Systemise & Scale Up: Build a business
that runs itself

Our Systemise & Scale Up (S&S) program cuts down your manual workload and organises the chaos of your business.

In just 90 days, our S&S Experts will work closely with you to systemise your business with streamlined workflows, end-to-end automation and smart digital tools that allow you to scale your business more effectively.


Virtual COO, Richard Phu

Do you struggle with…

Being overinvolved in
your business

You’re on vacation but a strong lead comes in and you DROP EVERYTHING to respond. Where’s the freedom in that?

Too many manual and
admin tasks

Everything is manual – from organising emails to setting up reminders. Your to-do list is endless.

Undocumented systems
and processes

When dealing with clients, your timing, delivery and tone is inconsistent.

Human error and

Juggling it all means you’re misspelling customer’s names or forgetting important dates.

No synergy between

Everyone is creating their own documents and dashboards so nobody actually knows who is working on what.

Lack of business

It’s hard to manage resources and efficiently assign tasks when you don’t have an overview of your business.

Let’s reduce the manual work and replace them with intelligent end-to-end processes

Our Virtual COO will work closely with you to create a personalised plan to simplify, automate and reduce as much manual and admin work as possible. Our virtual team will hold your hand through the whole process:

  • Identify and prioritise the crucial automations and processes that fit with your business strategy
  • Integrate the digital tools best suited to your business and the way you like to work
  • Deploy automations that connect and react to your customer’s actions and behaviours
  • Turn your undocumented processes into automated systems and SOPs
  • Shift your resources for optimal performance
  • Create dashboards so that you can see what all your projects and how your business is operating at a glance
  • Help you put in place the right change management steps to deploy changes with your team

Our aim is to make your business so ultra-efficient that it achieves your business goals without your constant involvement.

Focus on results that actually impact your business

Whether that’s saving costs, reducing human error, improving efficiency or cross-department transparency, there are 6 steps we’ll take to help you redesign your business most suited to your goals.


Here are our 6 steps:


Open up

A Mapping Session with our Virtual COO will allow you to open up to us about your:

  • Biggest business goals and challenges
  • Current business model
  • Key performance indicators
  • Key income streams/channels
  • Team structure


Once we have an overview of your business, it’s time to organise your top tier processes to:

  • Identify suitable automation efficiencies
  • Map end-to-end customer journey
  • Create training materials for your team
  • Create a change management plan


We’ll then work with you and your team to optimise your systems and deploy:

  • Digital tools and automation triggers
  • Business process documentation and SOPs
  • Company dashboards
  • Project management platform
  • Testing before launch


With the right tools in place, it’s time to outsource tasks to reliable VAs. We’ll help you:

  • Identify where a Virtual Assistant (VA) can assist e.g Documentation and Admin VA, Project Manager VA etc.
  • Create VA Job Descriptions
  • Screen, shortlist and interview top–level VAs


We’ll make sure to properly onboard your VA to work seamlessly with you in your preferred style. This involves:

  • Facilitated VA onboarding
  • Supervised training
  • Culture integration
  • Implement daily check-in routines with you and your VA


Once you’ve gotten the hang of things, we’ll keep your VA motivated and delivering results while you enjoy your OASIS!

  • VA Performance Reviews
  • Bonuses and incentives
  • Monthly and quarterly meetings
  • Upskilling workshops
  • Sponsored company trips and events
  • Charity volunteer opportunities

Our Digital Tools

Our virtual team is experienced in integrating the top digital tools, CRM platforms and project management systems for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Will Systemise & Scale Up work for me?

We’re here to make this process as simple and streamlined for you as possible.

Personalised for your business

Personalised for your business

Whether you’re a solopreneur or a large team, we’ll personalise the systems to your needs and the way you want to work.


No coding experience necessary

We don’t expect you to be coding experts. We’ll only choose digital tools we know you’ll be comfortable using long-term.


We’ve seen it kickass (tried and tested!)

This isn’t our first rodeo. We’ve helped streamline hundreds of businesses, and we let the results speak for themselves.

How we help other businesses

“There is currently a lot of manual and admin work right now and important client information can get missed.

We want a better project management tool where we can see who is working on what, know what’s going on across departments and have better automation”

Roby White

Robby White
Chief Architect of The Nine

The Nine

place-of-business Alabama, USA


Work with systemic geniuses who love building processes and training teams!

Meet our Virtual COO (and self-proclaimed systems and processes nerd) Richard Phu.
With over 8 years of Management Consulting experience, he thrived in building structure, processes and automations for KPMG before he co-founded an online marketing agency and grew the team from 0 to 15 within a year.

Since joining forces with Outsourcing Angel, he has been pivotal in automating our business to an ultra-efficient level we never knew before!

Sometimes (but rarely), we don’t find the right fit for you

We admit that we don’t always get your hiring needs right. But in the likelihood that this happens, we have a CLIENT HAPPINESS GUARANTEE, which will compel us to replace underperforming Virtual Assistants for you at absolutely no cost on your end.