads using Canva according to brief

Lead Generation

  • Social media engagement
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator management
  • Managing LinkedIn connection requests
  • Manage and update CRM with notes

Specialist Tasks

Web Development

  • Set-up ClickFunnel pages
  • Install tracking codes on website
  • WordPress web development
  • Email newsletter design and set-up
  • Online form design and set-up
  • Site maintenance & trouble-shooting
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Website sitemap submissions
  • Install tracking codes on websites
  • Set-up Google Analytics dashboards
  • Back-up website
  • Update website product inventory

Social Media

  • Advanced design of social media assets using Photoshop
  • Set-up and manage social media ads and remarketing
  • Set-up and manage A/B tests for ads and landing pages
  • Optimise social media videos with end screens, clickable links
  • Set-up and manage ClickFunnel pages
  • Set-up ad pixels, Google Analytics goals and funnels
  • Set-up Facebook and Instagram Shop

SEO and Content Writing

In addition to the Advanced Tasks:

  • Write sales copy
  • SEO keyword research for titles, tags, descriptions
  • SEO blog articles
  • SEO website updates

Video & Audio

  • Edit audio and video files (e.g Podcast, YouTube)
  • Format audio and video files
  • Create and add intro and outro videos and audio
  • Add graphics and music to files
  • Create and edit podcasts
  • Create podcast assets (anchor banner, cover images, sound bites)

Digital Marketing & Ads

  • Write sales copy
  • Set-up and manage social media ads
  • Set-up and manage Google Ads
  • Set-up and manage Retargeting Ads
  • Install ad tracking codes and pixels on site

Email Marketing

In addition to Advanced Tasks:

  • Write email sales copy
  • Set-up email funnels
  • Set-up email automations


  • Landing page design
  • Product packaging design
  • Print and media design
  • Advanced social media design using Photoshop
  • Advanced website banner design using Photoshop
  • Design and set-up email newsletter template design
  • Animated graphic designs
  • Create social media filters
  • Design infographics

No more micromanaging

Having a brilliant Virtual Assistant is like having an extra set of hands, there’s no need for you to micromanage. A Filipino Virtual Assistant with the right experience don’t need constant supervision. With our help, we will ensure your Virtual Assistant has the right experience to do the job.

While your team is serving clients and crafting plans, your Virtual Assistant will be running the business on greased tracks. You can deliver high-value work knowing that everything is being taken care of behind the scenes.

As your business needs evolve over time…

Your Filipino Virtual Assistant can be trained to take on more responsibilities and grow alongside your business!

Find the perfect Virtual Assistant with Outsourcing Angel

We help businesses hit their growth goals by matching them with highly skilled Virtual Assistants (or Angels, as we call them) from the Philippines. Our Angels are selected based on your business requirements. They come ready with the skills and experience you need. That means your Angel will be able to bridge any gaps in your business and do everything you need to rely on them for.

We’ll hold your hand through the recruitment phase and beyond

We’re with you to make sure this relationship works — from onboarding to training and management— so you’ll never feel you’re alone in this. You don’t have to worry about a thing because we’re with you every step of the way. We do more than just HR support. We’re your partner in this business journey, making sure you’re freed up to drive your company forward.


Richard Phu (Operations Manager) and Linh Podetti (CEO)

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Vivian Chan

Vivian Chan

place-of-business New York, USA

“My experience of working with Outsourcing Angel has been amazing. They made the process from finding the dedicated VA to match my requirements, to hiring and managing the VA, as seamless as possible. I really enjoy working with Alaila. She’s very helpful to my business. With her help, I get to spend more time and focus on other important aspects of my business. It’s definitely a good investment for the growth of my business.”

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Outsourcing Angel will take the weight off your shoulders by providing a skilled and talented Virtual Assistants for your business needs. The right Virtual Assistant will save you time from having to organise and schedule your own meetings or help manage your own social media channels.

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